The best of 2021 in Personal Branding

Balance sheet time, of reunions, of new purposes, and after review the worst of 2021, it is time to capture what - in my opinion -- has been the best of 2021 in Personal Branding. Podcasts, Articles, Videos, Books, Ebooks, Events, Resources...

This will be the sixth "best of", and if you are an avid consumer of content about personal brand management, here are the summaries of 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 And 2020

If you are also one of those who want a quick advance, here you have it in 1 Minute (in Spanish): 

Table of Contents

The best of personal branding in 2021: Podcasts

This year I climb to the first place podcasts, a format that in my opinion is consolidated by its versatility and warmth of communication. And also, I must admit it, because I launched my own podcast Everything leaves Mark at startup 2021.

Among the best I have heard I would highlight: 

Digital Humanism, by Joan Clotet

Difficult to choose between such good material by Joan, his interviews are masterful: 

Caviar Online, by Joan Martín and Carles Fité

A fast-paced format, start with your own content, then news in RRSS and then... surprise. They have already 327 Programs, with weekly ration every Friday. In summer they made an in-depth review of the most important social networks: 

How to differentiate yourself, by Toni Colom

Branding expert, many of his tips are applicable to personal branding. Clear ideas, well explained and structured. Takes 186 Episodes. Veteran. I highlight some chapters: 

Retail Update, by Celestino Martínez

Even if it's not exactly my area of activity, what Celes does is from my area of influence, I understand that in small businesses the personal brand has all the importance. I highlight some of its episodes, but you can't miss the hashtag tracking on Twitter #sevienelaturradelpodcaster, a must to know the best of podcasting every Sunday.

Other podcasts

The best of personal branding in 2021: Books

The trainer 5.0, by David Barreda

The trainer 5.0, by David Barreda (Lid, 2021) I thought it was one of the best books I've read in years. Maybe because I'm a "target audience" in my role as a trainer, has discovered to me everything we can improve as teachers from an easy formative perspective, excellently guided and inspiring.

It is a book rich in examples, in multimedia materials (via QR, access to videos and templates), this book is not a promise, but the result of more than 11.000 Hours (you've read well) training, that include more than half in training for trainers. I've devoured it in two days., and 23 templates that David generously gives away are extraordinary guides. If you have to give any training, even once, go get it.

Marketing for writers, by Neus Arqués

Marketing for writers, by Neus Arqués (Alienta 2021) is the reissue and update of an excellent roadmap that he published with Alba Editorial in 2009. Not a new book, In fact, was published on 2018, but I read it a few weeks ago and it left a very positive mark on me.

Neus is a writer, but also trainer and consultant, and personal brand specialist, so you can imagine that this book has authority.

Contains 5 parts: the book in the publishing industry, the keys to marketing for writers, visibility strategies, online marketing plan, and a bonus track on the future of the book and author that puts the weight on an idea: That they read us will be more important than publishing

Put your talent into action, by Elena Arnaiz

I can not be objective when I have lived some small moment of the gestation of the expected first book of Elena. So I say that without problems: Is a must of the personal brand

Put your talent into action (Elena Arnaiz, Esic, 2021) combines two of the three keywords that define Elena: Talento y Acción. And within the book there are many references to his third keyword: brightness.  

It is a manual about our professional development space, whose itinerary is based on metaphors and starts in the back room (introspective phase), and continue through the warehouse (Talent), the workshop (strategy), the shop (Communication). Has 3 essential annexes, and as a curiosity, the drawings illustrating the book are by Elena. The Dicho, a must.

Branding, the power of business, by Iván Díaz

We had been waiting for years for a simple manual, complete and Inspiring on the art of managing brands. It's arrived.

Branding, The Power of Business (Ivan Diaz, 2021) carries the DNA of one of the best in branding on our planet. He himself confesses that he wrote it "with many fears", but it is a book like the author, "raw", no trap or cardboard.

