The best of 2020 in Personal Branding

It's time to take stock of the best of 2020 in Personal Branding in a year it seemed like the world was over.

Here's what -- in my opinion- has been the most interesting thing around personal branding: Articles, Books, Ebooks, Videos, Podcasts, Events, Ideas...

I recognize that 2020, compared to other years, has brought us more content online and less offline. Logical. Many releases of face-to-face products and services such as books have been delayed, Workshops, Events…

In terms of content, I assure you that the word VUCA and the word Covid have been spent overuse, and if I had to choose the word of the year, it would certainly be "Zoom".

Pandemics are negative, but they also leave good things: many have known telework, teleeducation, greater operability in meetings and, why not mention it, an invasion of courses, Webinars, unprecedented podcasts and video directs. I've tried, for not lengthening me, descriptions of each recommendation do not exceed 280 characters from a tweet.

Here's a one-minute summary, I warn you that in this article it is worth reading all the contents and protagonists, a material that can take you a month if you read everything and see everything.

This is The best of 2020 in Personal Branding. If you missed the summaries from previous years, here you have them: 

Table of Contents


Redefining Online Reputation Oscar Del Santo

Oscar wonders in his article the extent to which our choice of the term 'online reputation' has not made us lose sight of the fact that the foundations of this are actually three terms: branding (or brand), image and identity.

Who's looking, Find: how the strategy to develop your personal brand can help you  Arancha Ruiz

Arancha has returned to the root of his blog with the "crack story" of a Expat that when he returned he couldn't find a job and set out to work his brand for it. Jobs, in the race, will appear and disappear, but the talent strategy must always stay on track.

Driving in fog Celestino Martinez

Celestino gives us from Soymimarca a beautiful intimate first-person account about positive change management after the emergence of covid. It does so through the metaphor of fog and driving, that adapts until we are comfortable and becomes a habit.

What is Personal Branding Dr. Natalia Wiechowski

Natalia reminds us that Bezos' definition of personal brand (what they say about you when you're not in front) can be mistaken for reputation. He adds that it is a simplistic and empty definition of the wealth behind a personal mark.

Objectives, starts at the end Andrés Pérez Ortega

Andrés has turned his blog around during this 2020, and each post is a gift about the steps of your personal strategy method. On target, the author insists that it is personal and non-transferable, and that we must go beyond the opinion of others to define it.

How to communicate all facets of your personal brand  Neus Arqués

Neus responds brilliantly with this post to the question that half humanity is asked: Should I communicate all facets and activities around my personal brand? Should I focus only on the most important? What about the others?

The luxury of not looking like anyone Xavi Roca

Xavi has boosted his blog more strongly than ever in 2020. And it reminds us that daring to be different will bring us great benefits. Many of the really successful people are different from others and take advantage of their differences to strengthen their personal brand.

If you don't believe in yourself, who's going to do it.?  Elena Arnaiz

Elena shakes our minds again with his reflections, also accompanied by video. In terms of personal branding and professional development, if you want to build trust in others you need to believe in yourself. A principle that seems very basic but does not usually apply.

Can you "live on the personal brand"?  Vladimir Estrada

Vladimir gives us a brilliant master-post. We must live on our personal brand, and make sure it's the best possible, the one that best reflects the best of us. Because it positions us in the minds of others and facilitates their decision-making regarding us.

21 keys for work to find you in 2021 Francis García Cedeño

Francis has broken its own glass ceiling with this article, and especially with the few-minute video that sums it up. A true master-post with 21 keys for work to find you fit in 2021. Essential for those who need guidance to grow.

Yes, I'm weird. Individuality without complexes Paul Adam

Pablo keeps its scoundrel side to remind us of something key in Personal Brand: Nature has made us different, and yet most want to be the same, and give away your identity. He adds that our contradictions must be our freedoms of being and thinking, to choose.

Personal Brand: key to developing it in times of crisis Ylse Roa

Ylse discover your most personal side with this post. His story is touching, of how he changed the comfort of a regular salary for a passion -- the personal branding- as a result of a loss he was able to turn into a new "modus vivendi". The post is a cluster of good advice, Read.

Personal Competitive Advantage. What is it, why work it and how to create it Fran Segarra

Fran question How could you stand out from the rest? What would make someone choose you and not someone else? For him the way to stand out and position himself as a reference in a given sector is to impregnate your product and / or service with all the complexity of your identity.

