Freddie Mercury: Personal brand to the end

There's a saying that says: "Genius and figure, until the burial". All people with a Personal Brand consistent carry it Internalized throughout his life, and a good example of that could be Freddie Mercury, the unrepeatable singer of the rock band Queen.
"The Show Must Go On"
can be considered the musical will of Freddie Mercury, and the History of his recording, the best sample to illustrate the consistency and consequence of your Personal Brand.

Brian May and Mercury himself had composed the lyrics: a touching Story of the last days of the great singer, acceptance of the impending end and a positive attitude in front of this one. The demo version of the song had been recorded in the mock-up with May's voice falsetto, because of the high records needed to execute it as it had been composed.

Mercury's health, AIDS sufferer, I was very run down. That's why, the producers of the album doubted that the singer could achieve the demanding vocal records of the song.

When communicating doubt Freddie, he threw a hand out of a bottle of vodka to which he gave a good drink and, approaching the microphone, Answered:

"I'll fuckin' do it, darling"

Freddie Mercury Sang the subject in a single take Without Greater Problems, reaching his highest records and astonishing those present. Brian May, and not a few Queen fans, consider this issue to be one of the Interpretations More Bright of the great singer.

Due to Mercury's physical deterioration, opted to assemble a video collecting material from the last ten years of the group. Six weeks after the release of the song, Freddie Mercury lost the battle against AIDS. Since then, your Personal Brand and its legend continue to grow.

God Save The Queen!

Photo: Nuno Alex Silva (Flickr)

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7 thoughts on "Freddie Mercury: Personal brand to the end”

  1. Ab-so-lu-ta-to-te bri-Lln-te

    I had never repaired in the text of this song, a text that maybe we should have framed on our bedside table.

    Besides the title, I'll take the phrase “Does anybody know what we are living for?”

    • Thanks a lot, Guillem!

      The story, the lyrics and circumstances surrounding the recording are not to be forgotten.

      As a sample, when it was edited “The Show Must Go On”, the group included on the B-side the theme 1973, had been her first single. In an elegant message to your fans, communicated the inevitable outcome of their leader's illness and the circle closure it meant for the group.

      Best regards,

  2. The best example you could have found!!. Great Freddie Mercury, great song… unique personal brand.. God Save The Queen! Totally successful Celestino.

    • Thanks a lot, Cristina!

      Freddie Mercury is one of those great stars, of which appear a few in each generation and to which the passage of time does not make it any more enlarge.

      Best regards,

  3. Celestino,

    What can I tell you that you haven't already said the article? Just examples like Freddy's, whom I admire from very early in my teens, can demonstrate that a brand is made only when we commit to our values, beliefs and opinions lead it to the last consequences, and that we are able to prove our worth, even if the environment doesn't seem to favor us.

    Excellent article. Excellent inspiration. I share it :-D

    • Thanks a lot, Joel!

      I very much agree with your analysis.. Values, Beliefs, Commitment, consequence and constancy are qualities that lately do not abound. Therefore it is advisable not to forget those who stood out for them, whose stories inspire us.

      Best regards,

  4. hello how long celestino I have 34 years and I'm d venezuela I've had the bliss and I say said x q that's what q is !!! d see big rock bands , but nostalgia always invades me of knowing that I will never be able to see in live the best musician, Frontman, Genius, call it what you want,, d the whole musical history ,, makes me sad that shameaaaa/ hahahahaha but well so we are the rokeros of heart. Mercury Aguanteee by siempreee BEST !!!!


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