"Excellent, but not enough" vs NUDGE . Similarities between Edward de Bono and Obama's new sources of inspiration.

In its "new words" message 2 February, Edward de Bono highlights the need to create new words to facilitate language. I am particularly struck by De Bono's reflection on the new word “EBNE” (Excellent, but not enough, English"Excellent But Not Enough"). Without that word it's hard to ask for change without attacking what it is.

It's not so much about seeking perfection as it is about seeking Alternatives once we've come up with the answer to a problem. The question here is whether we have come up with the right answer using the logic parameters or whether we should review other possible answers, a priori "out of logic", but that lead us to the right path on other paths.



Here I link with the philosophy of push or "NUDGE" (social microengineering” by means of small pushes", mistranslated) that is inspiring the policy of Obama. Nudge, the book of Richard Thaler, includes an illustrative anecdote: a cleaning operator came up with an ingenious measure: draw a fly at a certain point in the public urinal, aware that men did not point very well at the Dutch public lavatories. The problem was immediately resolved.: men pointed at the insect and cleaning costs fell.

Nudge is based on the need to correct, without resorting to banning or forcing, irrational behaviors that neither meet the wishes of the same individual. Maybe it's not the revolutionary change many wanted from Obama, but the philosophy of the push gives results in health care, teaching and more areas, insists Thaler. I think this philosophy coincides with De Bono's EBNE, as it is born of the restlessness of going further, to keep looking, of disconformism with the status quo.

For more information (in Spanish) about Nudge, I recommend reading this article from La Vanguardia.

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