What is your purpose? Paloma Grijota

Pigeon affirms that the purpose, you don't measure it or monetize it. Because it goes far beyond goals and goals, it's the reason for everything, is the last link in the chain. And if there's no purpose, you fall short on your professional development. I can't agree more.

If there is hope in the future, there is power in the present Francisco Warden

Francisco talks about resilience. We've only been confined at home for a few days., but you could already see that he was aiming long. And he gave us this "Warden House" story to deal with problems from acceptance, hope, the meaning of life, self-esteem, relativization.

Coherence, now more than ever, your personal brand is going to thank you Eva Collado

Says Eva, in reference to the Covid, that when he titled his latest book "The World Changes, And you?", never thought it would change so much... Like this, decided to write about consistency and its importance so that our brand would be equal and strengthened from all this. A good brand manual.

Is it still helpful to create a blog in the current times?  Cláudio Inácio

Claudio knows how to see in a blog advantages that others maybe we don't see. And that's why he argues that creating and maintaining a blog isn't just about showing what you're good at, but a lot of people don't know that it can be a recurring source of income. The question is not why? but why not?

Types of content you can post to your networks Cristina Aced

Cristina, in a practical sense, reminds us of the 3 types of content, that - according to Eva Sanagustín's updated book- we can use it in our brand strategy: The original contents you create from scratch, your own recycled content, and the contents of third parties.

How to position your Personal Brand with authenticity Ronald Durán

Ronald states in this article that to establish strategies and action plans aimed at a goal we need the product or service to promote, it is created and designed from the essence and thus come to communication with authenticity. 100% I agree!

How to focus a Personal Brand for B2B Mireya Trias

Mireya deals with a very unpublished subject in Personal Branding: the strength of the personal brand in B2B: Decreased risk, efficient information, differentiation from competition and customer loyalty. And it gives us 5 key to achieving this and some examples of professionals who succeed.

15 clarifications on providing value Enrique Cejudo

Enrique uses just words to define what value is to him: Utility. From the inside out. Context. Solutions. Reasons. Constancy. Communication. Benefit. Consideration. Sold. Reprogramming. Confidence. People. Philosophy. No more, no less.

Age and professional transformation #reskilling. inventing the new world  Laura Rosillo

Laura starts masterfully with Bette Davis and the madurescence. And let us know: Low-contact economy augurs for a near future, and even a present, strongly technified, where we'll work solo and remotely with collaborative work tools without physical contact.

Famous or reference What is the choice for your Personal Brand? Hector Jimenez

Hector knows that for a personal brand, wealth is not the end, but the result of his constant planting. He also knows that you have to pay the bills, and reminds us of that masterful phrase that a rich person is not the one who has the most, but the one you need the least. Good advice.

Personal brand, Values, and inspiring people Marta Mouliaá

Marta draws the path of the personal brand of those who inspire others. And it brings together some qualities, as an inspiring purpose, seeks the common good, bases their decisions on evidence, understands that communicating is exciting and bets on value content.

Applying For A Remote Job? Here Are 4 Ways To Wow Interviewers From Afar William Arruda

My playboy William asks you are applying for a remote job? And of course, offers you 4 ways to surprise interviewers. Renew your digital presence, improve the productivity of your workspace from home, do your genuine online interviews and take good care of yourself.

Leadership and Personal Brand: admire the close Alicia Linares

Alicia thinks we shouldn't look at how exemplary and famous characters manage their personal brand, but invites us to look next to that person we work with and ask ourselves how they began one day to lead their own lives by forging their own path.

Tips for finding work Victor Candel

Victor, from Nilton Navarro's digital home, gives us advice for young people who are looking for their first job. Also tips for senior talent who wants to find a new job. And it also values the importance of the Personal Brand in finding work.

The "new happiness" Cristina Mulero

Cristina gives us some tips for regaining "new happiness" after the most severe phase of confinement: team up and protect the weakest. Celebrating achievements. Putting our talent at the service of others. Finding our purpose, and activate compassion and empathy.

Eight proposals to reinforce the personal brand Jordi Collell

Jordi offers us 8 proposals to reinforce our brand: Being critical. Ask for responsibilities. Seek our individual purpose and its corresponding audience. Innovate our value proposition. Partner. Communicate and be original and, Of course, be patient.

The change in the way you sell and why you care Inge Saez

Inge recover the text of the book "Who Took My Cheese" with that question Why change or look for new ways to sell when everything is going well? And he realized again how important it is to be constantly growing, constantly evolving. Not to stop.

