The drive of social awareness and personal branding

A week ago I was pointing at the article Trends 2020 in Personal Branding seven of which for me will be the most relevant trends for 2020.

And I've set out to develop each of these trends over 7 Weeks, starting with one of the ones I think can change things the most: the impetus of the social conscience.

As an introductory note, The Consciousness With “s s” is the human being's ability to perceive reality and recognize himself in it, while the Consciousness is the moral knowledge of what's right and what's wrong.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video-summary of a minute:

The Great Threat of a World Without Conscience:

When they are met 30 years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, today there are world leaders who advocate the creation of other walls. We know that as Involution.

But the threat doesn't just come from politics. Some companies, and their leaders, have contributed to that threat through Discrimination, lack of confidentiality, lack of commitment, social control... Some examples:

  • The century-old American Wells Fargo betrayed her audience's trust by creating millions of fake accounts in the name of its customers to multiply their profits.
  • Dieselgate. Although the problem has already been solved, Volkswagen lied for years about the real environmental impact of its diesel cars.
  • Exploitation people: Some activists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have denounced the activity of armed militias and slavery conditions in mine workers. Mines whose product are components for computer processors. Nintendo is one of the buying companies.

The world needs strong ethical leadership more than ever

Humanity is threatened. The Great Barrier Reef is in danger of being destroyed. We lose one hectare of tropical forest every two seconds. The misuse of technology can end security. Great powers are turning to nuclear reset. The social inequality due to a poor distribution of wealth is polarizing society.

These are the great challenges of the great leaders, include social awareness in their programs. And we're not just talking about political leaders, but of the great entrepreneurs who have in their hand change the way they produce. And also of the large media groups that can apply ethics in their way of explaining what is going on.

Leaders whose purpose includes social awareness will stand out

And they won't just stand out, but will lead the organization and its brands to apply that purpose. We need more leaders like the head of the dairy company La Fageda, Christopher Columbus Palasi, that has created a successful business ecosystem based on psychic disabled people.

"We're not here to make yoghurts, but for our workers to have a more dignified life". Christopher Columbus Palasi

Don't miss his story:

We have a habit of worshipping entrepreneurs who generate the most economic benefits, but we forget those who bet that our planet is a better place. The Melinda Foundation & Bill Gates has helped eradicate fearsome polio in many underdeveloped countries. Money doesn't make the world better, initiatives to invest it in social improvements yes.

The new leaders will be those who empathy with the refugees, with global warming, with social injustice, those who apply social awareness.

Professionals want to work on something meaningful, with a purpose beyond profit

And it doesn't all come down to the great leaders. Each of us can contribute to greater social awareness. New employees, millennials And centennials, want to develop their careers in companies and projects with meaning, purposely.

The new one employer branding must evolve. It is no longer a question of improving only the conditions of the worker, also of the environment in which we all live.

Social awareness and personal branding

The value proposition shows a way to project our personal brand, through a benefit to a customer and a different way of raising it. But in the years to come, this proposal will not be the only key factor by which we will be elected or we'll leave a legacy.

Adopting social awareness in our management of personal brand it's not just a differentiation factor, it's also a Commitment with what surrounds us.

Everyone in their own way can bring value and awareness, and thus achieve an inner satisfaction and a projection that makes us better as people.

Editorial news: Hypoline removing

Hypoline Removes in guillemrecolons.comI already have it in my hands Hypoline Removing, a delicious comic written by my friend Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, illustrated by Evaduna and published by Empresa Activa (2019).

Natalia is "on fire" publishing easy-to-read books, that help us in areas like public speaking (Free yourself from the fear of public speaking), manage the Internet and social media (Where I start 2.0 And Twitter for clumsy), managing leadership as parents or as bosses (Good father, best boss). We are also happy many Sunday afternoons with his short but direct novels as The chickpea code And Two out of three.

Hypoline is a bot, a virtual assistant on a mission to help us when we're out of control. It helps us face our fears. It's fun how to "consume the comic". You can read the comic book and then the essay, or the other way around. A wonder.

Personal Branding Experiencie Mexico 2019

This week the PBEX Mexico, the second Mexican edition of the congress created four years ago by Daniela Viek in Brazil and for the world. Last year it was face-to-face, in Puebla, and this year my partners Integra Personal Branding they've developed it 100% Online, according to the new times. I had the honor of giving a little talk on value proposition alongside excellent professionals like Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Daniela Viek, Gaby Alviso, Mayte Calva, Xiomara Zetina, Esteban Villagómez, Leo Larrea and Gustavo Nolasco.

