The manager and LinkedIn part 3 of the 3 -Highlight- Advanced features

Today I end this series of 21 key issues you should know as a manager to survive worthily on LinkedIn.

So far I've addressed two areas, LinkedIn part 1 , Be, addressing the basic profile settings and LinkedIn part 2, Be, trying to activate the profile.

Now I show you LinkedIn part 3, the last 7 of the 21 questions this network makes you stand out and get to do business in this network. I remember the whole itinerary includes three parts: Be, Be, and HIGHLIGHT.

Do you have little time? Here's a one-minute summary:

Highlight: Using advanced features

15-  How is your name pronounced?

For some time now, LinkedIn allows us to record a small audio of up to 10 seconds for people from other countries and cultures to know how our name is pronounced.

To do so, it should be done from the app. LinkedIn on your smartphone.

I think this role is important for any manager with ambition to develop their work globally. Similarly,, I think everyone should have their profile in all the languages they are able to speak.

With this function you can save the name, But 10 seconds give for more. If you dare, you can also include your value proposition. Here I'll give you an example: Click the speaker icon.

16-  Do we communicate from within?

Don't have your own blog? No problem, you can test yourself as Blogger on the same LinkedIn blog, known as LinkedIn Pulse.

For starters, from your start menu, click on "Write Article".

This blog offers the following advantages:

  • Easy-to-find contentR: Posts will be part of your profile. It's easy for anyone to access your LinkedIn blog post through "Your Activity > Items", easier to access a link you've shared.
  • Content comes to Google. That certainly reinforces your visibility, allowing you to reach larger audiences.
  • Opportunity to have a fixed space. Having your own blog outside of LinkedIn is an exceptional Personal Brand weapon, but if you don't have it, LinkedIn's blog is an exceptional container, simple and within reach. In addition, can be shared on other social networks.
  • Best deal. It has some logic to communicate from within, no need to leave LinkedIn, it's something valued by the network. Networks like people to stay, not that we're leaving.

17-  Are you conformist or nonconformist?

The profile Premium LinkedIn is for mavericks, for professionals who want to break the boundaries that the network puts to certain functions.

There are three types of individual Premium accounts: The Premium Career account, Premium Business and Premium Executive. But both have in common these advantages over a basic account: 

  • The search limit is removed. The basic account has a limit that can only be exceeded by hiring one of the premium accounts. I'll tell you what., just for this, it's already worth a Premium profile.
  • Unlimited messages. The "Open Profile" allows you to send messages to other members and vice versa. This way you don't need to invite a specific user to connect to start communication.
  • Greater control of profile visits. The basic account allows you to see only the latest 5 people who have entered your profile. LinkedIn Premium accounts set no limits.
  • Greater and better information: On candidates enrolled by that particular position, about employment, recruitment trends, about each company's growth, about his leadership changes...
  • The jewel of learning: LinkedIn Learning. It's an educational platform that Premium accounts have access to, with more than 10.000 courses from different sectors, which are taught through video tutorials, videos available in a multitude of languages and for various disciplines.

18-  Want to know even more?

In this chapter LinkdedIn part 3 (Highlight), another of the treasures is Sales Navigator, a luxury tool that aims to facilitate the acquisition and management of contacts for commercial purposes.

To the advantages of the Premium profile, add a few more:

  • Leads You can create a list of leads and companies of interest, and place labels that allow you to sort horizontally between lists. To manage contacts in the list, they don't need to be top notch.
  • Active listening: you can pay attention to the posts and activities of the people and companies you want to contact. This allows us to gather vital information to personalize the connection and future relationship.
  • Integrations. With Sales Navigator, you can integrate with tools like Team Link or Point Drive into corporate accounts like Sales Navigator Team and Sales Navigator Enterprise.
  • Alert management: you can select the type of alert or notification you want to receive in your LinkedIn-associated emails. To do this, simply select the button to turn the options on and off according to your preferences.

19-  Want to move from data to customers?

The previous app, Sales Navigator, makes all the sense when integrated with a CRM. This allows for better classification of contacts and automating processes.

Here's a link that looks at three of the most popular CRM: Salesforce, Hubspot and Zoho.

20-  Do they know what excites you?

Although it's not an advanced feature, The stories LinkedIn in the mobile app can be an add-on to communicate informally and ephemerally (Last 15 Seconds) information.

I'm with Inge Saez, that its use should be carefully analysed, because we should never forget that LinkedIn is a professional use network.

Some interesting uses could be: 

  • Events: Strengthen the communication of an upcoming event or show some charismatic image of it .
  • Publications: If you have made a publication, the storie can always help to remember her.
  • Values: It's always hard to communicate our values, that's why, an informal image can be worth more than a thousand words. Always guarding the boundaries between the personal and the very personal.
  • Tips: Tools, Functionality, news can be expressed in a more visual way than a news story in the feed.
  • Surveys: Always useful when looking to weigh opinions on a topic. I highly recommend elegance and respect when it comes to political issues, sports or belief-related.

21-  Are we still learning?

My favorite advanced feature: Access to the Linkedin Learning course platform. This feature is activated with the simplest Premium profile, and is especially useful for expanding our field of knowledge.

Linkedin Learning

In addition to the advantages of continuous learning, this platform offers some additional advantages

  • Q&A: This feature allows you to go beyond a conventional online course, being able to ask mentors directly.
  • Learning achievements: Allows add certificates of completion and skills to your LinkedIn profile and share LinkedIn Learning videos with your network.
  • Learning groups: Deepen your knowledge with other people like you with similar professional visions.
  • Personalized recommendations: You can get recommendations based on what your contacts and similar professionals see, and also recommendations based on your LinkedIn profile.

So far Linkedin part 3, advanced features to stand out. To accompany you in this process, I can recommend you to some professionals who will make you the shortest way:

I hope I helped you with these three installments.. If you're a manager, you should see LinkedIn as an ally, imagine it's a social club near your home, full of opportunities to meet potential customers, Candidates, Journalists... Opportunities to stand out.

Here's the podcast that expands this chapter Linkedin part 3, HIGHLIGHT on iVoox, also in Spotify And Apple Podcast.

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  1. Thank you very much Dear Guillem for quoting me in your post as a person to consider about LinkedIn 😉
    You've done 3 post as always of great value that will surely motivate more than one person to start working their Personal Brand on this magnificent Professional Network.
    Happy day to you and your entire community!

  2. Good afternoon, Guillem

    Highlight or Excel ( as I like to say after doing an intensive program ) exceling as a person and professional who we are among the millions that we are on LinkedIn is important detail to be taken into account with the audio, LinkedIn's blog, our own blog, Sales Navigator is brutal and I'd like to have it when I've worked for other companies, the same as CRM

    how much would I like companies to be based on a CRM and not to consider it an expense when it's an investment ? for the management of your data

    As a conformist nothing! but nonconformist with desires in time for them to come true. I am an unconforming intra-edprended and brand ambassador for which I work.

    A hug,



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