All about the "LinkedIn Cover Story", an excellent communication opportunity

Do you remember the elevator pitch? Well now we can put it into practice on LinkedIn, in the profile picture, which allows us to record a video-presentation up to 30 Seconds: The "LinkedIn Cover Story" or LinkedIn Profile Video

Do you have little time? Well, I'll explain it to you in 1 Minute (in Spanish).

What is the "Linkedin Cover Story"?

As I said, The LinkedIn Cover Story is a unique communication opportunity to publicize one of our Value proposition in an ideal medium to do so, the professional network par excellence.

This is a video presentation of up to 30 Seconds that allows us to make ourselves known very quickly in a speech or "pitch" presentation. Unlike other presentations - such as the elevator pitch– it's not targeting a particular person but our community on LinkedIn.

Until now, we could upload a video presentation on LinkedIn in the "Featured" or "About" section or in each of the professional experiences. But that was not at first sight.

Now we can include our presentation video in the first place that the human eye is fixed before a profile: profile photography.

Why is it an opportunity for our personal brand?

Because there is nothing faster and more effective to see at the same time a value proposition and a personal style, a tone, a voice color, nonverbal language attached to the message. Pure dynamite.

Many colleagues of personal branding' tribe have been warning for some time that the resume has already remained as a document twentieth century. With this new feature, LinkedIn provides us with the message and the way of presentation of the XXI century, a driver (or not) of our personal brand. And I include the "or not" because if we miss this opportunity talking about us instead of the client, we have ruled ourselves out.

Improve Linkedin profile
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Who is the LinkedIn presentation video useful for?

I try to think about who may NOT be useful to, and I can't think of anything. It is useful for:

  • To an student that you are about to enter the labor market can help you show what you can contribute in a company and your personal communication qualities.
  • To an Entrepreneur helps you publicize the benefits of your project (Attention, In 30 seconds it is not about presenting the project, but the benefit to the potential customer). 
  • To an Professional on behalf of others helps you to value the corporate brand and align it with personal branding, attracting stakeholders of various types: Candidates, Customers, Suppliers, Collaborators, key partners...
  • To an managerial it helps you publicize the purpose of your organization and act as a spokesperson for the brand at the highest level.
  • To an senior professional helps you break limiting beliefs (ageism...) and update your value proposition and spirit of contribution and mentoring.
  • To who looking for work it can help you differentiate yourself from other candidates through a solid value proposition and fresh, enthusiastic language.

Pre-prepare before recording and publishing the Presentation Pitch: The background

We must prepare the fund (the message) and form (attire, light, sound...) and don't improvise unless you're Tony Robbins

The message can be structured in several ways, starting with a wake-up call and always putting the customer you have defined at the center:  

If you are a student, will be a person in charge of people in an organization (You know, what they used to call Human Resources). If you are an entrepreneur, A business angel or investor. If you are an employed professional, the organization's potential customers. If you are a manager, Shareholders, media, Lobbies... If you are a senior, any company that needs to mentor and leverage the value of experience. If you're looking for a job, Recruiters.

Message 1: Value Proposal

Here it's about explaining first of all what your customer will gain if they count on you, what you will do to achieve it, and ideally what makes it unique.

I'm Guillem Recolons, corporate Personal Branding specialist . Internal Brand Ambassador programs offer unique advantages to improve communication, sales and attracting talent in your company.

Take 5 years of experience implementing these programs, successfully developed in about 100 companies in all sectors.

I hope you!

Message 2: Insight + Value proposition

Insight obeys our client's internal motivation, and it is achieved through a process of "empathy" or the analysis of the positive and negative points of your shopping experience before a certain product or service.

For example, a candidate may mention a company's need to hire not only great professionals but also good digital brand ambassadors. "I know that a company like yours is not only looking for a good project manager, but to a brand ambassador to someone to help it expand it. And I would like nothing more than to help drive the brand among my community...".

My example:

Have you ever heard that your people are your brand? A company has no meaning or purpose without its people, customers want a humane-to-human treatment that solves their problems.

I'm Guillem Recolons, corporate Personal Branding specialist . Whenever you want I explain in detail the advantages of internal brand ambassador programs to improve communication, sales and attracting talent in your company.

I hope you!

Message 3: Context + Value proposition

Context involves starting with a need, opportunity or threat that looms over our client's market or company and that helps to attract attention.

An example of a manager might be: "The retail sector needs to redo its foundations after Covid is your company ready? From xxxxx we have helped 100 companies like yours to transform themselves to successfully meet the new needs of consumers."

My example might be this:

Brands are increasingly hard to reach people. But Nielsen tells us we trust a 90% in peers recommendations... are you aware of the opportunity that this represents for your company?

I'm Guillem Recolons, corporate Personal Branding specialist . Whenever you want I explain in detail the advantages of internal brand ambassador programs to improve communication, sales and attracting talent in your company.

I hope you!

The closure, a key factor

The previous message from the expert manager in retail is shocking, but we need to close it. That means placing a point of contact, a phone, an email, a website, a landing page, a company page on LinkedIn. Otherwise, we are putting up barriers to approaching a potential interested party.

Pre-prepare before recording and publishing the Presentation Pitch: The form

If the background (content, the message) is important, the form should help a better understanding of it. I usually say that in personal image, better than the form does not contradict the background.

What do we need? We already have the hard part, the Value proposal. Now we need a staging, is a video. The more natural we achieve it, Best. But we need some elements that will make it easier to see and hear.


