The best of 2019 in Personal Branding

This is my last post of the year, and it's time to take stock of the best of 2019 in personal branding. Articles, Books, Events, Videos, Ideas...

2019 I thought it was an excellent year, where they have emerged new professionals and have been consolidated new formats.

In terms of content, has been such the avalanche of fake "experts" in personal branding, that has been talked a lot again about the basis of the personal brand and its management process, personal branding.

Separating the grain from the straw is becoming a little more complicated, because many naive people are seduced by young "gurus" of 20 years that promise to make millions as they tell it in a pompous Instagram video uploaded to the hood of a Ferrari.

Also the decision of some social media remove the likes will change the way many people "consume" networks, giving more importance to the background than to the form.

I agree with Neus Arqués that the verb of the year has been "Reinventing", which puts Personal Branding in a very advantageous position.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this one-minute summary video:

Table of Contents

The best of 2019 -the way I look at it, Of course- in Personal Branding

It will be the four year I compile these contents. As I did in the balance of the year 2016, the one 2017 and the 2018, and that ended up becoming the most read of the season.

37 personally branded items you can't overlook

Go ahead that the order of the items is irrelevant.

1- Don't give yourself so much importance. Elena Arnaiz

There are few such exquisite ways to talk about the value proposition through a reflection so painful and necessary like "don't give yourself so much importance". We tend to think that this personal brand thing is talking about us, of our pompous titles, our experience. Elena hits the nail; this personal branding thing is talking about how you're going to improve the life you have in front of you.

2- Five reasons you don't sell for. Francisco Warden

Paco it's direct, Incisor: "Life is about selling. You know you're doing things right when you're selling: you're either selling or you're failing". In the post, reviews product, Branding, Visibility, communication and networking as possible reasons that prevent you from selling what you offer. To expand each of the five points, facilitates reinforcement links.

3- Do you give enough importance to your talent? Paloma Grijota

Following a trip to Finland, Pigeon discovered that the Finns are very proud of their landscapes and their country, but they don't think this matters to those out there. This is the trigger of a post that delves into the need to believe our talent to project it in the best way, avoiding a social compliance syndrome such as the derivative of Solomon Asch's experiment.

4- How to make life easier for people (and to be hired or counted on by you). David Barreda

As you know if you read this blog often, I have a weakness for everything related to the value proposition. And here, David he treats her like everything she does, accurately, rigor and creativity. True, many find it hard to identify what I call "the relevant difference", and David proposes to find the solution by defining the type of work we do, the problems we solve and the joys we bring.

5- 20 ideas about communication to consider in 2020. Cristina Aced

In this compilation, Cristina discusses issues related to: internal communication, liquid communication, branded content, digital narratives, storytelling transmedia, personal brand, employee advocacy, influencers and big data / artificial intelligence. He also talks about polarization in social media: either they love you or they hate you. On each of the topics, Cristina provides us with valuable links to learn more.

6- Personal brand: what still holds you back. Andrés Pérez Ortega

Good post Andrés that starts from a simple and somewhat hurtful idea: what slows the development of our personal brand is within us. You don't have to look outside.. And he's right., that is solved with a full-fledged SDS. It slows us down comfort, we think that branding thing is for companies, we suffer fear of standing out, also to change. In short, we seem to have decided not to increase our options, nor our ability to choose and, therefore our FREEDOM.

7- Transformative learning environments. Transiting mature. Laura Rosillo

Laura continues to light up the path of professionals Senior, putting them in value and giving them strategic lines and tools to combat ageism. In this post, very brief, the author is about the topic that she says with age decreases “fluid intelligence” (the one that helps us solve new problems) and the call increases “crystallized intelligence” (which refers to our dominance of a particular subject).

8- Why be highly effective? Paul Adam

Following the preparation of his new book "SOS, I have a toxic boss" that we talked about later, Pablo arises an interesting dilemma. Analyze the 7 highly effective people's principles Covey and confronts them with the highly toxic leader. Not only that., but simulates the reading that makes a toxic boss of each of the 7 Covey principles, to measure and in that altered inner look.

9- Without a community of real influence, your Personal Brand can't move forward. Eva Collado

How right my colleague is - and yet friend- Eva highlighting the importance of choosing our travel companions. The old African proverb says so: we just got there before, accompanied we go further. In this post, very complete, the author addresses the mistakes that prevent the creation of a community of influence. It also gives away the keys a community of authentic and real influence, and much more.

