How important is personal branding today?

A student, Luis, you must prepare your TFG (End-of-Grade Work) and give me a hand. The importance of personal branding going more, I see more and more students who dedicate their TFG to the subject.

But something strikes me. Its fixation on youtubers.

It turns out that there are very few youtubers who, through creative work and tremendous effort, make a good living and have created million-dollar communities. That attracts this generation that starts. Quick fame and easy money, that's what it looks like. But only one in a million gets it, and the formula is not extrapolable to others.

There's only one Patri Jordan and her girls' secrets, who come to 8,5 millions of subscribers. And there's only one Rubius with more than 9 millions of subscribers. And a Auronplay, whose two video about pranks to prostitutes accumulate 17 millions of views. And so we could go on until 20 cracks.

Before this panorama, it is logical that Luis has chosen as the theme of his work the personal brand of youtubers. I leave you his questions and my answers.

How important is personal branding today?

It is essential to manage three areas of our identity:

  1. What's our personal brand today (how others perceive us)
  2. What do we want our personal brand to be tomorrow (Strategy)
  3. How we will make our message and value proposition known (Communication)

How can personal branding influence a person's professional and life?

The personal brand understood as the imprint we leave on others absolutely influences our lives, because depending on the value and feelings with which we are perceived we'll be an option or we won't be.

The discretion that characterized our parents' time is no longer operational. If we don't communicate, we don't exist, or at least, we're clear that they're not going to find us.

But let's remember something essential: before communicating you need to know what to communicate, and before we know what to communicate, we have to know how they perceive us.

Do we all have to build and take care of a personal brand image or just those who are public figures?

All without exception we must manage (don't create) and boost our brand. The important thing is that you don't have to create anything here. Personal branding is like matter, it is not created or destroyed, it just transforms( and manages).

From the first days of life we leave a mark on others. That's why, the brand is already created when we are young or old and we plan to manage it.

Do you think Youtubers need to take care of their personal brand?

Everyone without exception should take care of her. Maybe we could exclude hermits. But the rest of us must do it if we want to progress and be a reference in some specialty.

YouTubers need their brand to be very attractive and differential, because it's based on its success. But at the same time it must be authentic. Personal brand is not a fictionally created character symbol, although each of us can take on different roles. I explain myself. When Risto Mejide has an interviewer role on his couch chester is a Risto, when you value an artist's performance is another, and when it's advertising is another. But it's always Risto Mejide, doesn't change their names.

Looking to create a positive personal brand image can't lead to these losing naturally?

Depends on. If your brand is positive and you sell, Go ahead. If your brand is the controversy and sells, Go ahead.

What factors can influence a YouTuber's personal branding? Only your videos?

Your videos are your product. But the brand is made up of more factors: your community is key, his personality, people who witness and support you (influencers), the way you communicate and share your videos through different social networks... There is a whole field of activities and meanings around a brand.

Is it positive to convey a different image than the real one with the sole purpose of gaining followers?Would it have negative consequences over time?

The example of Mejide is valid here. We have only one brand, but we can take several roles. It's not transmitting a different image, is to change your hat. Just as we don't address a child the same as an adult, to a client who to a co-worker. We adopt different roles.

There would be another case, which is that of adopting a character. The example would be Barragán, that guy who appears in Torrente movies and in various shows, and he has nothing in common with his real person. I know it well., was my boss for five years. In this case, a complementary personal brand has been built for commercial purposes. Transmits a different image, but with a different identity. Here it is not about roles.

jose maria blond, mr.. Barragan
Source: Puntoger

Transmitting a different image with the same brand (Name) it's negative over time, because the lack of coherence can give way with everything. That said,, people evolve, and it's not the same the Blue-era Picasso as the Cubist.

Is it possible to reverse the image your followers have of you? I mean, Can you go from being grumpy to the opposite solely and exclusively taking care of the personal brand?

Depends on the "sin" committed. David Bisbal screwed up in a tweet talking about the Pyramids of Egypt in the midst of the popular revolt, but your brand is stronger than a timely reputational problem. Other, like the footballer Sergio Ramos, have let a somewhat deformed projected image come true regardless of too much.

mistake reputation david bisbal

A Youtuber who bases his notoriety on mistreating women on the street has a short tour. It's like burning a Bible or the Koran in the middle of the street: the first day will surprise, but in the face of the lack of relevance of such a stupid fact the subject will have no continuity or interest.

How can we deal with a crisis of our personal brand?

Offering something of so much value that in the long run the crisis is overcome. Showing the human side. Giving your face, admitting mistakes. And having patience. You don't get that in 24 Hours.

Youtuber image by

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3 thoughts on "How important is personal branding today?”

  1. Hello Guillem,

    I don't know how much a role change can be considered.; because these roles come with a personality change in each of them. So, I don't know where authenticity is.

    After reading his books (I'm missing the last one), and see some other interview, I don't know what the real thing is “Essence”. I know it's not OT's. (nor what everyone usually thinks about), because he comments it himself in his books. Despite what you intend to convey, I've always thought he was a good guy; an intelligent person who knows how to stay in the “crest of the wave”. Something that is not easy, especially on television.

    The best thing is that you continue to use the same techniques (or some similar) And they keep working for him. He knows very well what he sells and what he doesn't. And, Of course, knows how television works (its great focus).

    A hug friend.

  2. Hello Enrique! . Good question. We'd consider it a role change when you're not looking for different masks (another name, another aspect…). I mean, Risto Mejide doesn't use a nickname or things like that.

    The case of Barragán, For example, it's very different, because it modifies name, Aspect, Voice…

    Of course, we're talking about mentally healthy people (if there's any). Someone with bipolar disorder contradict what I'm writing.

    Thank you for writing, Friend!


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