What fascinates me: a black and white branding book (I love it) and with barely 5 images at the end of it all. For those who believe that branding sticks to image, that are prepared: branding is a complex methodology to manage human emotions through brands; the advantage is that Ivan makes it easy. Fantastic

Other books

Although they are not in the orbit of personal branding, if they exert some influence on it.

  • RH Positive (Several authors, Ed. Profit, 2021). The book deals with seven cases of business success and a method of innovation focused on people. Isabel Bonmatí, Director of People Management and Development of a software company is one of the co-authors, that puts in value the programs of Brand ambassadors. Very interesting!
  • A sweet story (Rafa Juan, Profit, 2021). What could have been a company white paper becomes a passionate account of the history of a company that was born as Dulcesol and is now Vicky Foods., brilliantly told by its CEO.


  • The 4 pillars of personal branding: A digital paper, written in four hands by Helena Casas and Guillem Recolons, that defines the four main pillars of personal brand management in companies: Executive Branding, Internal brand ambassadors, Social Selling and Employer Brand.
  • Keys to attracting talent: the secrets of a magnetic mark: A six-handed ebook written by Nilton Navarro, Juan Martínez de Salinas and Guillem Recolons, which contemplates three key parts of Employer Branding: prepare the brand (Guillem), loyalty to external talent (Juan) and attract external talent (Nilton). The ebook is part of the course of 16 Attract Talent videos

The best of personal branding in 2021: Articles

Don't hire me, by Vladimir Estrada

The teacher has given us a book in four installments with 50 reasons why a professional of these times could and should refuse to work for an employer and/or client. Here you have the deliveries 2, 3 And 4. Irony mixed with ideas and knowledge. Bright.

Personal branding also helps tele-lead, by Arancha Ruiz

Arancha is one of my favorite researchers. And the concept of tele-leadership is here to stay. It says that if you lead or manage projects or teams, in addition to teleworking, you must teleleader. The brand person will accompany you, not to posturing on social networks, to convey that you can help.

sale. Show me what you have for me, by Andrés Pérez Ortega

The title reminds me of Indira Gandhi's phrase "Don't talk to me about your labor pains.", show me the child". And Andrew, starting from a personal experience in a new bakery in your neighborhood, takes it further: "Don't sell me a title, make me horny with a benefit". Always direct, always clear, always focused.

Limits: How to manage them to lead your professional and personal life? by Elena Arnaiz

As you are a leader and you are not able to set limits you will swallow the work of your entire team. You're going to absorb more than you should and you're not going to be able to delegate. Your emotional charge skyrockets until you get sick. The best, the set of questions that Elena gives us at the end of the post to identify our limits. Big.

If you post on the Internet, you have to know the Pattern F of writing to have more arrival, by Daniel Colombo

Published in Entrepreneur magazine, Daniel reveals the characteristic pattern with which we all read through different screens, either a PC, a smartphone or tablet. And of course, gives us keys to write and achieve greater attention and focus. Be sure to read it.

If they don't see you, they don't read you: the writer's personal brand, by Neus Arqués

Neus is brief but direct. Their titles already hurt and cause changes. He says that in addition to writing, we are now responsible for managing our editorial heritage and visibility. Dedicating ourselves to writing is great, but building our personal brand can help us make our work visible in a saturated market.

The Personal Brand or the privilege of recreating ourselves, by Oscar Del Santo

Oscar's exquisite look deals with personal branding over the roles assigned throughout history, with the George Sand and Las Meninas cases. Oscar says that if we allow society to assign us a defined role, we are finished. Our power will be determined by the tiny role we are being allowed to play..

Personal branding for women leaders, by Nancy Vazquez

From the blog Soymimarca, Nancy in this master-post states that if we meet (women) in a space with the freedom to create then we have a greater opportunity to bring our knowledge and experience to others.

A good social media presence is increasingly counting to get a job, J.L.. Cliff, R. Millan, J. Lush, G. Recolons

Journalist María José Pérez Barco (ABC, Economy) talks about personal branding as an art. Building and managing our personal brand on the Internet is not an easy task. Requires strategy, constancy, dedication and know-how.