10- In defense of the personal brand. Vladimir Estrada

More than a post, it's a rehearsal, kind of a doctoral thesis. The Professor Estrada is the living hemeroteca of personal branding, and maybe one of the most memory-hearted people I've ever known. I had the pleasure of sninging with him for a few hours in Santiago (Dominican Republic) and confirm that this is someone exceptional. These posts, published in Soymimarca, are the answer to an article by his Cuban compatriot Amalio Rey.

11- Personal brand: how to empower it by creating and managing communities on Twitter? Ylse Roa

Ylse doesn't write much on his blog, But when it does, leaves mark. This is a master-post of the best I've read about managing Twitter and its advantages for our personal brand. It's a journey that starts from the personal to immerse yourself in the virtual community, key to strategic Twitter management. It also deals with what not to do there, and also explains it with infographics.

12- Personal Branding World. Fran Segarra

Fran is a generous person. If you still doubt it, read this post. The author gives away a tool for all those who, from anywhere in the world, want to find a consultant at Personal Branding. Or for those "of the tribe" who want to find a colleague for collaborative work. To do this, what better than to create a map that places all the specialists in Spain and LATAM.

13- Reinvention and personal branding. Neus Arqués

Brief but full of intensity, this post of Neus delves into a great idea: We don't have to be true to the person we were. It is not necessary to build the museum of our personal brand. Our brand evolves with us and we choose how. Don't you think it's a powerful idea? And I don't think this is against coherence. When I see a friend after 20 Years, I don't expect to see the same person.

14- Distruption. Enrique Cejudo

If this were the Oscars, Enrique would certainly be the reveal actor 2019. As an expert in job orientation, the subject of personal branding was passed with honors. In this post, the author remembers that some are obsessed with being original, when what really matters is being useful. Disruption yes, but meaningfully, with value proposition, offering something useful, not "distruption".

15- How to explain that you want to change and show your potential. Arancha Ruiz

Sometimes it's not about fear of change, but pure ignorance of the process. In this post, Arancha discusses the reasons for the frustration of certain candidates when they do not meet the skills well, with the experience or values that companies seek. And he invites us to try "other boxes", putting some interesting examples of known people who seemed typecast.

16- Being an Attitude, Being the Future. Ivan Diaz

The Soul of Grávita, Ivan Diaz, has achieved with its fresh and valuable language the blogosphere award for the best blog for Branzai. In this post, the author analyzes attitudes, Purposes, and how a brand has gotten half the world to recite "There is no planet B", Ecoalf's tagline. People can also standard-bear a powerful idea and move it into society for a contagion effect.

17- Vulnerability and Creativity: The most personal thing about your Brand. Cristina Mulero

Brené Brown says "No creativity without vulnerability". And from that idea, Cristina develops an argument why we won't be able to offer that which really makes us unique if we don't let our creativity emerge, and this is only possible, through vulnerability. I can't agree more, The vulnerability is already the secret quality of the new leadership.

18- Employer Branding and Personal Brand: An Inseparable Union. Hector Jimenez

Hector usually address the topics of his personally branded blog with the authority of the experience. In this article, has come together two ideas that should never be considered separate: employer branding as a human capital loyalty strategy, and personal brand. Organizations need people to make sense of corporate values and the connection to markets.

19- Take care of your brand's health. Paula Fernández-Ochoa

I'd say 2019 has consolidated Paula as one of the leading experts in Legal Marketing and Personal Branding in high-competition environments. Deep down a career is a career in the background, that contemplates stage wins but also low moments. In the article, Paula draws work stress as one of the big obstacles to jumping into developing a personal brand.

20- Imposter Syndrome. Xavi Roca

After speaking Solomon Asch and his experiment on social conformity, Xavi Roca reminds us of a parallel syndrome, also treated by Paloma Grijota in her post mentioned here: the fear of not living up to it, to be unprepared, to not be good enough. To have the feeling of being a fraud, an imposter. Xavi refers to the expert Valerie Young to offer prescriptions that help overcome the syndrome.

21- How social cooling affects your personal brand? Ilana Berenholc

Following Mark Zuckerberg's testimony before the United States Senate on the Cambridge Analytica case, Ilana develops the idea of social cooling. Try to make sense that they are being observed, people change their behavior. China's new social credit system to puncturing good citizens. We are living a "Black mirror" Real, and the author explains how that affects our brand.

