Personal brand and smoke sellers / 1

Make money quickly and easily with the personal branding - FALSE

A few days ago we tweeted with the friend Andrés Pérez Ortega, the great sherpa of the personal brand, about the desirability of unmasking fake personal branding gurus who base their message on the ease of getting fast income through personal branding.

We can say it louder, but no clearer: THE PERSONAL BRAND HAS TO BE WORKED ON thoroughly, you have to cure it. We all know that Rome was not built in a day.

We're up to our noses to see them appear as web mushrooms and blogs from unscrupulous companies that promise the moon if you decide to create your personal brand. Pure chatter.

The personal brand, let's make it clear, it's an investment medium term. And let everyone interpret it their own way. My good friend and client Juan Torres Tomás has needed a gestation of 9 months of your brand before you see the first reward in the form of hiring. And the same could I tell you about my other clients. None of them have “Lined” the week after a Linkedin profile was created, Twitter, a blog or whatever.

Behind the personal brand is a strategic process, deadlines and partial targets. And it's not about creating social media profiles. Every brand requires a Positioning, and that's a very serious thing. Every brand requires a few Objectives. The blog, the twitter or the rest is just the tip of the personal brand's iceberg. Any kid is able to create profiles on social media. But creating a brand is a very serious thing.

Don't listen to anyone who promises you fast personal brand income. They'll be selling you smoke, nothing but smoke.

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8 thoughts on "Personal brand and smoke sellers / 1”

  1. Being a relatively level will occur as in the rest, that will take place an intrusion of fakers and smarts. That's why it's great to put the community on notice. Thanks for the post.
    Bon day

    • Hello Caesar, I imagine you mean a new area. You are right, will happen as with coaching a few years ago, came out coach like mushrooms.

      The network, as you rightly say, it's full of fakes, and that has to be denounced. Thanks to you for writing.
      Bona takes.

  2. Anyway,, in the times that run, you have to be c*pullo to think you can make money easy and fast with anything.

    However, all professional groups “again when” need some time for people to separate dust from straw. You mentioned the coaches but, For example, the same marketing seemed like a kind of black magic to a lot of people until four days ago (In fact, sectors “Outdated” there are still people who are sanctified and muttered “Lizard, Lizard” when talking about brand image, DAFO positioning or analysis). Now you are more accepted and therefore no joke and marketing staff, coaching or community management.

    I have a friend who is an expert in Nonverbal Communication and complains about the same thing, that every two by three someone comes out on TV giving a superficial and unfessional view of the subject.

    But I imagine it's part of the process…

    A greeting,
    Celestino Martinez.

  3. Hello Celestino, the problem occurs when someone hears rumors about the strength of the personal brand and goes to Google.

    You know Google doesn't target “True” And “false”, but prioritizes the most visited or sponsored links. And this is where the problems come from, because any charlatan who hires adwords can achieve 5.000 clicks to your site in a week.

    With the marketing thing I agree. I've moved in this environment for many years and I've seen everything.
    Once again, thanks for writing.

  4. Hello Guillem.

    I agree with what you're saying.. Internet is full of smoke sellers, But you know what? You see the duster and if you scratch the surface a little bit there's nothing in the background. Today it's easier than ever to show people who know what they're talking about and who doesn't. Whoever's at the foot of the canyon every day sharing what he knows doesn't have to be labeled a smoke dealer or a fake guru., because every day he's proving that's false.

    On the other side of the coin, as you very well say, there are people who promise and promise and show little. If you promise short-term results you are a smoke seller and the bad guys. Well, in PBranding, as you well pointed out, there's no success overnight (what Americans commonly call overnight success, it's q I like the most how it sounds :D). I've been working on my own personal brand for a while and I'm gradually getting results. The objectives are clear, strategy also, but in an orgnized way adapts to the new challenges, opportuniades and needs. For me the personal branding is not only a tool to achieve professional and social success but a passion. The potential for a good PB strategy is incredible, but as you said: implementing that strategy involves daily and constant work.

    This is not like throwing a product on the market and once sold to something else. Here nothing else, here you are “You”. Your brand is for life.

    That's the value of personal branding.

    Greetings Guillem and forgive me for the parrafada is that I have come out without even realizing.

    • I'm glad to see that people like you, David, you are aware of the effort of creating a personal brand. We don't talk about days or weeks.

      We also don't have a “community manager” to watch over us day and night. It's us., our hours, sometimes our sleepless nights, those we craft with the patience of a drop by drop our personal brand.

      At last, let me share your statement about brand pecularity “I”. That brand always follows us, it's our shadow, it's not about anything ephemeral. We have to feed our brand day after day, without let your guard down.

      I really appreciate your writing.. It certainly provokes a reaction. A greeting,


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