The hybrid enterprise, the only way for business to survive the new normal, by Mónica Mendoza

From Foreign Company, Monica Mendoza, analyzes the new company profile that will have to adapt to new technologies, cross the screen and banish improvisation. Among many other phrases of Monica, I am left with "In the world of sales there are no longer differences between online and offline".

I am sorry, I have deceived you, was wrong, by Pablo Tovar

Rarely have you read a sincere and well-written statement like that of coach Pablo Tovar. Paul says that truly transforming into a next better version of oneself implies renouncing our current identity in order to venture into a new one that, hopefully, it's coming. And for that reason he asks forgiveness from those who have not succeeded.

Expansion: Who needs a new personal brand for the 'great disbandment'’, of T. Fernández, A. Pérez Ortega and G. Recolons

After the massive departure of millions of employees in the U.S. USA last summer, the article analyzes how personal branding should be focused to avoid falling into junk jobs, and also analyzes Joe Biden's phrase (POTUS) to entrepreneurs to avoid that massive leak "Just pay them more".

From podcast to voice strategy: the potential of audio at the corporate level, by Cristina Aced

Cristina reminds us that the podcast is the only format that fully adapts to the daily activity: while doing sports, housework, Etc. He also tells us about audio rooms, of voice assistants (Siri, Alexa...) and corporate voice strategies (Voikers). 

Listening to Little Red Riding Hood, by David Barreda

"The wolf will always be bad if we only listen to Little Red Riding Hood" is a witty phrase that uses "the pattern" to refer to the need to contextualize. The revolution will come when we dare to listen to the station we never heard., let's see other TV channels, let's read other newspapers and learn to be with a diversity of different people, accepting other points of view, respecting and becoming aware that "my truth" is only "my truth" and not "THE TRUTH".

The 10 Digital Marketing and Sales Podcasts You Should Listen to, by Núria Teuler and Sonia Duro

The two podcasters and experts in digital marketing do a great job of curing what for them are the essential podcasts. Among them, Digital Humanism, Planet M, Marketing4Ecommerce, Marketing Online, Company 360, Everything leaves a mark and some more. And from here, I claim his very fresh and enjoyable podcast "Digital selling for companies of the S. XXI".

Is personal branding worth it?? by Tito Ávalos

Excellent! If you don't have a purpose for which you are willing to give yourself 24/7, don't try to have a "personal brand". If you are not willing to take a clear "position" of differentiation from the rest, success is going to be doubtful. If you are not willing to get involved in the 100% with your audience and to understand their problems perfectly, you will not meet their expectations.

How to effectively manage the digital identity of senior talent, by Cèlia Hil

In this collaboration with IFEMA, Colia, that has positioned itself in the defense of senior talent, states that it, by the simple fact of age, has experience, holistic view of your industry, reputation of your expertise, serenity and resolute capacity in the face of crises or problems in companies.

Positive and negative emotions, by Xavi Roca

Xavi is one of the few people I know who, despite defending a strong anchorage in fortresses, can defend pessimism as a survival mechanism. In this post, Xavi comments that, unfortunately, many of the managers, Teachers, parents focus their attention on those aspects that are not going well. In this way they activate negative emotional attractors.

Our name is our personal brand, by Inés Temple

From TreceBits, Inés Temple affirms that in our networks they will see if there is a coherence between what we are and what we say we are, between what we do and what we say we do;  and that's why, in a recent study they did in Peru among recruiters, up to a 64% of people lost opportunities, for not having audited their social networks and not having a consistent or correct behavior in all of them.

Disruptive Personal Brand ¿?, by Paul Adam

A disruptive personal brand is not always a creative personal brand, original or unique. Paul thinks that if so it were, in most cases, it would be endowed with forced and artificial values and attitudes towards our personality and/or our behavior. And being true to your brand, makes an approach to the contrary. Or as I say, let's not confuse a genius with a clown.