22- Principles of a successful personal brand. Oscar Del Santo

Oscar was one of my teachers when I started with this personal branding thing. And this post, synthetic but direct, proves I'm not mistaken. Defines 4 principles of a brand's success: Part of setting up an attractive and engaging image. Continue to establish credibility, generate enthusiasm around yourself and your projects and gain strategic contacts (or practice networking).

23- How to surf in the economic slowdown, digital transformation and continue in the wave. Marta Mouliaá

This year I have had the honor of meeting personally Marta, and I assure you she's the most generous professional on the net. Especially for those looking for work. In this article, the author answers the question of how are the administrations responding in Spain, organizations and the people we are part of the economic and social ecosystem to this change of Era?

24- The bad footprint of a personal brand and its dangers. Cláudio Inácio

I recognize that this post Cláudio made me think of humanity and its possible extinction. Start with a personal story (The truth, magnificent and exciting) to conclude that we can't say whatever wants us. And the author gives us unpayable advice: If what you're going to say isn't true, neither good and even not useful, Why are you going to say it? A brief but incisive post, vitamins for the soul.

25- Your purpose, your happiness. Alicia Linares

The activity of Alicia on Monday Happy Monday didn't give him truce, and he's only posted a post on his blog this 2019. One, but with enough courage and intellectual burden. For starters, asks us: why not go in search of long-awaited happiness if we know how to go towards it? And even more can you imagine being able to find what gives you that inner well-being? With that course, that purpose? With that big why?

26- Do you want to climb to the top of your personal brand? Jordi Collell

In this post, posted on LinkedIn, Jordi part of the idea that our lives may seem to us to be insignificance, But it's unique, nobody has lived it for us, nor will it, And that's what creates our greatness… and our misery. The author defines the moments of a life that shape our DNA, the one that takes us to the top of our brand, and for that he recreates some moments of his career.

27- 10 concepts that will make a difference for your personal brand. Nancy Vazquez

Nancy, from the Soymimarca blog, creates a journey of 10 stages to help us differentiate ourselves: Communication, Authenticity, Process, Management, Humanization, "Uniqueness", Identity, Relations, connection and integration. Each of the processes is accompanied by a Insight Powerful. Nancy, just like Jordi, reminds us that every Personal Brand management case is unique, and requires different efforts.

28- 15 Disney phrases that will help you define your Personal Brand. Nilton Navarro

I must say that only Nilton I could write this article. He is one of the best content curators on the network. 2019 has seen his blog born, something a lot of us expected. This article is a break along the way, a verge in the desert. Nilton likes to make things easy and use recognizable hooks, and Disney gives a lot of itself: "Don't let anyone define your limits. The only limit is your soul" (Ratatouille).

29- Talking to camera: 5 tricks I've learned on TV. Alicia Ro

Alicia writes little on his blog, and when it does it's because she's sure to bring a lot of value. In our personal brand communication phase, raise your hand whoever doesn't think you can learn much from this woman in her advice before a camera. Smile, speaking a simple language, use short, simple phrases, be brief and hold your eyes are these keys to communicating.

30- Against digital waste. Joan Clotet

The digital humanist Joan Clotet is one of the greatest experts in personal branding. Every blog post is a window open to new opportunities. In this article, based on a writing from 1962, Joan shares jewellery as "work is a state, not a place", "Time and attention are money", "Not occupied", "leaves a good impression by stopping printing", "don't be digital diogenes" or "no one is as good as everyone put together".

31- First step in the Personal Brand: The Purpose. Carola Morató

Carola proposes that to know the brand that we leave we need before we put focus and know our Purpose. And the question here is how to define that purpose, that reason to be, that ikigai. Xavi Roca said in one of his posts in Soymimarca that there are people who do not find that purpose until advanced ages, or even never. As I said Simon Sinek in his TEDx "Golden Circle", why do you get up every morning?

32- In selection of people, First kindness and then talent: 10 measures to attract workers. Alfonso Alcántara

Well, it was about time someone said it.: First kindness, And then talent. Great post of the few you give us every year @yoriento, alias by Alfonso Alcántara. Very useful for those companies that fail to fall in love with their people and attract new candidates. The first step it proposes is to "define and measure happiness in the company", which even seems logical, few do.

33- When the complaint sinks you (Professionally). Meme Romero

Meme writes a perfect biography of the "hommo quejicus" very abundant in the work environment. Respond to a profile: more than 40 Years, fired from a company, and focus their conversations on complaints, the excuses, regrets and other misfortunes that justify the injustice of his position as unemployed. And the author offers us several strategies to move from complaint to value creation.

