The Internet is cruel to those without a message and who "are" but not "are"

Spanish significantly differentiates verbs from being and being. To be transient gives a connotation, according to a location (be there), while being is permanent and involves a complex structure that makes up personality. Those differences, Of course, are kept on and off the internet, although the internet allows deceptive anonymities and is a great bug amplifier.

The one who is but is not: The “unbranded”, a widely implemented profile

Souls of all kinds roam online. We will focus on a profile for the purposes of personal branding: those people who go without north or message, those people who are but aren't.

Sometimes we relate cruelty and Internet RRSS to very active profiles compromised messages. True, a politician, For example, who uses Twitter as an agenda and as a forum for debate will take a lot of hard time, insults etc. But surely this person has a roadmap that foresees certain moments of crisis that will be triggered with certain key words or concepts. Moving a solid concept into 140 characters is not easy, and it is often required to open the link which includes a comprehensive explanation. As most users don't open links, focuses criticism on twit. But back there, there's no cruelty, Exists the friction that comes with commitment to ideas and values.

But perhaps the internet shows its greatest degree of aggression against those have not defined a goal and a message: “Are” But no “Are”. They move around the nets leaving loose comments, constantly repeating what others have already said (to a sick end), But without leaving a mark identifying them, talk about your values, of your value proposition, of their career goals. Possibly these people no one criticizes them: Simply go so unnoticed such as inactive profiles, “Are”, But no “Are”. They are part of the digital landscape, are confused between zeros and. Are “unbranded”.

As for the Inactive, we know that represent about a 40% profiles created on social media. People who open account, Look, test and finally quit, but without deleting the profile. This causes a drop similar to placing profiles without a photo or with misinformation. Why don't these people delete their profiles? Do you think that by the fact that they don't see them they don't see them either?. There are many people who create a profile “so they don't take it away from me”, in an attempt to protect the name, but in the long run those profiles are either deleted by the same networks or required by other people who want to use them seriously.

So far the profile of those who “Are” unless.

Branding Personal: The question is How can you “Be” And “Be”?

How? Working personal branding. Nobody says it's easy, but it has its trade-offs. And since the boundary between the personal and the professional is increasingly blurred, when we work our personal branding we will also work our professional area. All of this has little to do with the internet, personal branding uses a lot of media in its public visibility zone. But to be true to the title of the article, the internet has to be a reflection with 100% fidelity of who we are and what we can contribute, of our brand.

A personal brand management process is continuous and is defined in three basic stages:

1. We need to know what we are, what we're good at and what we do better than anyone (Self)

2. We need to know our north, know where we want to go, with whom, with what solutions, our vision, Mission, Values, potential customers, Partners, Messages, Stories (personal strategy)

3. We need to make it known to all those who can take advantage of our value propositions, using the classic or new media depending on the intensity that our time allows us (personal visibility)

We have to imagine a Iceberg. The visible part is very small compared to the whole. And without the submerged ice mass, there would be no visible iceberg. I mean, the iceberg needs to be cemented, just like a personal branding process. You need to start from a better understanding of yourself (you can't see) and a personal strategy (you can't see) so that in the end it is perceived by others.

In short

With a strategy behind it, our messages are not isolated salvos, are pieces of a puzzle that we will build little by little and that will position us as specialists without leaving aside our most humane side, our story. And that's good for a freelancer., for an employed professional or for someone looking for work: without north we're nothing, we don't leave a valuable mark and we just “are”, But no “Are”. To finish, nobody like Mario de Benedetti to explain the difference between being and being with his poem “Being and being“.

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