Thank you Campofrio, Puleva, Bayer, Nestlé, Panrico and Milner

Campofrío, Puleva, Bayer, Nestlé, Panrico and Milner have withdrawn their ads “La Noria”, the TV show that has made many of us reprogram our TVs to eliminate Tele Cinco.

What's wrong with Tele 5? Why hasn't he done anything interesting again after “Twin Peaks”? Why do you think we all like junk TV?

I guess there's got to be people for everything.. The removal of these brands is a clear victory of social media, who for once have managed to mobilize towards the “it's not all worth it”.

I absolutely agree with Ferran Lalueza of the UOC when he states that the communication of these brands with their potential consumers has ceased to be unidirectional.

We're at a new stage, communication is multidirectional. Brand loyalty is generated through movements like these, and not just through classic advertising formats.

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