Twitter Marketing: 7 keys to apply today, in your personal brand or venture, by Ylse Roa

For those of us who still believe in Twitter, here we have an indispensable manual with ideas to optimize the biography of your profile, to develop your communications plan, to create lists, to use the pinned tweet, to take advantage of Twitter Spaces audio rooms and to create and manage online communities. That's great.

The Three Types of Relationships with People, by Francisco Alcaide

Paco talks about the importance of the environment and three profiles, that of non-relation, the limited relationship and the strong relationship. Often, to change your life, it is enough to change your environment. When that happens, one begins to absorb stimulating inputs without forcing anything, naturally, and his life begins to take on a different aspect. By the way, I recommend their "Learning from the best" calendar with 365 Dating.

Personal Brand: My best books to work on this 2021, by Isabel Santiandreu

Isabel has made an extraordinary compilation, and I say this because I did not know two of the books he exhibits, and that I am already reading. Good work of curation and synthesis of the book solvers of many authors who are in the post you are reading.

Minimalism, how it applies to my personal brand and my business, by Ronald Durán

Ronald deals with the idea that less is more, that we need to optimize resources and work with the essentials. Says: "Order and planning, are fully linked to our personal brand and work, both in the vital offline space and the digital one. For both of us we need to have an order that allows us to have tools at our disposal and thus not waste time".

Your name is your identity, by Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Paula affirms that our name represents us. And for this we must also use the appropriate channels and means. As bad examples, speaks of the null meaning of a @jpp_74_k user or @JohnWebDesigner if he changes professions. And he resorts to a phrase from Xavi Roca's book "Desmárcate": "You must get, on your business card,the first line is always more important than the second."

How to make a digital marketing plan in 2021, by Cláudio Inácio

Another master-post like the ones Cláudio has accustomed us to, with a didactic method that makes them impossible not to read. What is it, Objectives, How to do it step by step, Tools, Examples. From book. For something he is one of the best in his discipline.

The best of personal branding in 2021: Videos

How our brain works in the digital world, by Marian Rojas-Estapé

The video of the year, No doubt. I don't want to spoiler you, but this exceptional psychologist relates in 20 minutes the irreparable damage that screens do to our brain and our relational system.

My child has autism spectrum disorder, by José Luis Portela

The second video of the year, a sensational statement from LinkedIn from a leader accustomed to leading and facing the worst job challenges shows all the vulnerability and honesty that should characterize a twenty-first century leader. It left me speechless, less than two minutes to think.

The Red Hot interviews of 15 Minutes, by Robert J. Samaniego

My revelation artist of 2021 is certainly Robert, which has achieved a brief but very dynamic format of interviews. That's where it's happened. Nancy Vazquez, such Guillem, Antonio Nuñez, Ami Bondia, Helena Casas, Francis García Cedeño, Paul Adam, Paula Fernández-Ochoa And Fran Segarra... and so on. Not bad, Truth?

How to talk in a video conference, communication tips, by Alicia Ro

Alicia gives us the 2nd part of tips that she uses and it works for her. As you say, without great theories or sophisticated methods and with many practical exercises. To feel relaxed, natural, loose, confident and with clear ideas. Very practical as always!

Leadership What is it and how to make it contribute to your personal brand?, by Héctor Jiménez

Great performance by Hector, great coach and best actor. His performances are true metaphors of life that show how not to do things and then show how to do them., with few tips, well-focused and enormously practical. This video is sublime.

The Wolf Lord of Personal Branding, by Rubén Montesinos

I had the honor of being Ruben's first interviewee on his new YouTube channel. The interview also focuses on the concept of “Brand Ambassadors”, a concept that is spreading a lot in today's organizations thanks to Employer Branding policies.

Other interesting videos

The best of personal branding in 2021: Events

Personal Branding Lab Day 2021: The other side of personal branding (7Edition)

Another great event with Nilton Navarro and Alicia Ro in front of the cameras, With 79 professionals involved. This year dedicated to seeing how the personal brand looks in its beneficiaries, minds, coachees, consulting clients, Students...

