The importance of original content on the internet

Artículo inédito

The blog of Ramon Espadaler, Parliament of Catalonia. Always, as a subtitle to your posts, uses the expression “article in'dit” (unpublished article). In this case, the expression refers to the inedible, New.

And there's no for less. When you surf blogs using tags or tags, very often you will find the same article published in 16 Blogs, with more or less personal dressing. It's usually news that has caught our attention and that we literally reproduce (it's not going to be that we adulterate them). It's not a bad thing to echo the news, especially those that attract us most attention or those that are related to our environment.

Contenido original

But in the midst of so much reproduction, we need to publish original content -Unpublished, as Swordsman would say. If we don't post original content, our readers will not be clear about our position. Yes, re-editing is interesting, but it's even more so when we create.

Content creation is, Simply, a combination of data, skills and time. You don't need anything else. Journalists know this well. Getting the data isn't overly complicated if you sign up for some Google alerts and read the press regularly. Skills (Skills, In English, sounds better to me) it's the most complicated part, because it depends on the grace of one in combining data, dress them up and raise them in an attractive way (storytelling), and add new ideas. At last, time. Time is often what prevents a lot of talent from flowering. You have to get the time out of anywhere, time should never be the excuse not to write.

If you have time to think, you have time to write.

The writing serves the same for Blogs and for Twitter. Twitter uses a lot of the resource to retweet something we like. And that's good., but so is explaining things about one, without getting to that “drinking the morning coffee” that -- frankly- nobody cares.

By the way, this post is unpublished.

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2 thoughts on "The importance of original content on the internet”

  1. Here you've touched on a key theme, Friend. I just refrained from writing on a blog for fear of it, to tell things already said. The one that's original has to be a little bold and not too embarrassed. I also surf blogs and see every couple that scares. That's for sure., I believe before what I read on a blog than what I read in the press, everything is politicized. I hope my mail isn't published (I've been forced to put it). Well, that's what.

  2. Two things, Ramón:
    If you think of a new idea, plasmala. You can be unlucky - it's happened to all of us- that it's happened to someone else before. Never mind. Let the ideas come out
    You're not the first person to comment that believes in blogs earlier than what you read in the press. Maybe there isn't that much., but it is true that it is easier to find some objectivity in individuals than in the wordings. Pure objectivity does not exist, it's just a perception.
    Thank you for writing


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