The best of 2023 in Personal Branding

Moments of balance are coming, and to bring together what – in my very personal opinion – could be the highlight, the best of 2023 in Personal Branding.

I've been doing this analysis for a few years, You can read here the summaries of 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 And 2016.

This is the video-summary in 1 Minute (in Spanish):

Here you can listen to it in the episode 157 of the podcast Everything leaves a mark on iVoox, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music Or Google Podcast.

The best of 2023 in Personal Branding: Events

Like every year, I would like to highlight the two major events that have brought together more professionals and fans of personal branding: The Personal Branding Lab Day and the PBEX Experience: 

Personal Branding Lab Day, 9A Edition

The 25 November & Online, The 9th edition of Personal Branding Day took place, Personal Branding Lab Day. This time, The iconic giraffe of the congress dressed up as a robot, representing the motto "Personal Branding and Technology, Opportunity or threat?

Here's the final line-up of the edition, Who had an unexpected surprise, the surprise appearance of Cláudio Inácio (that's not on the poster) and the last-minute withdrawal of Raquel Gómez, who was left for a few days without his main tool, the voice and Silvia Saucedo, who didn't make the time to dedicate his golden minute.

Poster of the Personal Branding Lab Day 9th edition, 25N 2023

Four formats were developed that I have been developing in this blog. 29 Golden Minutes, Fast Pills with a Single Powerful Idea. Also what can't be missing, The Written Element, 2 Master-Posts Wonderful. 7  Contrasts, A format between two (Or more) Professionals contrasting an idea. And of course, 22 Spectacular presentations

From my point of view, It has been one of the most productive years, and there has also been the great news of Alicia Ro's recovery, the voice of Personal Branding Lab Day, and the premiere of a soundtrack produced by the great Roberto Arancibia.

What's new, we've had Ana Reyes Lorenzo, Ruben Martin, Berta Mateos, Daniela Dini, Carla de Pont, Carlos Estrada, Carolina Tula, Cristina Aced, Juan Carlos Ahijón, Vicky Doig, Viviana Morales, and in the support team, Aida Mar.

Here's the video with the marathon 8 Hours: 

PBEX Experience, 7A Edition

This time the congress organized by Daniela Viek on 2 And 3 in December he dressed up, because it was face-to-face, in Sao Paulo, and where I was fortunate enough to attend and be the Spanish representative. The theme was "Human Power in an Artificial World."

I summarized the congress above, which was extraordinary, in the post Echoes of the PBEX Experience 2023 in Sao Paulo

The Poster, Impressive, with representation from 13 Countries of the 5 Continents. And with the two people who today are considered the "popes" of Personal Branding, William Arruda and Luigi Centenaro. In addition, The Hostess, Daniela Viek, Ilana Berenholc, Henrique Alexandre, Nancy Vazquez, Roberto Arancibia, Ames Spray, Lola Cuvelier, Patricia Dalpra, among others.

PBEX Experience Poster 2023 Sao Paulo, Brazil

If I have to highlight something that impressed me, was the presentation by Luigi Centenaro, In which he told us that innovation processes in personal branding often encounter bumps in the road, And he showed it masterfully with a case staged in an image design thinking of the process: 

Personal Brand Innovation, by Luigi Centenaro

The other part of the congress that I think was very powerful was a round table in which I had the honor of speaking together with the "popes" William Arruda and Luigi Centenaro, and moderated by Henrique Alexandre.

From left to right, Henrique Alexandre, William Arruda, Luigi Centenaro and Guillem Recolons

You can watch the presentations and the round table on a deferred basis, Hiring it on the web

And, Now, Let me show you an image that has a lot of value to me, And it's one of the best things that's ever happened to me 2023. The two Williamses.

William Arruda and Guillem Recolons with the book If you don't contribute, you don't matter at PBEX 2023, in Sao Paulo

The Brand Boat, 1Edition

I didn't know whether to include The Brand Boat as an event. But it was. It went beyond a cruise ship, and far beyond a personal branding workshop.

Shortly, to Laura Chica, Eva Collado and I came up with the idea of organizing a training experience and personal branding experience on a boat for four days. The pilot went with 15 people and it was a success, which will be repeated in 2024.

What makes The Brand Boat an event is the experience. Living next to the people who attend the workshop is sensational. You have breakfast with them, You go on a hike to see a city with them, You have lunch on the deck of the boat with them, And then they come 4 Personal Branding Hours, change, Dance a little, dine, Have a drink... And so on for three full days and then some.

1The Brand Boat promotion, October 2022

I covered the topic in the post The Brand Boat, 1TH PROMOTION, And the feedback we received encouraged us to continue with the adventure in 2024.