Many new features in the poster, Mariam Veiga, Andrea Antelo, Robert J. Samaniego, Violeta Luján, Annie Maya, Paloma Grijota, Gem Palacios, Jenny Soto, Roger Lliteras, Roberto Arancibia, Judit Catalá, Jose Luis Risco, Vilma Nunez, Yael Bern, Daniel Colombo, Nagore García Sanz, Isabel Santiandreu. And behind the scenes, Magda Peral and Eva Larrarte are premiered.

Repeat: Carola Morató, Enrique Cejudo, Alfredo Vela, Laura Ferrera, Ronald Durán, Maria A. Sánchez, Raquel Roca, Fabi Mersan, Henrique Alexandre, Almudena Lobato, Meme Romero, Ames Spray, Deize Andrade, Mireta Trias, Nelson Emilio, Cristina Mulero, Francis García Cedeño, Raquel Gomez, Alan Urbina, Ylse Roa, Elena Arnaiz, Helena Casas, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Ami Bondia, Alicia Linares, Guillem Recolons, Paul Adam, Fran Segarra, Laura Chica, Monica Mendoza, Colia Hil, Fabian Gonzalez, Eva Collado, Naomi Vico, Xavi Roca, Arancha Ruiz, Juan Martínez de Salinas, Angels Anton, Rubñen Montesinos, Alex Duran, Silvia Saucedo, Nancy Vazquez, Alfonso Alcántara, Neus Arqués, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Jordi Collell, Jane del Tronco, Daniela Viek, Oscar Del Santo and Vladimir Estrada.

And they repeat behind the scenes: Luis Fernández del Campo, Cris Ballester, Heidi Mora, Javi Layunta and Leo Carrión. Javi Layunta and Leo Carrión, Ruben G. Castro and María Mas-Bagá.

You can see the 8 hours of video content and reading the various posts on 

Personal Branding Experience 2021, 5Edition

Daniela Viek has done it again, this time with a very international panel, many nationalities, among them William Arruda, Luigi Centenaro, Ilana Berenholc, Ames Spray, Raquel Gomez, Vladimir Estrada, Lizete Magueleze, Henrique Alexandre, Agnes Moura, Pedro Caramez and more!

This year was dedicated to What is the super-power of your personal brand?? I had the opportunity to talk about the keys to personal branding in the company.

#AudioMarathonSolidary, on Twitter Spaces

Already ending the year, The 22 In December, a solidarity event took place with three non-profit entities benefited, very nice and in a new format: the audio rooms of Twitter Spaces.

I congratulate the organization, and in particular Eva Añón, that was there from 9 from morning to midnight coordinating different rooms. I was lucky enough to participate in the FarmaHealth room, with Javi G. Alvarez as a pilot, and with Eva Collado, Joan Clotet, Elena Arnaiz as con-tertulianios, talking about personal branding, digital humanism and good and evil.

The best of personal branding in 2021: tools and utilities

Twitter Spaces

Already mentioned, but I loved the versatility of this tool, that has managed to consolidate the format of audio rooms that ClubHouse started, although later it was Twitter who gave it life through Spaces


Zencastr is an excellent freemium tool that allows an audiovisual connection between two or more people with a perfect recording and separated from the audio channels. Between two is free, and it is interesting that the audio and video are downloaded as separate tracks, that allows for better editing.

Personal Brand Positioning Test,  by Alex Lopez

After the success of your DigitalSelling test, Álex was encouraged to create a new online positioning test of Personal Brand, that measures six variables to improve our digital situation. The best: the free video pills it offers to improve the weakest variables, and comparison with a historical average.

Idea Maps by Joan Clotet

When a content is of interest to Joan, turns it into a map of ideas, it doesn't matter if it's a book, an article, a video chat. The only condition is that it is a transformative content. It's been a few, and they are all very worthwhile to see in a condensed way the map of ideas of a specific topic.