More human marks? The mercantile social bomb Ivan Diaz

Ivan values brands that want to be human, they have to be real. They have to adapt their processes, his philosophy, how to do things within the Social Frameworks. They have to learn that trying to be the friend to catch you as a customer.

Audience is not influence Nancy Vazquez

Nancy argues that influencing others is leading through the trust and integrity passed on to others, is to get others to act when a call to action is made by seeking a common goal and to have a mutual benefit on both sides. I share it.!

The best tools for teleworking Nilton Navarro

Nilton it's easy to find. Find someone connected, Digital, Connector, timely and happy. Right at the start of house confinement in March (Spain) gave us a gift in the form of the best tools to telework, gave us a gift in the form of the best tools to telework.

How to manage the Senior's Personal Brand on LinkedIn to get business or employment opportunities? Colia Hil

Colia has specialized in Personal Brand on Linkedin and senior talent, and this article brings together both sides. He says one of the prejudices about seniors is his low digitization, and recommends upskilling by incorporating new digital knowledge and skills.

12 Key questions to help you activate your Personal Brand Africa Lucena

Africa Raises 12 good questions to activate our Personal Brand. And it also gives us three steps to action: Self-definition, a request for feedback via Whatsapp -pretty peculiar- and a kind of elevator pitch written with half an extension folio.

4 mistakes to avoid on LinkedIn David Guzman

David is one of the experts on Linkedin, and in this case it tells us about mistakes to avoid on this network and that affect our personal brand: Opinion on controversial issues, spam (lately too often), be riskyly original and use the anti-fog technique.


What is a Personal Plastiline Brand? Ami Bondia

Which explains in this video that today's labor market requires professionals with a personal brand of clay. Moldable, Flexible, who know how to adapt to an increasingly complex new context and know how to find collaborative environments with other professionals.

Before you go out, goes through the boss's office Victor Candel

Victor he's very good at telling stories, and especially those that excite, based on real facts. Here she draws a person's context the moment she is fired from an organization, and the steps you need to take to get back to the market in the best conditions.

The future of Personal Branding Ilana Berenholc

Ilana was one of the thinkers and co-creators of Personal Branding Lab Day, and tells us in this interview that experience and the moment that awaits the management of the Personal Brand with what lived in a year as atypical as 2020, that will mark a turning point for many.

Visual Thinking and Personal Branding Naomi Vico

I must admit that Naomi should have been in these summaries of the best of Personal Branding many years ago. Now, in addition to being a personal brand big player, introduces us to this video the importance of regaining visual thinking in communication.

Passion, Perseverance, Resilience, Talent Ruben Montesinos

Rubén has been a RR manager. HH in his other life, and if we add to that his passion for the personal brand, we have a very interesting combination of talents. In the video it deals with four key aspects to re-enter, sustain ourselves and grow in increasingly complex work environments.

Value Proposal, Visibility and network of contacts Sivia Saucedo

Silvia is one of the best in job orientation, and leverages that knowledge and experience to give 3+1 a key for a professional to find work thanks to their Personal Brand: value proposition, Visibility, network of contacts and a bonus that I let you discover.

Intention, Action and Impact Nelson Emilio

I've wanted to incorporate Nelson at Personal Branding Lab Day and this year I've made it. I didn't make a mistake.: this personal brand veteran communicates like few others and gives us advice in three phases of action to reinforce our brand and be benchmarks.

Good networker: Discipline, good memory, organization and authenticity Ames Spray

From Peru, Dew, Expert in Personal Branding and one of the engines of the BUSINESS school ESAN discovers four keys to not erring in our contact management: Discipline, good memory, organization and authenticity. It seems simple, but few do.

The productive footprint strategy David Barreda

David surprised us all again at Personal Branding Lab Day with a talk about our personal brand based on expectations. And about trust, something you don't ask for, is received by giving security, being predictable in what's important, and always on facts, not words.

Many candidates are discarded on social media Meme Romero

Meme sends a very clear message to the skeptics of the Personal Brand, which are many. And he does it through data and advice, like not trusting everything to a single letter like the CV, as this is a subjective document, where you only talk about yourself.

Personal Brand for Nonconformist Sellers Guillem Recolons

Alex Lopez asked me for a video talking about the importance of personal branding to sellers. It was for his platform Digital Selling. He was well received. If you're selling (And lately we all do that), take a look.