34- Drawing ideas, tools for learning, predictions of the future of work. Ricard Lloria

Sometimes I find it hard to spot crazy people like me who enjoy making endless compilations. Ricard it's one of them, great content curator and value contributer. This series of posts offers a huge amount of resources for learning, in a really considerable effort in terms of structure and order of each subject. We could say that the one who doesn't want to learn today is because he doesn't want to.

35- What Personal Brand Strategies Can You Apply? Mireya Trias

Mireya is another generous soul of personal branding. Each of their posts is accompanied by the corresponding podcast and also video. In this post the author recommends a set of strategies to manage our personal brand. Meet, tell our story, set goals, identify our target audience, spread our message and personalize as much as we can to leave a unique mark.

36- Personal Brand with Digital Leadership. Ronald Durán

Ronald is one of our digital experts from which we have a lot to learn. In this post, In addition, the author gives us a spectacular and practical infographic that summarizes what a digital brand is and how we should manage leadership in digital environments. The article deals with four phases to achieve this: lead with digitization, hyper-collaboration, hyper-collaboration.

37- Four keys to simplifying your communication. Angels Anton

As a good journalist, To Àngels particularly concerned about the communication area of our personal brand. And in this post, details four key aspects to consider to improve the way we relate. Avoid technicalities, discard abstract terms, use similes and metaphors to simplify and avoid explaining absolutely everything. I can't agree more. And if you don't want to read it, watch it on video.

12 recommended books

By publication date order

1- Monetize. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Alienta, January 2019monetize book of andres perez ortega

This was the first year release. And with this go five, that make Andrew the greatest personal brand editorial author. I share Alberto Martinez's review on Amazon: "It's a pleasure to read Andrew, very clear, very direct, very to the point and takes you to immediate action, has helped me a lot above all to make stronger the professional mentality offered by his current services vs the employee mentality he had in the past, I recommend it for anyone who wants an effective guide to monetize your life experience."

2- The world changes, And you?. Eva Collado Durán. Alienta, March 2019 The world changes, And you? Eva Collado

Eva presented her second book after "Brand is you" (Rasche, 2015). I adhere to the review of the great Victor Candel: "A lot of talk today about digitization and digital transformation putting exclusively the focus on process automation, acquisition of technology or Tools, and ignoring what's really important, that this is a process of managing people's change.

Eva's book helps the reader know what changes have taken place in recent years in the labor market and businesses, how to manage and cope as a professional change, and to know how to identify what skills are required today of a professional in order to develop them. A practical book, easy to read and close language that I'm sure will become an Encourage new bestseller."

3- And you, what brand are you?: 20 keys to managing your personal reputation. Neus Arqués. Alienta, April 2019 And what brand are you? Neus Arqués

A revised and expanded edition of Neus' original 2005, that make her the first author to publish about personal brand in Spanish. I subscribe to the review of Andrés Pérez Ortega:

"Neus opened a path that others simply followed. Fifteen years ago associate brand and person made you a kind of Evil Doctor who intended to cosify humans. But Neus got just the opposite., customize brands.

Today, your book And you, what brand are you? remains a reference and has not lost a shred of value for those of us who are dedicated to this. That's what happens when you extract the essence and don't stay on the surface."

4- The 12 unique ways to attract customers. Monica Mendoza. Alienta, April 2019 The 12 unique ways to attract customers by Monica Mendoza

Monica's third book speaks of what she masters like no one else: Sales, emotional intelligence, Motivation. I share the review of the announcer Javier Cárdenas:

"Monica's business advice is easily applicable in daily life, and help us analyze and take advantage of the sales market around us that, sometimes, has trick. It has all the commercial and communicative skills that make it a true benchmark of marketing and sales".

5- Brave's World. Ami Bondia. Red circle, April 2019 World of Braves by Ami Bondia

Ami's second book after "A coffee with Chan" (Red Circle, August 2015). The author Miguel Angel García Morcillo summarizes the review of "World of Braves":

"Meeting Ami Bondía is an opportunity for all those who have lost hope of realizing their dreams. This book is an example of experiences and experiences about life, failures, success, but above all the beauty of the human being. “World of the Brave” teaches you what you can be able to because it gives you all the tools to achieve your goals in this digital age through the personal brand, emotional intelligence, positive attitude and great communication. Thank you Ami. I recommend it."

