The personal story: How far should I expose myself on social media?



I often wonder, How far to expose myself on the Internet, on social media? As Alaska said in its most remembered lyrics Who cares what I do? Who cares what I say?

If you only have a minute, here's a video summary:

Disadvantages of exposing myself, the negative part of the personal story

I'll be direct: exposing myself is tantamount to stripping me. At least in a metaphorical sense. It means revealing moments in my life that perhaps many don't know. It means showing vulnerabilities, Fears, Doubts, Failures, Weaknesses. Yes, exposing myself requires courage.

Maybe for those of my generation, expose me to be anti-natura. They told us to be discreet., that information is power, and that it had to be managed well. The children of the Cold War grew up with spy movies. The spy was just someone who knew how to get information by risking his life for it.. Well, and it still is...

Exposing myself exposes me to the open for troll attacks, of data hunters, advertising algorithms, of the same public administration, social media CEOs without any scruples to trade private data.

Advantages of exposing myself, a way to speed up empathy

Yes, exposure - appropriately- it also has its advantages. Means convey personal values, communicate the personal story. Explain many whys, many hows, many whats. Make it clear whether we will fit into one project or another, with one team or another.

The big question that comes to mind to stage the advantage of expose myself it's this: Why should you trust me if you don't know what moves me, which makes me get out of bed every day? Professional relationships no longer just pivot around a value proposition, back there's a human being with Purpose and some Values acting as pillars.

I've been naive for a long time.; and possibly that will accompany me to the end. For years, I've trusted people guided only by their competencies. And I haven't always been right. Now I'm clear. I buy your personal story, your emotional DNA, your way of seeing the world and wanting to change it. Your way of understanding others. And I hope you do the same to me..

Who cares? Maybe people like you or me

As Sting says, "be yourself, no matter what they say" (be yourself, no matter what they say). That way you'll connect, you'll convey confidence. Another issue is how to expose myself. I'd say dozens of selfies in wc don't matter to anyone. Neither does chronic census, the pathological pessimist or the one who replicates what others say without proposing a story and a proposal of his own. Working the personal story is a small challenge. I invite you to share it.

Photo by Glen Carrie on Unsplash

Pd: Until always Manuel Miguel Hernández Pujadas

Today I know that Manuel Miguel Hernández Pujadas died, coach, Consultant, university professor, Mentor, Counselor, change manager, communicator and strata. I met him in 2016 as one of the speakers of TEDx Lleida. We share the stage, nerves and laughter.

I can only tell you what you said at the end of your talk., "may force be with you". And I can do more, leave here this legacy of yours in the form of a talk about the secrets of good communication. Good trip, Friend!

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8 thoughts on "The personal story: How far should I expose myself on social media?”

  1. I'm of the opinion that the 'emotional footprint’ our brand has its own energy and attracts emotions and values similar to those that it gives off. That's why I personally share the emotions and values that inform my brand :-)

  2. Guillem hug, I'm sorry about Manuel Miguel.

    About the post, I think you can apply the phrase of Paracelsus of the Middle Ages “There's no poison but dosage” ;-)

    And I also agree with Oscar Del Santo “The Emotional Footprint” is part of our Brand and will help or harm us in attracting people and projects that SUMEN or subtract.

    Best regards

    • True, Colia, there's no poison without doses. Hopefully as a great spokesperson for the personal brand and specialist RH you can convince the stoics that the emotional footprint is part of our brand, and that's why it's positive to pass it on properly. A hug!

  3. Hello Guillem,
    Very good post! We work in organizations with people, sharing the same values builds the way.
    Being yourself with respect and education seems to me the best option.
    What will Sophia think? ?

    Thank you for your Guillem reflections.

  4. M'agrada com expreses i enfoques la visibilitat de les xarxes com a la vida mateixa, per aixTM et segueixo.

    Potser no soc doctorat in xarxes, per experience and VP (professional vocation), give me the empathy to see beyond to rely on networks as a linking tool between the props and the results. That's why, for almost two decades I like to learn to evolve the way to unite all personal and professional information to focus personal brand as pack.

    In my case, technology and cycling can be merged to give the message, for example; mobility without pollution. Among others,. From there the Fan possibilities can be very large, from giving support technologically to sharing ecologic and rural routes by bike, sportingly.

    • So Charles, networks can be seen as linking tools. Your technology combination – cycling is not only positive in itself as a transmitter of values, it also becomes a connector for you to communicate, something few dare to do. Thanks for writing!


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