Personal image and personal brand is the same?

It makes sense that there is confusion. When you hear someone say “that man conveys a very solid personal image”, the party begins.

The tip of the iceberg

I usually say that the personal image is one of the elements of personal communication that may have the greatest shape in the footprint that we leave. Following the methodology of the Personal Brand Iceberg, the personal image is placed in the visibility phase, at the tip of the iceberg.

A correct personal image should be able to convey perhaps not who we are, but how are we. That's the point, give coherence through our gestures, Tone, color and volume of voice, way of dressing, walking, to look, kind of hairstyle, Image catchers (Jewelry, Tattoos, Accessories) to who we are.

Image codes disappear: we don't want to be like everybody else

Some time ago, codes were clear: a financier could not be tattooed, a CEO had to be someone senior, an economist could not dress in vivid colors, a business lecturer could not go with Jeans. Take a look at these paradoxes:

personal image paradigms
Josef Ajram, David Hernandez, Xavier Sala-Martín and Alex Lopez

Here they are, Josef Ajram (photograph of your site) tattooed to his hands, David Hernandez (CEO of Pangea), quite a centennial, the professor of economics Sala-Martín (photo of Elisabeth Magre) looking like colors and the sales specialist and social selling Alex Lopez at a conference with Jeans and sneakers. A paradox is a strange or irrational idea that opposes common sense and general opinion. That's why I like them..

In companies, Many “dress code” have relaxed. I remember a few years ago that we gave a training to Panasonic with (visit her site Andrea Vilallonga) and we were told that the dress code. The tie was no longer needed, and the commercial-only jacket. Even Japanese japan excuse the use of tie when summer comes.

Nevertheless, there are certain rules, and image professionals are there to ensure that these paradoxes do not lead to moving an inconsistent personal brand of their customers.

Confusion, want to say “personal image” and instead use “personal brand”

A few days ago, reading my Google alerts about the term “personal brand”, I met a link from the rotary El Español, whose title is How to build your personal brand with fall trends 2018. And I thought it was a serious diary. It's very clear that the headline should start with something like “How to boost your personal image…”, but of course, that doesn't have the same impact and it's not that fashionable. Mola more “How to build your personal brand…”.

We don't know who signs this Aberration, looks like a certain “Jaleos”. If in doubt, it's editorial content, and therefore, endorsed by the newspaper's brand. See. If you're able to “Build” your personal brand with this fall's trends, what will happen when winter comes? My god! How much work!

The Perversion to use a word like “personal brand” in a place that doesn't belong to you can only obey two reasons: 1. Ignorance: have given the article to the intern (with my respects) 2. Bad milk: They've used a wrong term to lure idiots like me to read this string of nonsense.

Executive Branding, personal brand and personal image

In the processes of executive branding you work on managing the personal brand of managers. I usually include at the end of the process a personal image specialist so that the work is aligned with what the customer projects in first impression. Here nonverbal language is in its broadest spectrum, nobody thinks it's limited to one personal shopper. The way you speak in public, gestures, the looks, silences… are thoroughly analyzed and improvement patterns are given, always keeping the essence of the person.

There are great professionals in this field, Andrea herself, my colleague and friend Beth Borés, from a more scientific plane Maria A. Sánchez... But if a place in the world is favorable to personal image advisers it is Brazil. The next ones 5, 6 And 7 November 2018 I'll be in Sao Paulo with Ilana Berenholc And Reinaldo Campos delivering the BRAVE workshop (Brand Value Evolution) personal branding to a good group of image consultants.

Have a happy week, and don't forget that your personal image is part of your personal brand.

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3 thoughts on "Personal image and personal brand is the same?”

  1. Very good article, it's clear to us what the personal brand and personal image is, what belongs to who and which generates the most impact?

    • Hello Juan Carlos, I'd rather not see it as something separate. The personal image competes but complements the personal brand. You can have a good brand plan, but if your image doesn't go with it, Fall. And you can offer very good image, but if there's no solid value proposition, Fall. I hope I've solved your doubts.. Best regards!

  2. I am a marketing student. In my career there is not much talk about personal branding, but a year ago in me has aroused interest in this subject. I am so grateful to have found this article and your other article: You don't have a mark. Corruption of the term "Personal Brand".
    I deduced that to understand a personal brand you have to understand the person himself., so I've been reading psychology books about personality, deepening motivation and the way people make decisions. Let's say that I liked more to take on the side of introspection this roll of the personal brand.
    I don't know if I'm applying the terms correctly, but the topic I'm working on (as personal research) I tell him “sustainable personal brand”. For this semester I have a job where I must do a Webinar that deals with an ethics problem and I want to relate it to this personal research, this is how I have found your articles. I really like how you say things crudely.. Thank you for talking about this topic, I will continue to search for all your articles with reference to this topic, please continue to publish more articles


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