The strength of the Personal Branding in the company #PBlabDay17

Yes. That's the motto of the upcoming Personal Branding Lab Day 22 June 2017: The strength of Personal Branding in the company. The first two editions were devoted to the fundamentals of personal brand and its advantages for professionals. But it's up to those who can benefit most from the advantages of the different types of Personal Branding programs: organizations. Companies, Institutions, non-profit organizations, collaborative projects…

Why a WEBINAR format?

Since the first edition in 2015 there were many requests for the event to be followed around the world. I know, that could be achieved with a streaming stream. But the webinar format, in this case, offers three additional advantages:

  1. Ability to interact with the speaker. Questions, doubts raised through social media and the hashtag #PBLabDay17 and live responses from the rapporteur through the moderators.
  2. asynchronous. Who can't live follow all the presentations on the same day 22 June will be able to do so during the following week, because each presentation will be recorded on a YouTube channel.
  3. Free. The PBLabDay17 organization has decided to make follow-up to presentations free this year, unlike the previous two years in person, where there was a fee of 125 euros per attendee.

Does that mean that from this edition the congress will always be held in webinar format? No. The outcome of the webinar needs to be evaluated, but it seems that the face-to-face congress will be biannual, and will be interspersed by webinar-format congresses.

Why are we talking about the strength of the branding staff in the company?

It's definitely the great outstanding subject of staff branding. Many entrepreneurs remain closed to the implementation of personal branding programs in organizations because of the false belief that it is about promoting employees with the risk that they will be more visible, and therefore captureable by other companies.

Let's not kid ourselves, talent can't be retained by force or by hiding it under the desk. I believe in the conviction of talent, and in that corporate branding staff programs are more than useful.

What are the personal branding apps in the company?

Some time ago I tried this topic on this same blog with the post Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons. Not only that.; I passed the content to a brief Ebook in free download.

Corporate branding apps are:

  • Consulting: Executive Branding: management programs
  • Consulting: Personal Branding: employee programs
  • Consulting + Training: Employee Advocacy (o Employee branding), programs to strengthen the role of internal brand ambassadors
  • Consulting: Employer Branding. Programs for the recruitment of the best talent.
  • Training: courses and workshops of staff branding (or personal brand management)
  • Mindset: Short conferences or workshops (maximum 3h) to highlight the importance of corporate personal branding programs.
  • Measurement: Measurement programs with employee advocacy tracking control panel.

How to follow the webinar of the 22 June?

First things first, Register. This will receive by email the link to the webinar few days before. To do this, I invite you to connect with the event website:

You'll see there are two types of registration, The Free, that allows you to see all the 22J presentations during the same day and up to a week later. And the Premium, which also allows access to the forty-many presentations of previous years and webinar presentations unlimitedly over time.

On the web you will also find the programme and the speakers, that can still vary a little, but that's essentially that.

Of course, there's hashtag: #PBLabDay17


This event arose as a result of the Postgraduate in Personal Branding from URL Facultat Blanquerna Comunicació & Ri. Its academic director, my partner Jordi Collell, had the idea of holding a congress at the end of the postgraduate degree in June.

personal branding lab day team 2017
Andrés Pérez Ortega, Guillem Recolons, Jane del Tronco, Fabian Gonzalez, Maria A. Sánchez, Isabel Muela, Jordi Collell / November 2016

In this year's edition, we must thank the altruistic collaboration of the same faculty, of the Soymimarca, of the Infojobs, and from a team of people who have been preparing all this for a few months: Andrés Pérez Ortega, Maria A. Sánchez, Fabian Gonzalez, Jane del Tronco, Cristina Mulero, Oianko Choperena, Alicia Ro, Nilton Navarro, Jordi Collell and who writes. Luck is cast. The strength of the branding staff in the company now has an exceptional speaker.

We are waiting for you on the 22J, with all the illusion.

Pd: two days ago we heated engines with Colia Hil, Jordi and who writes on the radio show Building Relationships by RKB Radio, directed by Rudolf Helmbrecht with Edward Martin and Francesc Galván. What was there talk of? You got it right.: of the strength of the branding staff in the company.


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