The personal brand iceberg

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here attached the personal branding process (personal brand management methodology) become the visual metaphor of the Iceberg:

Iceberg Personal Brand

The Personal Brand Iceberg is a methodology created in 2010 by Guillem Recolons which distinguishes three areas of work:

  1. Self (diagnosis of the footprint we leave on others, Swot...)
  2. Personal strategy (Objectives, value proposition, business model, Messages)
  3. Visibility (COMMUNICATION and networking plan OFF and ONline)


Just as you don't think about building a building starting from the roof, the management of personal brand starts from the foundations, self-awareness. It's a diagnostic phase that seeks, on the one hand know what brand we leave in others. And on the other, and based on initial feedback, develop a STEFO where weaknesses and strengths (inside our personal brand) as well as threats and opportunities (external part, the market).

Personal Strategy

Once the brand diagnosis is known, it's time to assess whether we keep our brand in its current state or try to make it more consistent with who we are and what we offer. You start with the purpose or vision, mission and value analysis. The goal here working on personal branding (become a benchmark in…). Also the Valo's proposalR, that makes us relevant and different in front of other people. The business model. And, Of course, the message.


With a plan drawn up, it's time to ascend to the surface (the tip of the personal brand iceberg - the roof of the house -). That includes defining target audiences, Objectives Smart communication, messages segmented by targets/media, definition of OFF and ONline media. Communication strategy. Networking strategy. Working with Personal Learning Environment. And of course, tracking major KPIs and measuring results.

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