TEDxEixample has something to tell (And it's important)

Two news:

The first is that the 21 November 2019 took place at the Aticco Verdaguer the third #TEDxEixampleSalon of the 2019. This time, there were two great protagonists, two speakers who gave the counterpoint to technology and humanity: Alfred Batet speaker and Internet of Things expert. Telematic Engineer by the UPC, Telecommunication engineer at Ramon Llull University and Executive Master's Degree, Specialty of Marketing and Sales by ESADE. And Joan Vinyets, TED speakerX, Expert in People-Based Innovation and co-founder of DonandMerit. Designer, Anthropologist, and Doctor of Social Communication.

There was a wonderful debate, moderated by Ana Reyes, among the consequences of technological progress (Batet) and the need for greater ethics in the implementation of these advances, putting people ahead (Vinyets).

TEDxEixample Salon Aticco
Ana Reyes moderating the debate with Joan Vinyets and Alfred Batet

The second news is that Pau Samo, the organizer (the boss) TEDxEixample announced the date of the edition 2020 TEDxEixample, The 22 May 2020 at the Damm Factory Antiga Barcelona. We'll know more details soon, speakers… I don't need to say that sponsors will be welcome.

It is an honor to be part of this group of volunteers together with the aforementioned Ana, Pau, and Robert Ferrer, Helena Casas, Ruben G. Castro, Carme Gibert, Eva Soto, Alba Espejo, and Oscar (The Clamp) E Irina (Lab Creative Studio).

News: We already have a date, agenda and poster for the Personal Branding Lab day 2019

Nilton Navarro And Alicia Ro, with my help and that of Jordi Collell, are finalizing the details of the 5th edition of the Personal Branding Lab Day. This year will be 100% Online, and free, and will take place on Saturday 14 December among the 11 and 7pm Spanish time (4 and 12h CDMX hour).

The central theme is "Boosting your personal brand" and will have (you read it well) 65 Professional among the 17 Papers, The 2 roundtables and 35 Videos.

Don't miss it, keep this link to yourself: Webinar Personal Branding Lab day link 2019.

Here's the participant chart and the event agenda, which will be sponsored by Infojobs, Blanquerna Comunicació and R.I., Telepizza, SEO Canary Islands And Lid Editorial.

Personal Branding Lab Day Participants 2019

Agenda Personal Branding Lab Day 2019

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7 thoughts on "The drive of social awareness and personal branding”

  1. Thank you dear Guillem for helping us to take more awareness of how important it is to have conScience in today's world. Professional, Leaders, Political, Companies… with PURPOSE to make a better world.
    An honor and a pleasure to participate one more year in the Personal Branding Lab Day in already its V edition. Congratulations on being one of the main drivers of this great Personal Brand party.
    Waiting for the 14 December ?

    • Purpose, focus and action. That should be our journey. I heard him say it for the first time to our roundtable colleague Joan Clotet, and I think it's the right thing to do. Nice to have you around, Colia!

  2. Good afternoon, Guillem
    What a good post! and we're going to make a more conscious and sustainable world because we're taking the planet. We will make our lifestyles healthier and therefore with better results both directly in our body and mind and indirectly in the environment in which we live. There's something that makes me more and more obsessed: if we feed on the land and the sea as we will not take care of the one who provides us with food??? If the people we work for, for which we represent do not align with our values, if you don't solve problems and needs that people have … how are we going to give them the results they want?

    a pleasure to share and comment on the post, Guillem. let's make a world kinder and healthier!

    Mirka Plasencia

    • Thank you a thousand Mirka for subscribing to the importance of social awareness. The world contradicts itself, and we must help break that trend if we want our children to be able to enjoy the future like we do. A strong hug!

  3. Priceless! (as always)
    These Wake Up Calls, so necessary, today they should be alarms.
    Something like Montjuic's anti-aircraft spotlights, enlightening us every day and every moment, not to drift on our way (that more than a road looks like a racing circuit)
    Without purpose we're not going anywhere; the passion thing is fine, but you have to put it at the service of purpose, because purpose is what gives meaning to your life.
    Passion is combustion, motivation is fuel, and the “perfectance” it's the perfect performance (the perfect execution) of the actions you take.
    I don't see any other way..
    And near you, always better.
    A huge hug!

    • I'm sure you from your forehead and I from mine share a lot of insights. Social awareness is the plan of action of the purpose, and I'm pretty sure you also share that new leaders will need to show their vulnerabilities without complexes and embrace a purpose that goes beyond benefits or rankings-
      Thank you so much for your comment, Xavier! Huge hug!


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