6- Sos. I have a Toxic Chief. Paul Mico Adam. RC Books, June 2019 SOS I have a toxic boss by Pablo Adan

Pablo, author of "The Challenge" and many other books, wanted to collect their experiences in organizations, and especially identify that style of leadership that so abounds: the toxic boss.

Everyone we've ever lived with bosses (or partners) toxics we've always wanted to explain it... And we've lacked value. Paul has studied it thoroughly, has been documented as always ago, and has even launched a small online research to gather more data on this specimen that is so much abounding (A 50% of all bosses are toxic) and so much erodes business leadership.

7- I'm ready. Raquel Gomez. Connects, August 2019 I'm ready by raquel gomez

From Colombia, Rachel's second book after "How to sell your Personal Brand". The truth is, I've enjoyed your reading, very simple when it comes to identifying the problems that are holding us back and providing the solutions. I collect the review of Juan David Aristizabal:

“The difference between people who shine and stand out those who simply spend their workplace is that the first are people who make things happen, are ready because they prepare. I'm ready! it's a recommended book for all those who want to find answers for their professional reinvention and turn every act of their life into an act of artists, whatever your work and trade”.

8- Now or never. Arancha Ruiz. Connects, October 2019 now or never by arancha ruiz

Arancha's third book addresses fears. So it looks like one more. But tell our brakes through stories, I would almost say case studies. And that makes it more interesting. In addition, Arancha likes to test the reader with exercises, And they're good. I read Ari Belver's review:

"I've loved reading it. It explains in a very easy and clear way which brakes limit us and which levers we can use to act and ask. Stories catch you. You look very recognized in some of them. It doesn't leave you indifferent."

9- Hypoline Allergy Remover. Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo. Active Company, October 2019 hypoline dimmed by natalia gomez del pozuelo

I must confess that Natalia she's one of my favorite writers. This time it has tried a new format: it's a comic book and it's a rehearsal. They can be consumed at the same time, or first one format and at the end of the other. It's also about fears. I agree with Bruno Ruiz-Nicoli's review:

"I worked for years in a multinational and have been identified more than once in the episodes of which the book speaks. Because who hasn't ever screwed up a project or a presentation to a client? The book illustrates and dismantles those processes, reactions and judgments, and provides tools to manage them."

10- The four steps. Jordi Collell. Profit, November 2019 the four steps by jordi collell

Jordi's second book starts with a mantra: each journey begins by climbing a first step. Jordi develops the process of managing a personal brand through the history of Martin.

Martin wants to run for mayor, but because of his absence from the village for a long season, is a perfect stranger. That makes the story a full-blown professional reinvention.

11- Fourth and half contacts. Juan Martínez de Salinas. Rasche, November 2019 fourth and half contacts by juan martinez

He hadn't finished presenting his first book "Exercise Your Talent", Juan had to face the release of this dedicated work 100% networking.

I agree with Elena in her assessment: "Frequently, we hear that much of a good access to the labour market is the management of our network of contacts. But we don't know exactly how to start the management, who to contact, what message to convey and how to structure it.

Juan Martínez de Salinas explains in great detail how to start , Plan, structure and organize the management of our network of contacts. What a message and how to say it. A must-have guide, very well structured. To buy, read and have at home, without a doubt."

12- Dream like Luther King, speaks like Obama, command without command and be yourself. Luis Bassat. Editorial Platform, January 2020 dreams like luther king by luis bassat

Advertisers always like to defy logic, and from here to that my old boss, Luis Bassat, has created a title as long as it is powerful and evocative. It was the surprise of the Christmas holidays to receive an anonymous package in the office, open it and discover this little work of art from one of the greats of communication.

The book contains a generous epilogue (A 60 Pages) and impressive, by Vicen. Villatoro, a little gem that complements a work -- for me- personal brand (even if the author doesn't mention it). And then there are other surprises, like the many testimonies of professionals to which Louis "commanded without command".

3 recommended ebooks

1- Workbook by Personal Branding. Cláudio Inácio and Andrés Pérez Ortega workbook personal branding by claudio inacio and andres perez ortega

This is not a theoretical manual, is an exercise manual where the creators of Street Personal Branding have dumped their knowledge in a practical way so that whoever reads the workbook can simply take action.

Although it has a symbolic cost, investment is profitable, because the exercises lead directly to the implementation of an operational personal brand management plan.

