Digital ingenuity and omnichannel reputation

Digital ingenuity and omnichannel reputation are two concepts that go hand in hand, although they have very different meanings.

This article is aimed at all those people who think that the fact of not being present in a social network or in a digital platform makes them non-existent in those networks or platforms in terms of their reputation.

If you're short on time, I explain it to you in a minute with this video:

Digital ingenuity, what it is and how it affects you

Let's start with the easiest, define naivety: according to the RAE is candor, lack of malice. I would add that point of innocence of believing that everyone is good or that you have no enemies.

The version of digital ingenuity would refer to the same thing but applied to all digital communication media. Not just social media, also to an online newspaper, to a messaging app like Whatsapp. Telegram, Messenger, Wechat.... Also mobile applications, internal networks of companies, and in general, all media that is on the Internet.

It affects you when you think that because you are not on Instagram no one talks about you on that social network. And the same would tell you about any forum, online network or platform. It is clear that everyone talks about many famous people even if they are not on certain platforms.

However, it's one thing for them to talk about you and another for what they say., and with that we go to reputation.

Omnichannel reputation

Here are two similar definitions of reputation: 

  • Opinion or consideration in which you have someone or something.
  • Prestige or esteem in which they are held someone or something.

I mean, that one thing is the idea of absence or presence in a place and the other is the valuation of the content and how it affects - in this case- to the person.

And omnichannel is that that reputation already surpasses the places where we have a direct presence.. I mean, that reputation can be produced anywhere. I give you two frequent examples: 

  • A politician who gets tired of Twitter and decides to delete his account on that network and not look at it again. Obviously, people will keep talking about him, good or bad, And that, even if he doesn't read it, it affects your reputation.
  • An entrepreneur reluctant to enter a network like LinkedIn can not prevent that network from talking about him, of your company, its people, Brands, services and products. It is totally natural and inevitable.

Does that mean we need omnichannel presence??

Of course No. That would be crazy and I would never recommend it to anyone.. But what we can do is monitor

Monitoring is looking for the means to know in real time any information that affects our reputation. And always starting from the elementary principle that you can not monitor everything. For example, a conversation on Telegram or Whatsapp that you are not in, it cannot be monitored.

Ways to monitor our omnichannel reputation

There are very sophisticated and professional digital listening tools to monitor the reputation of brands: Radio 6 (Salersforce) is perhaps the queen of the party. But that is something away from personal branding, unless we talk about celebrities.

Fortunately, there are tools with free options (Freemium) but perfect for practicing social listening to a personal brand. In this article Influencer Marketing Hub Listed 21 of those monitoring tools.

Very few have the option 100% Free, but from US $ 29 per month there are options to consider that track the network including real-time alerts of the moment in which a positive mention occurs, neutral or negative.

There is also the possibility of starting with something zero cost such as Google Alerts, that without being very precise (do not monitor blogs or networks well, but press releases), they send you an email at the time of mention.

The advantages of monitoring go beyond online reputation

Thanks to social listening, you will be able to know at all times who is speaking -presumably- of you, what opinion circulates about you, and therefore you can start Actions of personal branding to solve the problem or to take advantage of the Opportunity of the moment.

There may be someone with the same name somewhere in the world, and it is possible that your online reputation can contaminate yours. Those of us who are dedicated to Personal Branding have worked to solve this problem frequently.. There are several ways to do this, and usually work well.

Monitoring allows you to actively participate in the Conversation -in real time- and respond to positive mentions, neutral and negative about our brand. Listening tools are also very useful for monitoring our public relations and outreach tasks..

We can identify influencers who have engaged with us, and also to the "haters" who make life impossible for us.

Basic functions of our reputation monitoring tools

  • Actively monitor mentions of our personal brand, competitors and keywords, filtering by priority and sentiment (Positive, neutral, negative)
  • Interact with your audience quickly and according to your personality and brand tone, For example, thanking users for give us their positive opinion. Or use humility and humor to bring back someone who has issued negative opinions.
  • Identify and engage influencers to inform them about your activities, achievements or objectives.
  • Create an action plan for your digital reputation, triggering relevant alerts to help you monitor your brand mentions, your competitors and the sector in general, surveying your mentions to learn more about what your community expects from you. Think of type answers that will be made later to measure each mention. Make a list of influencers you can count on to support you at a specific time.

I hope you liked this idea of digital ingenuity and omnichannel reputation, if I can help you, do not hesitate to contact.

I'll wait for you next week., and in the meantime here's the podcast, something more complete, In iVoox, Spotify, And Apple Podcast.

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