The express personal brand of Professor Jesús Neira

The Minister for Equality, Bibiana Aido, decorating Jesús Neira

We know that creating a strong personal brand is a matter of time and patience.

When neither one thing nor the other happens, what has happened with “the brand” Jesus Neira. It was created in 24h and destroyed in 24h. A Express Personal Brand Not usually interesting.

Neira defended a woman who was being abused a few years ago. That cost him a hospital coma., that he overcame. From there, The teacher received a myriad of Awards and tributes for its value. Esperanza Aguirre appointed him president of the Observatory against violence of gender in the Community of Madrid. We already had the man and the brand, A benchmark of value and values for many of us.

Suddenly, Appear Tics strangers who make us think that perhaps we do not find -saving the distances- before a case “Tiger Woods” a la española. From hero to villain in a few hours. Among the tics were excessive attacks on the Constitution of the 78, to the PSOE (Killers, He called them), to the daughters of Rodríguez Zapatero…

And the climax, He was caught driving his vehicle with an alcohol level three times higher than the maximum tolerated. goodbye hero, Goodbye brand, Goodbye referent. It was nice while it lasted. Now Aguirre wants not see or picture, and people move away from his side.

Let's see, let's not kid ourselves: We've all drunk a little more than necessary at some time. But you have two things to keep in mind: The first is not to drive, at the risk of your life and that of others. And the second is that if you are also famous, You can never go over the line in public. It's the price of fame.

The Worst: Neira does not recognize her mistakes. His personal brand is already in tatters. Google his name: It is already difficult to find the links that gave him glory.

Here we have the chronology “Express” of the events around Neira: is dizzying

09-08-08 A teacher is in danger of death for trying to stop an abuser beating his wife

08-04-09 Jesus Neira will leave the hospital on his birthday, 8 months after the assault

16-04-09 The Minister of Equality presents the Grand Cross of Civil Merit to Jesús Neira

06-05-09 Jesús Neira returns home after undergoing surgery to place a pacemaker

06-08-09 Neira, successfully operated on the implantation of a prosthesis in the brain

21-08-09 Jesús Neira leaves the hospital “Very happy” and willing to face the trial against Puerta

11-09-09 The PSOE of Majadahonda is angry with Jesus Neira for telling a joke of ZP

16-09-09 Sánchez Dragó signs his daughter, Neira and Fernando Arrabal for their new program

17-09-09 Professor Jesús Neira receives a tribute from the College of Philosophy and Letters of C-LM

06-10-09 Puerta denounces Neira for alleged threats to the judge who instructs the aggression

13-11-09 Neira is already president of the advisory board of the Observatory against Gender Violence

22-02-10 Jesus Neira feels “disgust and shame” for bail of his assailant

23-02-10 Neira defends her right to apply for a gun license after testifying before the judge

29-03-10 Jesús Neira accuses the PSOE of having a history full of “Barbarities and murders”

31-03-10 Jesus Neira must go to trial for tripling the breathalyzer limit in a control

03-09-10 Neira sentenced to 10 months without a license and a fine of 1.800 Euros for drunk driving

03-09-10 Neira tripled the permitted alcohol level, although he only drank “half a glass of wine”

06-09-10 Jesus Neira: “I am ethically blameless and I will not resign, Remove me”

06-09-10 Jesus Neira, From hero to villain

06-09-10 Aguirre will suppress the Observatory against Gender Violence headed by Jesús Neira

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4 thoughts on "The express personal brand of Professor Jesús Neira”

  1. I congratulate you on the article, that far exceeds what the professional press has written. In addition to being well documented, Rigorously analyzes the decline of the hero instantly that perhaps we have all wanted to be.

    I agree that the worst part is not acknowledging their mistakes.. That tells us that indeed, This man is incapacitated for public service.

    Cordial greetings.
    THE (Santander)

  2. Thanks E.L.
    I think it's interesting to warn those who haven't yet invested in personal branding that Rome wasn't built in a day.. Personal branding requires time and interest, not to mention affection.
    If you allow me the simile, the Neira case would be that of a real estate speculator who does not foresee the crisis and finds himself with a fatal financial hole in his nose.
    Do you know what a professional challenge would be like?? Accepting the Neira case as work to rebuild personal brand. A challenge very close to a doctoral thesis.
    Thank you for writing and for your words; I would like to write half as well as a journalist.

  3. I believe this man became a hero by accident.. Given their behavior in these months, It is not unreasonable to think that we meet a person to whom violence is not alien. So, It is possible that he confronted the aggressor more as a sign of his superiority than to defend the woman..

    I remember my bewilderment when his own wife, to journalists' questions, replied that her husband “It was a bit special”, So, I don't want to venture any further, I don't think the decision to appoint him an Observer Against Violence of any thing was a wise one., even if we had as proof only their verbal violence.

    By the way,, if it wasn't violence (Verbal) the brutal attacks on Zapatero's daughters (Women and minors) May God come and see it.

    In the past we are all Manolete but the truth is that this guy has always given me a certain repelús.

    As Joaquín Caparrós said last season, current coach of Athletic Bilbao: “Here, in two minutes, We went from whore to lady”.

    A greeting,
    Celestino Martinez.

    • Ha, Ha, I couldn't remember the phrase "Here, in two minutes, we went from whore to lady" of Caparrós. Lend it to me for a tweet??

      You are right in the motivation to defend the lady; Surely it was a sign of superiority and not solidarity or compassion.. With Zapatero's daughters, We could all have our say, But this guy acted in the purest style. “The Alcazar”, in an excessive way.

      Thank you for writing


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