Integrating your personal brand into your day-to-day life is possible

Some still turn to personal branding as a first aid manual when there is a storm.. And personal branding is not a talisman., does not cure, it facilitates, Drives, Stimulates. Personal brand management is not an online tool, is a strategic process, known as Personal Branding, and that it should be incorporated as a habit. Integrating your personal brand into your day-to-day life is possible and highly recommended.

And here's how to do it in an easily habit-based way.

Here's a one-minute video summary:

And you can also hear something expanded in the episode 97 from the podcast Everything leaves a mark on iVoox, Spotify, Google Podcast, Pocket Cast And Apple Podcast.

Two questions that act as engines

A few years ago I visited Hasbro's offices, The world leader in the gaming sector. I was struck by an image of a notepad on the desks of all the professionals in the company, each note of each day included the question What have you done today to develop personal branding??

And when you leave, I was thinking it was a great question, to which can be added another equally powerful: What have I done today for other people's personal brand??

What did I do today for my personal brand??

Repeat, The personal brand is cemented day after day, It is not a miracle or a magic potion.

We can do many things for our personal brand every day. In the area of Self, For example, We may ask colleagues or colleagues for feedback, That will give us more information to complete our Personal SDSO.

We can also work in the area Strategic, Analyzing if our value proposition and business model are aligned with the project for which we work.

And of course, We can project our personal brand to improve reach, Visibility and awareness of those people or brands we can help grow.

What have I done today for other people's personal brand??

Perhaps I find this question more interesting, since it forces you not only to think about what you have done for others, but how you have contributed to identifying, Work or project your personal brand.

On a day-to-day basis, There are small details that will help you work or boost the brand of the people around you. Examples: 

  • Give a Feedback Sincere about concrete actions
  • Ask people about their Objectives Professional
  • Better understand what your Purpose, Beyond working to make money
  • Give ideas about new Tools of productivity, of social media management...
  • Show examples of Good practices personal brand
  • Facilitate Content: Books, Movies or series that can stimulate personal branding. For example, The excellent Swedish series "The playlist" about the founder of Spotify.

I assure you that, From the perspective of personal satisfaction, There are few things that please me more than helping other people in the development of their personal brand..

Integrate your personal brand

There are hundreds of daily situations in which it is advisable to integrate your personal brand. For example: How do you introduce yourself to someone unknown at a professional encounter?, Face-to-face or virtual? There you have a challenge, We all tend to say something like, "I'm responsible for... in...", But if that is not accompanied by a value proposition, It is a mere formal presentation of credentials.

I can introduce myself to the students of a personal brand class in two ways: 

  • I'm Guillem Recolons, specialist in Personal Branding and brand director at Omnia Branding.
  • I'm Guillem Recolons, And in this class I will help you identify your talent and make it visible..

Which of the proposals do you think will value more those students who are ready for the labor market??, In which of the assumptions will they pay more attention??

A weekly calendar to integrate your personal brand into everyday life

Do you think it's crazy to set weekly goals on how to integrate your brand on a daily basis based on the agenda events you have?? 

I'm sure there's no better way to integrate your brand than on the battlefield., on a day-to-day basis. The theory is fine, But behind the brand platform necessarily comes brand activation, Without the latter, branding or personal branding is useless..

And speaking of brand activation, I remind you that on Saturday 26 November 2022 It's him Great Personal Brand Day, the day of the online Congress Personal Branding Lab Day, sponsored by Infojobs and with the support of Soymimarca.

The theme of the congress this year is "Dare to show your brand" and wants to fight imposter syndromes, or paralysis by perfection that prevents many professionals from succeeding in one of the most important parts of the personal branding process: Visibility, Putting the personal brand in value. I mean, Brand activation, The best way to integrate your personal brand into everyday life.

Cover image byDrozd Irina on shutterstock.COM

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