The value of being you Paula Fernández-Ochoa

In his presentation at Personal Branding Lab Day, Paula wanted to value the idea of contributing, the strength of our values to convey trust. And he drew an analogy between our afitions with our values. The value of being you is the value of connecting and being.

Talk about you in a job interview? Turn it around! Jane Rodriguez of the Trunk

Jane tells us about the blockade that occurs when a job interviewer asks about "Tell me about yourself.". And he proposes to create a document with two columns: one with achievements, challenges in detail, and another column with skills, Competences, Attitudes. It's about linking those columns.

Human and Digital Joan Clotet

In the talk of Joan past Personal Branding Lab Day, reminds us that in 2025 The 50% of the tasks we do now will be mechanized, and in the face of this he proposes to delegate to technology to buy time, courage our time, our focus and our talent.

How to make a video conference: 10 communication tricks Alicia Ro

This 2020 has been, in addition to the covid year, the year of video conferencing. And Alicia recommends that we be prepared: the webcam, the height of the target, connect by looking at the target, clear the desktop from the PC screen. All to connect better and make a good impression.

Get a Yes: Yes, I contract you. Yes, I choose you. Yes, I buy you Raquel Gomez

Raquel explains a beautiful first-person story about second chances with happy ending. To achieve a yes you need to change two key aspects: your expectation and your narrative. Expectation is often high, and that can lead to frustrations to find the yes so desired.

The presence of your personal brand Daniela Viek

In his Golden Minute at the 6th edition of Personal Branding Lab Day 2020, Brazilian Personal Branding expert Daniela Viek tells us about the strength of the presence of our personal brand and its importance in the footprint we leave.


Your purpose as a basis for creating your brand Fabian Gonzalez

Fabián is one of the greats of the Personal Brand, and his podcast (and video podcast) it's mandatory to follow up, because of its Insights and also for their interviews. In this podcast, tells us about a tool called Purpose Matrix, where he defines mission, Passion, profession and contribution.

The art of being ourselves Joan Clotet

Among the good things that has brought us 2020, there's Joan's podcast. In this chapter, shows us a short story from the Ampurdán about the vocation, the talent and art that we all have and that only shines at its best when we put focus and energy into it.

Identity in the Personal Brand Alan Urbina, Nancy Vazquez

Another good news from this 2020 is the new personal brand podcast Alan and Nancy. In this chapter, tell us that by monitoring the identity of a brand, tells us who you are, what are your attributes, and features that make up your personal brand.

What is the Personal Brand? Angels Anton

Instagram videos from Àngels they're already a forced classic. In addition, launched his podcast also in 2020, and this chapter defines the Personal Brand and intimately associates it with self-know-how. Personal Brand is that memory or impression you leave on the people you know.

How to prospect on Linkedin, David Diaz Robisco

David claims that it's one thing to be accepted to connect (he may be a contact collector) and a very different one doing business. On LinkedIn are your contacts. Great. We already have them. What are we going to tell them to start conversation? Why are they going to take care of us? How to earn our trust?

What to keep in mind to make the best biography Vilma Nunez

Vilma has become more specialized in the field of digital marketing for business, but this podcast about bio applies on a personal brand. The biography is our display case, the print letter we have in front of our future customers. It's important to update it, take care of her and reflect 100% what you are and what you do.


Personal Branding Books 2020

The secret of educational marketing, Miquel Rossy, Santillana, 2020. 

Miquel is a personal brand expert for school teachers. He's already pitched Your school, a great brand, And now, by Santillana's hand, brings us this new text aimed at managers or school marketing managers. Here you have the Presentation, where I intervened.

If you don't contribute, you don't matter Guillem Recolons, Rasche, 2020

I wouldn't be objective.. According to Victor Candel, “If you don't contribute it doesn't matter” it's a book that leads to ACTION, a handy book, no filler content, with countless examples, professional opinions, recommended content and with practical activities in an action plan.

Aprendiendo de los Mejores 3 Francisco Warden, Alienta 2020

Believe it or not, this "saga" created by Paco talks about personal brand, and a lot of personal brand. New characters, new stories, excellent bibliographic and video references. Pure gold, it's not one more, and its reading is easy. Do you have a few minutes? You see for a chapter.

Platform: The Art and Science of Personal Branding Cynthia Johnson, Lorena Jones Books, 2019

I haven't read it., But yes asked. I rely on the review of Oscar Del Santo on his blog, I recommend reading. One of the ideas that captivates me is this: "it's not the people we're trying to be brands, but brands that try to be people", How right this woman is!