The best of 2023 in Personal Branding: Publications

The Personal Branding Magazine

We were missing a magazine in the world of personal branding. And it came. A precision work of my friends partners in Integra Personal Branding, Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina, that at the close of 2023 It has already been published in three issues, The Personal Branding Magazine. I talked about the magazine in my post!The Personal Branding Magazine is here!

I didn't know it was "honor" until I was shown the cover of the first issue. It was me, My god... In the second issue, The cover was for the great Chilean friend Roberto Arancibia And the third issue went to the Pope of Branding Andy Stalman

The truth is that behind this there is a work of coordination, Planning, Creativity, Extraordinary layout. Thus, What, Congratulations, team.

Pure value in that, as well as Nancy and Alan and the writer, colleagues such as Ylse Roa have a regular column, Robert J. Samaniego, Colia Hil, Gabriel Patrizzi, Fabiola Melchor, Vladimir Estrada, Francis García Cedeño, Roberto Arancibia, Mar Castro, Raul Gonzalez Romero, among others.

And when luxury guest columnists, we've had the Mozambican Lizete Mangueleze, to Nohelis Ruiz A., Daniela Viek, Jane Rodriguez of the Trunk, Lucas Aisa (Bald with Beard), Ivan Diaz (Branzai, Grávita), Yael Bern, Fran Segarra, Andrea Velasquez.

Here are the three numbers of 2023, And I can tell you that the magazine is moving forward in 2024. Thank you Nancy, Alan and Integra PB team.

Personal Branding World (Ebook)

Among the best of 2023 Personal Branding couldn't miss our favorite ebook. Released on 2022, Editing 2023 It's been extraordinary. The ebook Personal Branding World 2023 is entitled "Digital Personal Branding": How AI will influence network management and personal branding."

This time, Robert J. Samaniego and Fran Segarra, the drivers, have included Ale Marroquín in the ebook (Mexico), Beatriz Recio (China), Daniela Viek (Brazil), Fran himself, Gabriel Patrizzi (from Chile), Guillem Recolons, Gustavo Pagano (Argentina), Luciane Bemfica (Brazil), Nancy Vazquez (Mexico), Nohelis Ruiz A. (Spain), Paulo Moreti (Brazil), Robert himself (Ecuador), Roberto Arancibia (Chile), Vladimir Estrada (from the DR), and Ylse Roa (Venezuela). Mucho World. A lot of talent.

My input was focused on, By way of summary, in four parts: 

  1. The impact of artificial intelligence on employment is uncertain, unlike previous revolutions that generated more jobs than unemployment.
  2. Tech CEOs Propose Solutions to Address AI-Caused Unemployment. For example, taxing capital rather than labor and distributing property and wealth among citizens through annual taxes and distributions.
  3. The great challenge is to avoid the moment of singularity, in which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and causes unpredictable changes in human civilization.
  4. In the field of personal branding, AI Can Be Useful for Data Analysis, Customization, Task Automation, content recommendations and improving the user experience. But without losing the human component.

In the image you can download the ebook, 51 Pages for highly recommended reading. Thank you Robert and Fran for adding to the world of personal branding.

Own Marketing

Own Marketing, by Gabriel Patrizzi, Foreword by Guillem Recolons

Among the new publications, I highlight "Own Marketing: Develop the strategy to gain visibility, Position and monetize your personal brand", The long-awaited launch of Gabriel Patrizz, Venezuelan colleague and friend based in Santiago de Chile. Edited by PanHouse and available in Amazon (among other places).

I had the honor of writing the prologue to the book (Thank you, Gabriel), And after reading it, I can assure you that this is a manual, A practical text to differentiate you in a world full of noise. Full of examples and exercises, and with hundreds of references to other authors and tools. This book is not readable, you work.

Boost your personal brand on LinkedIn

Boost your personal brand on LinkedIn, by Berta Mateos

Based on his own story of professional reinvention, Berta Mateos It is clear that the platform that opens doors to business is LinkedIn, And you bet everything there. He's quite right, it seems that Zuckerberg's networks (Facebook, Instagram, Threads, WhatsApp helps you do business to him, but not to your audience. It's better not to talk about Twitter or X, a corpse courtesy of Elon Musk.

Berta has seen it clearly, And that's why in his book Boost your personal brand on LinkedIn proposes tactics to differentiate ourselves, Networking, Improve our online presence, take advantage of LinkedIn and enter the world of social selling.

William Arruda's article in Forbes

William Arruda, columnist for Forbes magazine

Weekly & Punctual, my playboy William Arruda he always has his column ready in the prestigious international edition of Forbes.

His specialty: Career, And there are few topics that I haven't already covered in the magazine, but always with an eye on the personal brand. A crack.


Other books that have been published, in this case in Portuguese, Are Personal Branding at Companies, by Luigi Centenaro with Daniela Viek, And O branding também veste branco, by Paulo Moreti, in which I had the honour of speaking.

