Executive Branding

Personal Branding Program for the Big “Change makers” the makers of change

Executive Branding: Managers who connect

My Personal Branding consultancy for business executives helps them better understand their strengths, Define your value proposition and develop a communication plan parallel to that of the brand. The goal is for you to be perceived as an expert in your field., Achieve greater engagement with employees and customers and gain credibility as an executive leader and brand spokesperson.

Promoting the development of the personal brand of managers is a benefit for the organization and for the managers themselves. The organization achieves more effective and empathetic spokespersons, alignment of values, greater reach of communication and a very clear improvement in confidence towardsstakeholders

On his side, managers benefit from an improvement in their self-knowledge, in-depth work on your value proposition, own brand management profile, increased knowledge of internal and internal communication tools and, Of course, greater visibility and in the medium term, a greater Recognition.

And the best, activate their cross-cutting leadership as changemakers or change managers, acting as an example to their teams.

Mélido Mars
Mélido MarsCEO RE/MAX RD
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Purpose is what makes sense, direction and goal to oneself. It's a personal commitment, a religion, a marriage that makes professional or personal benefit the same consequence of the purpose. Guillem gave me a little push to identify mine: Working so that each Dominican family can have a title of ownership. And so it is, since then my work makes sense, though ironically I sometimes confess that I'm kissing my chains.

VUCA, problem and opportunity

The program Executive Branding discusses the manager's personal brand in the current (and it seems that future) volatile environment, Uncertain, complex and ambiguous (V.U.C.A.).

One of the competencies of the 21st century executive is the detection of informal and cross-cutting leaders in the organization. These are professionals who do not have a certain responsibility, but they exercise it in fact and informally. They are the changemakers or future managers. The Executive Branding has a close relationship with the managing cultural change organization.


Managers from all areas of the organization and responsible for managing internal cultural change


Individual: 6 one-hour sessions either in-company, remote or in place agreed.
Group: 5h workshop and individual consulting sessions 90 Minutes


Improved self-confidence, in the value proposition, in the message. Creation of internal/external communication plan, working digital tools and personal learning environment

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