The best of the 3rd trimester 2021 at Personal Brand

We are already in October, so it's time to collect the best of the 3rd quarter in Personal Brand. In case you missed them, Here you go Best of the 1st quarter 2021 And The best of the 2nd quarter

In a minute I summarize the best of the 3rd trimester 2021 in personal brand: 

Interesting books

Among what I've read about non-fiction, I highlight three titles: 

Marketing for writers

Marketing for writers , by Neus Arqués (Alienta 2021) is the reissue and update of an excellent roadmap that he published with Alba Editorial in 2009. Not a new book, In fact, was published on 2018, but I read it a few weeks ago and it left a very positive mark on me.

Neus is a writer, but also trainer and consultant, and personal brand specialist, so you can imagine that this book has authority.

Contains 5 parts: the book in the publishing industry, the keys to marketing for writers, visibility strategies, online marketing plan, and a bonus track on the future of the book and author that puts the weight on an idea: 

That they read us will be more important than publishing

A sweet story

A sweet story. Rafa Juan, Editorial profit 2021. Rafa is the 2nd generation of the founders of the former Dulcesol and current Vicky Foods. A brave book, where Rafa shares a beautiful story of the creation and evolution of a company born of love (Yes, what you hear). 

But don't think it's all prose., each chapter ends with practical advice, live and a QR code that gives access to additional material (Photographs, Videos...). 

Chapter VIII comes to my soul, where he treats Values as pillars of the present and the future. He is right when he says that, in a company, Values must be grouped into a shared Vision: having it may not be a key to success, but not having it is in all likelihood an engine of failure.

Surgery for the soul

Surgery for the soul. Dr. Ramon Vila-Rovira, Ed. Current platform, 2015. It's not a new book nor does it have - apparently- a very direct relationship with the personal brand. But after reading it, is a perfect personal brand manual picked up by a scalpel veteran who is willing to stand the test of time.

It is a text that not only explains the three reasons why we want a better look. (Complex, self-esteem or aging) but it is about good habits to lead a healthy life. Beauty and happiness do not come out of an operating room, but of the soul. Impeccable.


Precisely the 30 September has been celebrated the International Day of the Podcast, a format that allows us to consume it in relaxation, Walking, Cooking, Go, that doesn't tie us in front of a TV, screen, book or smartphone. Here are some interesting chapters

From Caviar Online, by Joan Martín and Carles Fité

In August, month of low activity, Joan and Carles have accompanied us and thoroughly reviewed social networks. Highly recommended: 

From Digital Humanism, by Joan Clotet

I recommend all its contents, but to stand out in this 3rd quarter: 

From TED in Spanish

Directed by Gerry Garbulsky, organizer of TEDxRíodelaPlata, the best of the 3rd quarter 2021 for me it is: 

From Update Retail, by Celestino Martínez

Celestino has specialized in the analysis and promotion of local commerce, with episodes of the most practical for the retail world. I highlight two episodes of this 3rd trimester.

Other podcasts

Articles: The best of the 3rd trimester 2021 at Personal Brand

If you don't want to miss anything, I refer you to my digital magazine Everything Leaves Mark on Flipboard. Here are the articles that have impacted me the most: 


Highlights of the 3rd quarter 2021 on personal brand on my stuff

Podcast "Everything Leaves a Mark"

I have continued to publish weekly. The best of the 2nd semester in my podcast would be these chapters with a dialogue with the robot Gabriela Fitzgerald: 

Blog Articles

Of the 13 published posts, I highlight these four for the impact they have had:


I hope you liked this selection of the best of the 3rd quarter 2021 in personal brand and that you have a happy week.

Here's the podcast, something more complete, In iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast.

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