Confidence polarizes -Edelman Trust 2018, Summary-

This week the prestigious barometer has been published “Edelman Trust” 2018. For me, the report is not only a global thermometer on the state of the world, companies and the media; it's also a strategic tool.

The Edelman Trust carries 18 Editions, and the current one has been worked on 33.000 questionnaires in 28 countries around the world, Distinguishing general public of the informed public (the latter made up of college graduates).

Trust is polarized

In 2017 we saw a widespread decline in confidence in the world very sesaggling by the Brexit and Trump's victory. In 2018 we see a contrast between two giants, Usa. U.S., -where confidence plummets- and China, an uprising country.

polarization of trust

It is no coincidence that the presentation of the report took place informally during the Davos leaders' summit (Switzerland), a whole warning to the big OECD leaders.

Spain is one of the countries that regains positions, and within Europe, Switzerland leads the rise and Italy the fall.

The Battle for Truth

A year in which “fake news” has been trending topic, couldn't give a different headline: the battle for truth.

The Battle for Truth
Source: Edelman Trust 2018

The manipulation of which many news is the subject is news. Bad news.

In 2005 we live a change that went from trust in great authorities to trust in people like us. This year, However, profiles with greater authority (CEO's…) recover a little and those of even people (peers) lose significantly.

Authority regains confidence, but it's far from the technical profiles

authority regains confidence

The political class, the board of management of companies and CEOs, had fallen to the lowest. But this year they seem to raise their heads, despite leading the queue of trust. I am eye-catching about the rise of trust in journalists, coming from the winter they pee out again. Curiously, the two profiles that, despite being trusted generators, come down are “people like us” and employees.

Who reigns, who we trust the most? Experts. That profile is the one who reigns, whether technical experts or academics. This is the chart that from a personal branding perspective I consider most relevant. Indicates the strength of trust in profiles historically “Hidden” by entrepreneurs. They don't play the role of spokesperson, but they should exercise it. The programs Employee Advocacy they're there for that., to supplement the -- still- Distrust- in management profiles.

The media doesn't connect

As for the media, still not connected. At least, this year journalists are getting better than big media platforms, but the reasons for that disconnection are here, on this chart:

excepticism with the media
Source: Edelman Trust 2018

The reasons for the find are three 1. The media seems more interested in obtaining large audiences than in the content 2. Prioritize the unique over the accuracy and reliability of the news 3. They're more at the service of a political idea than really informing the public.

Trust in Spain

These four graphs show the following findings:

Spain edelman 2018
Source: Edelman Trust 2018

Institutions: NGOs continue to lead institutional confidence, confidence grows slightly in companies and also administrations. Media confidence remains stagnant.

Gender: Men seem to trust more than women in institutions and media.

Ages: No age differences, the three groups show the same recovery and the same index.

Training: Confidence remains greater for the informed public, although it decreases. While, the general population perceives a certain recovery.

Personal branding and trust

No doubt people are the great transmitters of trust. Institutions, media and companies must reconsider their corporate branding and shift more weight in the employee spokesperson, and especially technical profiles.

Managers, political profiles and management councils require a more transparent and sustainable view of their businesses. Corporate branding staff programs (executive branding, professional branding, employee advocacy, employer branding) can help build bridges of trust to society, markets and, in short, people. The P2P (person to person) is the key.

There's a lot more information on this barometer, here's the download link to the PDF del Edelman Trust 2018.


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