Personal Branding with LinkedIn: The Think Natalia Method. Dr. Natalia Wiechowski, 2020

Another book ordered, that responds to: What is the personal brand? Isn't self-marketing just for celebrities, athletes and extroverts? Why do I need the personal brand? How do I build a first-class personal brand? And why should I do this on LinkedIn?

The 10% entrepreneur Patrick J. Mcginnis, Penguin, 2017

I know, Has 3 Years. But I read it recently.. During 4 Years, While Mcginnis worked full-time, he was also an entrepreneur 10%. I didn't know the concept then., I just knew I had more money, more fun and more opportunities than he had ever had in his life.

#MiYoDigital Successfully Builds and Manages Your Digital Brand Rodrigo Miranda, 2020

Light and easy-to-read book Rodrigo, ISDI school principal, that becomes a sherpa that guides us on the complex adventure of building a digital reputation. It asks us the big questions to manage our identity in networks and guides us to find our way.

Guide to creating your action plan online Montserrat Peñarroya, 3Isic 2020

Montse has been a digital expert for years, and has co-created enough start-ups to guide our online action plan to get the results we need. The funny thing about the book is that what it says applies to a company or a person, everyone chooses.


A strategic personal brand based on our FORTALEZAS, Oscar Del Santo, 2020

A small and light delicacy created by one of our pioneers in Personal Branding. Oscar discovered that positive psychology is not the same as baseless positivism, and discovered one of the tests I'm most addicted to: the one with the 24 strengths of VIA's character. That's great.

The Black Pill. Manage your Personal Brand OFF and ON: There's no choice, Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Helena Casas, Isaac García Merino, Guillem Recolons

It all starts at an online Congress of Personal Branding co-managed between Mexico, Spain and the Dominican Republic. The congress is the first in history to follow the order of the presentations equivalent to a Personal Branding process. That's where a online course and this ebook, simple and straightforward.

Business label: Behavioral standards and good manners for professionals Andrés Pérez Ortega

A surprise. I would never have thought that Andrés you'll start writing on label. Well, he's done it.. He says that when you know how to behave in the business world at all levels, you'll have an advantage over your competition. You'll be able to connect with clients and co-workers. Clear and to the point.

Professional Networking: How to manage your network of business contacts Andrés Pérez Ortega

Another surprise. Andrés sees Networking as a systematized way to design, Weaving, develop and maintain our network of contacts. And in this book (or ebook) it provides us with tools to influence other people's lives and make a positive mark on our environment.


Personal Branding Lab Day, #Personal Brand Day

No doubt, has been the most representative event of the year, With 78 professionals in front of and behind the cameras and 2.500 enrolled people who were following the event of the day 28.

In the event website you can find: 

  • 30 video pills "The Minute of Gold"
  • 2 Master-Posts
  • 28 talks 10 Minutes
  • 3 face-to-face
Protagonists Personal Branding lab Day 2020

Digital Selling Institute, by Alex Lopez

Alex launched Digital Selling early in 2020, and little could I have imagined that I would end the year with more than 9.000 tests performed. Impressive. In this talk I asked for on the occasion of a congress, explains what the tool is: Your ability to sell on social media


Personal Branding Strategy. University of Vic

Launched this year from Vic University (Barcelona) and it worked well. That's why it's now grown and goes from 3 To 6 Weeks, on a new platform, 6 credits and with news such as weekly webinars... It is taught by Helena Casas and I and the next edition is in February 2021.

Personal Brand Course Online, project your best YO

As I explained in the ebook "The Black Pill", this is the online course that collects the 28 presentations on 28 videos of congress Personal Brand that took place in May 2020. According to course followers, it's simple, highly applicable content, and a big roadmap.

The 10 best posts 2020 on this blog

It's not easy to make a selection of 10 Between 52 Articles, But there I go: 

Well, so far I can write. I bet there are thousands of content you know to be listed here. If you are hungrier for Personal Branding I invite you to follow my digital magazine "Everything Leaves Mark" where I've been adding all the contents I've read, heard or seen about personal brand they have brought me.

In a couple of weeks I'll introduce "The worst of 2020 at Personal Branding", don't miss it... Happy Week!

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    • I loved your personal story, Ylse! You had a lot of courage and great determination. It's funny that the big changes in our lives come after a cataclysm. A strong hug, Friend, and don't forget that here we all learn from all. Happy 2021!


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