2- Employee Advocacy: The brand ambassadors of the house. Guillem Recolons Employee Advocacy by Guillem Recolons

This ebook, in free download, it's useful for companies that want to find new ways to retain their talent, attract the new, and clearly improve the scope and engagement of their corporate communication.

Collect five articles published by me on the blog Integra Personal Branding, and compiled in an edition prologue by Nancy Vazquez.

3- Nine: Let your talent flow. Soymimarca, several authors Nine, let your talent flow by soymimarca

Soymimarca already publishes its ninth compilation ebook with the highlights of the year. This time, the prologue is by Elena Arnaiz, and vladimir Estrada participate, Fran Segarra, Paul Adam, Guillem Recolons, Nancy Vazquez, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Eva Collado and Maria A. Sánchez.

You get free download by subscription to the Soymimarca blog on this Link. By the way, from Soymimarca we are asking if you think it's a good idea that the edition of the 10 Years, that of 2020, be printed. ¿you care about answering this short survey?

Taking off from the live video

As it progressed in previous years, the video prevails. And the take-off of the live video is unbeatable. If a while ago Alex Lopez advanced to everyone with their directs via Periscope/Twitter on Sunday afternoons, now we find many who have been animated with the format.

Dr. Natalia Wiechowski in her direct on Linkedin

Natalia WiechowskiI have followed with great interest this Polish sociologist based in Germany, that gives us a short but valuable direct Linkedin. I recommend you follow her so that this network will warn you every time it comes live.

His specialty: personal branding, aimed especially at coaches and consultants, and with very particular and valuable advice. Emits in fluent English and very easy to understand, and answer all the comments and questions that can be asked through the chat. A discovery. Congratulations, Natalia!

Two events that are already a classic in Personal Branding

PBEX, Personal Branding Experience 2019

Daniela Viek is the creator of this personal branding conference. Initially in Portuguese, in the edition 2018 moved to Mexico. And this one 2019 has unfolded, holding non-simultaneous events in Brazil (Face) and Mexico (Online).

This year I had the honor of participating with Alan Urbina, Nancy Vazquez, Daniela Viek, Gaby Alviso, Gustavo Nolasco, Esteban Villagómez, Xiomara Zetina, Mayte Calva and Leo Larrea. Being a private paid event, we have no links available from interventions.

Personal Branding Lab Day 2019: Boosting your personal brand

The 14 December came the 5th edition of the congress, with a close-up turn 60 people between presentations, round tables and short-form videos. Masterfully driven by Alicia Ro and Nilton Navarro. Moved in networks impeccably by Francis García Cedeño, Javi Layunta, Heidi Mora And Cristina Ballester.

This time, the operations centre was Infojobs' new office in Barcelona. It was a memorable day, in which the roundtable format was premiered, very interesting to know in depth different points of view on a subject.

Here we have the table of participants:

Personal Branding Lab Day Participants 2019

And here's the video that includes the presentations and round tables:

And also don't forget to check the Personal Branding Lab Day YouTube channel to see the 30 short videos that add a lot of value to the congress.

All interventions, one for one:

  1. Africa Lucena compares to Marie Kondo (the magic of order) with the personal brand
  2. Alan Urbina Tried the importance of soft skills in the personal brand
  3. Alex Duran talked about the reasons justifying aversion to personal branding
  4. Alex Lopez told us about the top five points to prospect and sell on Linkedin
  5. Alicia Linares told us about leadership and personal branding
  6. Alfonso Alcántara tried the way motivate an organization's professionals
  7. Alfredo Vela tried about 10 transformations that every professional should undertake
  8. Almudena Lobato titled his intervention “Your personal brand talks about you”
  9. Amalia Lopez Sidewalk I'm talking about personal brand for public administration professionals
  10. Ami Bondia invited us living bravely in the digital age
  11. Andrés Pérez Orteghe tried the personal brand as a marketing tool
  12. Angels Anton talked about 3 tricks to adapt your personal brand to the new challenges of the S. 21st
  13. Arancha Ruiz encouraged us to boost our brand, Now or never!
  14. Carola Morató talked about that working personal brand in the company not only benefits the employee
  15. Cláudio Inácio told us about how a blog can help us boost our brand
  16. Daniela Viek told us about how to have a strong personal brand in a liquid world
  17. David Barreda discussed a novel issue: Sustainable Personal Branding (with the person)
  18. Enrique Cejudo tells us a very personal story about Valverde del Camino and Uncle Chechu
  19. Fran Segarra tried the way to work introspection on a personal brand strategy
  20. Gabriel Patrizzi claimed that a reliable personal brand must be generated by its own content
  21. Hector Jimenez talked about the need to work together to raise the level of professionalism
  22. Helena Casas told us about the experiment of Solomon Asch on social conformity
  23. Ilana Berenholc explained how to manage our professional image 4.0
  24. Jane del Tronco revealed the way give feedback to be a leader
  25. Javier Zamora talked about how professionals outside the realm of sport manage their brand
  26. Johnny Durán talked about 5 keys to enhancing our personal brand in a holistic way
  27. Jordi Collell told us about his new personal brand book, “The four steps”
  28. Juan Martinez tried to how to boost our brand while looking for a job
  29. Laura Chica told us about the balance between who we are and what we do
  30. Laura Ferrera try 10 questions that will help you boost your personal brand
  31. Mar Castro tried the Netiquette, Presence, authenticity and coherence on the network
  32. Mario López Guerrero told us about the idea of jumping to achieve visibility and turn it into relationships
  33. Meme Romero told us about the more widespread myths about personal branding
  34. REDONDA TABLE 1: Joan Clotet, Elena Arnaiz, Eva Collado, Colia Hil And Guillem Recolons: Boost your brand so robots don't dominate you
  35. REDONDA TABLE 2: Cristina Mulero, Guzman Martinez, Maria A. Sánchez, Fabian Gonzalez: Personal brand vs Digital Marketing
  36. Mireya Trias responds to do you know how to position your personal brand appropriately?
  37. Monica Mendoza Tried how to sell our personal brand
  38. Nancy Vazquez told us about increase the value of our personal brand
  39. Neus Arqués developed his talk around the brand of creative people
  40. Paul Adam recommends maintaining a critical spirit with positivism
  41. Paula Fernández-Ochoa dealt with his star theme: how to take care of the health of our brand
  42. Raquel Gomez wondered: When a professional can say I'm ready!
  43. Raquel Roca told us about why and for what of the generation of our personal branding
  44. Ames Spray tried to the importance of networking
  45. Ronald Durán asks us how we want to be remembered and why
  46. Ruben Montesinos told us about the need to be good… and look like it
  47. Silvia Saucedo Tried 3 actions to avoid to boost personal branding
  48. Vladimir Estrada I was speechless, shared us a PPT “Well, yes, we're brands”
  49. Xavi Roca titled his talk with the name of his book: Get out of here
  50. Ylse Roa told us about opportunities to be visible, recognized and elected

The 14 most read post in 2019

Among the 52 post that I post every year, these represent (ignoring Google Analytics) the best of 2019 at Personal Branding in my digital home. Happy reading!

  1. Brands, increasingly personal
  2. Why the combination of Employee Advocacy and Social Selling is unbeatable for the company
  3. How to get an invisible personal brand
  4. #ExecutiveBranding Three types of managers according to their visibility
  5. 10 ideas that deserve to be shared (and on video, Best)
  6. What drives social compliance? (Asch's experiment)
  7. Your digital identity is not created, reflects
  8. Hello Company did you know that your people are your brand?
  9. The personal story: How far should I expose myself on social media?
  10. 18 books to effectively manage your personal brand
  11. But, well, what's going on in Spain with the seniors?
  12. Is a recession coming? it's the best time to stop being a white mark
  13. Personal Branding and Linkedin: facts for each other
  14. Trends 2020 in Personal Branding

I hope this article: "The best of 2019 in personal branding" has been helpful to you. If you think I've left myself some important articles or information in this area, I beg you to tell me in the contact section.

I'll be waiting for you next week with the post "The worst thing about 2019 in personal branding”.

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  1. I loved the article!
    I keep it as a treasure. I already have some of the books you mentioned ?
    Now I'm waiting for Jordi Collell's to come to me. ” The four steps” ☺️

    Thank you for the discovery of Dr. Natalia Wiechowski , already has one more follower ☺️
    and above all, THANK YOU FOR your articles, are an inspiration, a fresh air, they always make my head go one step more ☺️

    Happy new year, I wish you a 2020 full of health, Happiness, and with many projects


    • Thanks to you Andrea! You win to meet (when I go to Madrid I warn you) at once. Every year there's something new, and the doctor is a good reference in Personal Branding that has emerged in a short time. I wish you all the best to 2020!


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