The best of 2023 in Personal Branding: Impulse

Last year we included in this section Innero Personal Brands, a personal brand certification proposal created by Arancha Ruiz, and that joins the certifications of William Arruda and the Personal Branding Academy by Daniela Viek.

Those still stand, but this year 2023 A university master's degree has been launched, which needs to be talked about.

Master's Degree in Personal Brand Building TECH Universidad Tecnológica

In October, the Master's Degree in Personal Brand Building, Tech University of Technology. It's in 100% Online, of the 12 months duration (16 hours/week), with a university degree from TECH University of Technology and 60 Ects

Aimed at: Graduates, Graduates and university graduates who have previously completed any of the degrees in the field of Social Sciences, Administrative & Business, Marketing and Corporate Communication. It is made up of 10 Modules: 

  1. Personal Brand Building. Personal Branding, Digital Identity and Corporate Reputation
  2. Self-Diagnosis for Personal Brand Building Reputation in the market, Swot, Audit & Benchmarking
  3. Personal Brand Planning. Analysis of differential factors. Positioning Pillars: Brand Core and Brand Positioning
  4. Personal brand strategy. Brand persona. Verbal and Visual Identity Keys. Elevator pitch, Public speaking and personal storytelling
  5. Personal Branding Development. Strategic Platform Selection, Communication strategy and content plan. Copywriting techniques
  6. Social media Branding. Instagram visibility and engagement strategy, Twitter, Facebook and TikTok
  7. Personal branding on LinkedIn. LinkedIn Visibility and Engagement Strategies
  8. Networking for personal brand building. Networking, PR events and strategies as levers for growth
  9. Strategies, Inbound and e-mail marketing techniques and tools for the construction and generation of personal brand content
  10. KPIs Personal Brand Impact: Metrics for measuring results and multi-sector success stories.

Teachers are Nagore García Sanz, Mariam Veiga, Carla de Pont, Daniela Luque and Guillem Recolons (In me marry, The Modules 3 And 4). 

The best of 2023 in Personal Branding: PrudsT

15 Red-hot minutes

15 red-hot minutes, by Robert J. Samaniego

Errata: Last year I forgot to include the video-podcast in this section 15 red-hot minutes, by Robert J. Samaniego, And that's already 4 Full Seasons Creating Value with Wonderful Interviews.

Colleagues like Nancy Vázquez have passed through, Ami Bondia, Antonio Nunez, Francis García Cedeño, Paul Adam, Pablo Fernández-Ochoa, Fran Segarra, Roberto Arancibia, Colia Hil, Ylse Roa, Alfredo Vela, Nilton Navarro, Ruben Montesinos, Vladimir Estrada, Gabriel Patrizzi, Vero Sanchez, Paulo Moreti, Juan Martínez de Salinas, Isabel Santiandreu, Hector Jimenez, Ames Spray, Elena Arnaiz, Alan Urbina, Alicia Ro, Arancha Ruiz and Daniela Viek, among others.

The "veteran" podcasts

The Power of Your Personal Brand, by Rubén Martín

I discovered it this year, although it launched in November 2015, 2020. The Power of Your Personal Brand has already been 47 Episodes, which amounts to a fortnightly episode.

Its episodes include interviews with leading opinion leaders from different areas of digital marketing and communication. Highly recommended to subscribe to their channel on Spotify.

The best of 2023 in Personal Branding: Blogs

Blogs, Despite the bad omens, they're still a solid platform format, stable, credible and well-positioned by Google

Regularity Award

Here I would highlight the blogs of Andrés Pérez Ortega, Arancha Ruiz, Xavi Roca, Alfredo Vela and the one you're reading.

Publishing, ma non troppo

They also publish, with some frequency, Fabian Gonzalez, Elena Arnaiz, Nilton Navarro, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Integra Personal Branding, Amalia Lopez Sidewalk, Gabriel Patrizzi, Colia Hil, Vladimir Estrada, Laura Ferrera...

Then we have others that are a little more sporadic, but of great value, like the one in Eva Collado, Hector Jimenez, Fran Segarra, Neus Arqués, Paul Adam, Robert J. Samaniego, Ylse Roa, Enrique Cejudo...

And even if they are not strictly personal branding, I advise you to follow the blogs of Branzai by Iván Díaz and Bald with Beard, by Lucas Aisa.

Personal Branding Professionals: I understand that it's tempting to post directly on places like the LinkedIn blog, Where you get direct engagement, But I just want you to remember that there, on social media, We are renting. The blog is OUR platform, a part of our digital home.

2024 thoroughly

I wish you all the best for this 2024 That is presented complex, dynamic and hopeful.

I'm working on the trends 2024 in personal branding, Digital Marketing & Corporate Communication. A strong hug! 

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