Personal brand diagnosis 6: Digital identity by name

In the 5 previous chapters have focused on perceived identity (external feedback) and in its own (self-diagnosis tests).

Now we go into digital identity. Here we see the digital identity by the name in search engines, and soon we'll do it for social media and keywords.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video-summary:

What appears when someone enters your name in a search engine? What is - or is it not- Your digital identity?

Today we cannot work properly Personal SDSO not including our digital identity in weaknesses and strengths.

I insist on the idea of "when someone writes your name", because when a person searches for himself on his own device he tends to have biased. This diagnosis of digital identity is clearly more efficient if it is carried out by a third person.

We should also ask that person to use the worst of assumptions:

  • Search in incognito window, to prevent device history from altering search results
  • Simple search, the one that everyone does quickly, no quotes or square brackets.
  • And to put it something more challenging, I suggest that the first search be done with only the first last name

The digital identity by Juan Martinez

How many Juan Martinez will there be in the world? Now we don't just have to look at our country of residence. Business and relationships have been globalized. So, now we compete with the world.

It is true that in each country the search will give different results. But the Juan Martinez who appears first organic (after the ads) in a search, has part of the battle of the digital identity Won.

This is the search obtained from -Juan Martínez- in different top search engines of the world (in order of importance):

The funny thing about these searches is that none gives the results in the same order. And besides,, depending on which region of the world we make them, they'll give us different results. For example, when I look for my name on Yahoo it gives me completely different results from Google's, highlighting more forcefully the different sections of my website.

Search with two surnames (or two names)

As a general rule, it will be easier to be found if we always facilitate our second last name. That's what's recommended when you have digital "clones", like the case of Juan Martinez.

I usually advise my clients and participants in trainings that if they have a very common first name (García, González, Rodriguez, Fernández, López, Martínez, Sánchez, Pérez...) who always put their two last names on the Internet with a hyphen in between, as if it were a compound surname. That way, they'll always look for you with the two last names.

There may be many "Federico García" , but less "Federico García Lorca". That's how you're closing the funnel..

If you're in a country where the second last name isn't common use, uses two names to differentiate you.

You may be interested in: name Garcia, part I, part II, Part III.

We distinguish digital identity online reputation

Maybe your digital identity be solid. A battle won. A different issue is online reputation. It's another battle..

Our name may appear in the first place, but hurting our personal brand. It's even possible that person who shows up with a negative online reputation isn't you., But bear the same name. What an injustice! Some may think it's about you..

Identity is getting search engines to take you when you type your name. Reputation is to get those first (and ideally everyone) results are positive.

Don't you show up? That also leaves a mark... and negative

In a 21st century digitized, The digital identity added to a good online reputation are a necessity, not a luxury. That's why it's important to manage - comprehensively- your personal brand.

Don't show up leaves a mark, everything leaves a mark. And unfortunately, leaves negative mark (unless you're a secret agent). Let's think about the phrase from marketing consultant Ramon Freixa: "if you don't say who you are, others will say what you're not.". You need to take charge of your personal brand and control its effects on the Internet.

Today we make very quick guided decisions - often- for first impressions. And Today, first impression is digital, either by presence or absence.

Another fact about your name: the suggestions of the search engines

In some search engines, while you're writing a name, suggest some of the results people are looking for the most. Here's an example:

Guillem Recolons' Google mailbox

This is particularly interesting as a digital identity diagnosis. Not just knowing what is specifically looking for you, but even knowing the suggestions they make you (In me marry, publish a book).

Elements that contribute to improving digital identity linked to your name

Although the article is basically about diagnosis, I put down some ideas that will help improve your presence and digital identity. In order of relevance:

  1. Appearance in media that is in the ranking top 100 alexa from your country
  2. Web/blog own active
  3. Book publishing
  4. Videos on YouTube/Vimeo with thousands of views
  5. Podcasts (own or own Outside) at iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast and others
  6. Active profiles on major social networks, own or other people
  7. Latest tweets (in case you have an active profile)
  8. Profile in using that digital signature in your emails
  9. Presence in directories of all kinds
  10. Presence on big social media like Wikipedia, Amazon, Spotify… and use of hashtags

Elements that help improve the online reputation linked to your name

  1. Shares that have left a positive mark
  2. Creation or healing of good content
  3. Have good online recommendations made by third parties (Linkedin, Google,…)

In the next chapter I will discuss the digital identity on social media. Happy week (Despite everything).

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