Editorial calendar of blog and RRSS, by Javi Layunta

Javi has given us a very useful template to manage our calendar of publications on blog and social networks.

The best of personal branding in 2021: this blog

And to finish (in case you didn't have enough), I show you a selection of what has worked best for me on my blog and in my podcast, taking into account that there has been 52 Publications, one per week of the year.

Blog: Believing in yourself is a necessary but not sufficient condition 

Phrases like "Believe in yourself and the universe will do the rest" are doing a lot of damage to humanity, since many get with that mindfulness and then sit back and wait for things to happen. And no, they don't happen.

Blog: Personal rebranding, the time to activate plan B

The question is how to transform your personal brand in a time of transition?? And here I deal with the intensity of personal rebranding, the plan B strategy, the role of your personal brand in a rebranding, sectors in transformation, communication is essential in a rebranding and the need to let you advise when the time comes.

Blog: What are brand ambassadors and what are their advantages?

Very complete article that differentiates the different types of ambassadors, both those external to the organization and those internal, its pros and cons. I insist once again that the fear of many entrepreneurs to empower their people and that they will march is imposed on the reality that by empowering them they prefer to stay.

Blog: Corporate Personal Branding : Applications, pros and cons

An update of the same article published in 2017, with new themes born from digitalization, remote work, the greatest strength of brand ambassadors. With new infographic.

Blog: Personal Branding: How to Move from Self-Knowledge to Recognition

Here I deal with what for me are the 5 steps to move from the most introspective to recognition: Self, Strategy, Marketing Personal, Development and action, Recognition. And I also add this infographic:


Blog: Personal Brand, social media and distributed trust

Here I deal with an interesting concept known as "distributed trust". In the year 2000 we were influenced by advertising in a 90% of our purchasing decisions (mass consumption). Today advertising occupies a 30%. Today, Internet and social media, influence a 81% in these decisions. And the influence is not from social media, but of people and the ecosystem of personal recommendations

Blog: The worst of 2021 in Personal Branding

If here we are with the best, a few days before I published the worst practices, which are also accumulated to those already published in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

Podcast: When the Teacher's Personal Brand shines students and the school, with Miquel Rossy

We talked about my experience with the promoters of the hashtag #CyACartuja, and especially the teacherJosé Miguel García Prados, a "outlier", an out-of-the-s-series, a maverick. José Miguel doesn't skip the script, simply adds magic to it.

Podcast The Importance of Purpose, with Joan Clotet

After the interview that Joan did with me, a few weeks later I took revenge and returned it to him., this time to deal with something that puts us in common, the importance of purpose.

Podcast: Unconscious capitalism, People, purpose and values

Here I deal with my reaction to the news of the dismissal of Emmanuel Faber, CEO de Danone, by an investment fund, and I take this opportunity to claim the priority that Faber taught us: People, purpose and values. And I analyze that from the prism of conscious capitalism.

Podcast: How to improve at work, with Alejandra Bara

Alejandra changed a "top four" for a smaller consultancy but with purpose and associated action plan. With her we talk about keys to improve at work, not always focused on the short term or remuneration.

Podcast: Conversations with the robot Gabriela

Here you will find a series of six chapters dedicated to robots' view of human emotions. Specifically: 

Podcast: 10 seconds and 3 questions to answer before posting

Very practical episode with the three key questions to ask yourself before posting any content or answer on the Internet and social networks, that can prevent us from great damage.

Podcast: Trends 2022 in Personal Branding

From my vision of what happens, I advance some of the practices related to personal brand management that I think will be consolidated in the coming months. That's for sure., I don't have a crystal ball, let no one think of magic, it's pure common sense.

Happy Holidays, I wait for you in 2022!!

Here's the episode 52 from the podcast Everything Leaves a Mark with this theme. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, And Apple Podcast.

Stock Photos from Yganko / Shutterstock

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