The growing influence of personal branding in the Retail business

It would make some sense to think that when a person enters an establishment for the first time he does so because he is interested in a very specific product or service.

There the brand can influence, your communication, your mental field of meanings. Perhaps the people in the establishment's ecosystem do not come into play in this first decision. Supported.

The role of advertising, GRs PP, sponsorships, The influencers External, is to project a brand essence that generates that attractiveness that leads to the first planned visit.

Then, although advertising is the best in the world, if the experience of the first visit (which does not necessarily include purchase) not positive, there is nothing to do anymore. People create a mental bias called "there I don't go back". At this time, the brand for us, has died.

Here I explain to the retail business owners some clues on how they can improve the customer experience through their team, of your people, in short, of its best brand ambassadors.

Context: Brands, low confidence and little expectation of results

There are worrying data for some brands. As Meaningful Brands, the largest brand study conducted in the world, with a base of 395.000 Answers, 2.000 brands and sponsored by Havas Media, I highlight three facts for reflection: 

  • Only one 47% of the brands offered Confidence
  • A 71% of respondents do not believe that brands comply with their Promises
  • Globally, we wouldn't mind the disappearance of a 70% of the marks
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But it's not all bad news. The expert consultant in retail and Nielsen brands tell us that we rely on a 90% in recommendations from people like us.

The trademark is activated and makes sense with people

Continuing with the study Meaningful Brands, the CEO of Havas Media in Spain, Ester Garcia Cosin Says:

"The edition 2021 meaningful brands clearly shows the importance of people, that demand that brands do not forget them, that your purpose is me. And besides,, ask for solutions to specific needs, considering brands as allies to be able to offer them".

Source: PRNews.

The role of people in retail

People are responsible for a customer going from visit to purchase, and from purchase to experience.

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Moving from visit to purchase can depend on many factors. There are times when, as a customer, you just want to be let look, and that has to be intuited by whoever is in charge of the store at that time. You should also intuit if you are lost and need help.

In a small establishment, like a jewelry store, immediate personalized attention is urgent. In a hypermarket it is quite the opposite.

But the really difficult thing is the repeated purchase, go from one-time shopping to positive experience. There the role of the person who attends is critical.

Your newcomer employee is an ambassador for your brand, your delivery person too

For a customer, the brand is represented by that person who attends you every day. If you own a bar or restaurant, it is important that you know that your brand is projected by a waiter to a customer. It's your only point of contact. THAT EMPLOYEE IS YOUR BRAND. Are you aware?

You pay the chef good money, but very little who really represents your brand isn't it a bit absurd??

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At a gas station is the one who charges you and activates the pump, in a “delivery” is the driver of the truck, motorbike, bicycle. In a department store or supermarket, is the one who charges you. In a department store, there are many people who represent the brand. They are your best ambassadors, your spokespersons… Do we understand the added value of these people in the reputation of the brand??

Learn more about the influence of personal branding on your retail business

Jorge Mas Velasco, Personal Branding Retail
Jorge Mas Velasco

If you want to know everything about the influence of personal branding on your retail business and how it is applied, The Wednesday 8 June we launch a free webinar:

Launched? For that webinar I have signed a one of the best retailers, Jorge Mas Velasco, author of the book RETAIL POWER: 50 actions to overcome adversity in retail, co-author of the bestseller Why some stores sell and others don't in the digital age. He is a former manager of a retail company during 20 Years. And he is current CEO of Create Retail, Consultant, Lecturer, blogger And podcasterWhat do you think? Sign up for the banner that you will see a few centimeters below.

By the way, here I leave you the informal talk (bar) that we have maintained with Jorge Mas on this subject, you can listen to it on iVoox, In Spotify and in Apple Podcast.

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