You can record the live video and upload it to the profile, but I recommend that you have more control, you record it, you look at it, you re-recorded it, you edit it, the improvements…

  • lighting: make sure there is no backlight, that our face is sufficiently illuminated. Direct sunlight creates very deep shadows, better to avoid it. A support like light hoops works great, distributes homogeneous light. Also, if it is outdoors, it's perfect on a cloudy day.
  • Background: better to look for some neutrality. If behind you is a canvas of Gustav Klimt, no one will look at your face or hear your message. Ideally, a smooth or out-of-focus background, something that does not capture the attention and that places you as a protagonist.
  • sound: Unless you're in a place airtight to external sounds, the ideal is to equip yourself with a microphone that respects the color, tone and volume of your voice. You have from the types Airpods up to a desktop mic, going through the micro flap (highly advisable, and you find for low prices). Rehearse the distance of the microphone so that the breaths and palatal consonants are not heard too much.
  • makeup: if you use it, that is discrete. If you have a tendency to shiny skin, you can do well a mattifier, or simply, passing a handkerchief over your face.
  • dress: The one that corresponds to the type of customer you want to reach, but that it is usual in you, other than a costume. Watch for bright colors or bring banners that divert attention. The more natural and more comfortable for you, Best. If you wear an open hatch, rest assured that this will be the focus (and not the message).
  • Accessories: less is more. If you talk with huge earrings on your ears, sight and attention will be fixed there. If you wear glasses, watches for light reflections.
  • hairdo: yours. Watch for bright gums or distracting hair ribbons. If you're like me, watch the brightness of the bald ;-)


  • look: To the goal. Any distraction can lead to a loss of communication and attention.
  • voice: It is important to warm up the voice and prepare it to reflect your personal brand in all its essence. Here's an article on The Trampoline which explains it very well.
  • respiration: Even if you only have 30 Seconds, Breathe. Do it deeply before you start, it is a trick to take short breaths during speech.
  • Gestures: The more Latinos, more we use hands and facial expressions. I would say that the expression "alegro ma non troppo" is valid. (Cheerful, but without going over). If you are targeting the Anglo-Saxon or Asian market, moderates that gesticulation a little more.
  • Pauses: A one-second silence is gold, and predisposes to listen more carefully to what comes next. For example, if you ask a question.
  • flat: Record in short mid-plane frame (view image). Best in vertical format, this way you will take advantage of a complete setting on mobile and better vision from PC.
Infographics types of plan in portrait photography
  • camera: No need for a professional camera, but if you have it at hand, Go ahead. Today, any smartphone offers more than enough image and sound quality for this "LinkedIn Presentation Story". That's for sure., make sure it is fixed, that does not move, and if you can avoid the video-selfie and ask someone to record you, better.


  • edition: Smartphones can also edit the video, Frame, light... If you want to add an overprint as a website, text transcription or a phone, possibly you need to do it from a PC or tablet application, although there are mobile apps that do.
  • Subtitles: As Digiday, Facebook users see more than 8.000 millions of videos daily, The 85% without activating the sound. Need more reasons? 

Where do I find it and how can I activate the Presentation Story on LinkedIn?

Add presentation story on LinkedIn

Now we have the hardest part: the video. And now comes the logistics part.. Upload it to LinkedIn. I warn you that this part may vary from one day to the next, You know, networks always introduce changes and improvements based on the experience of their customers.

There is a fundamental element, and is that at the time of writing this text, you can only "upload" the video from the LinkedIn mobile app. I know that it will soon be possible to do so from the computer.

The steps to follow are simple from the app, as long as you have the video on your smartphone or tablet.

Open LinkedIn app > click top left (photo) > view profile > clicking the sign + that appears in the profile picture > click on "view or edit presentation history" > create or add > upload the video > adjust preview to reframe face image > save. And ready.

Interesting examples of LinkedIn Presentation Story or LinkedIn Cover Story.

William Arruda LinkedIn Presentation Story

William Arruda, one of the pioneers of personal branding worldwide makes very clear its value proposition (so that you sell more with your personal brand). Good message, format whose background, in my opinion, places you in NY, but it's a little distracting, and when doing it horizontally does not take advantage of "all the stain" of image. See Here

Lina Lota Linkedin Cover Story

Lina Lotta Landgraff, digital marketing specialist, interesting message, which could be more direct (loses several initial seconds) take advantage of the vertical format very well, neutral background, well lit, good eye contact and something relevant: subtitled (consider that most videos on social networks are not listened to). See Here

Ella Orr Linkedin Cover Story

Ella Orr, social media specialist. Very close message, very good invitation to connect. Well lit, friendly voice, good tone (maybe there's plenty of that picture that peeks out from the top and distracts a little bit.). Good for the subtitles. See Here

Ron Birdie Presentation Story on LinkedIn

Rob Birnie, runs a 3D and 2D animation company. I find your presentation sublime in all respects., Message, tone of voice, your digital alter ego (although he admits to being somewhat more obese and gray in the real version). Good framing, sense of humor, unbeatable branding, good subtitles. A ten, Let's go. See Here

Angeles Carsi presentation story on Linkedin

Angels Carsi, LinkedIn expert. Enthusiastic message, good light, invites action. Perhaps its offer is very wide and lacks focus, but it is one of the best LinkedIn Cover Stories In Spanish. Would improve with subtitles, but it's fine. See Here.

Not bad, I leave you also the mine, although I warn you that I do not reach the level of Rob.

You need help?

Fortunately, we have great experts in LinledIn very close to our. Alex Lopez Lopez, Inge Saez, Peter of Vincent, Angeles Carsi, David Guzman, David Diaz Robisco, Colia Hil, Victor Candel and many more.

I am a specialist in personal brand, as you know, and I can accompany you working and defining your unique value proposition and guiding you through the process of preparing your LinkedIn Presentation Story. Contact through this form and we get to work to value your personal brand and help you improve your results.

Here's the podcast. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast And Google Podcast.

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