Should you care what others think of you?

It's a question I've been asked many times, I've done many times . And now I throw it: Should you care what others think of you?

The Internet is a place where you can find everything. And among the whole, lately I've seen a lot of videos, Infographics, Phrases, who invite you to be yourself forgetting what others think and say about you.

From an existential point of view, you could agree: what others think and say about me can give a damn. But, what happens from the point of view of our personal brand?

What others think of you, how does it affect your personal brand?

If you're a scientist, and against wind and tide you've achieved a major achievement (a Nobel, For example), what they think or say about you can be irrelevant. But if you're that same scientist early in his career looking for funding for a project, relevance is high.

That thing about “live your life regardless of what they say about you” is valid when you've reached the zenit of your career, but not when you depend on customers, Investors, Collaborators, Prescribers, Heads…

Not knowing what your boss thinks or says about you puts you at a disadvantage. Not knowing the impression that leaves your fingerprint to a recruiter while looking for work is a weak spot. Not knowing what a customer thinks, a collaborator, a partner, can be lethal to your career, and for your personal brand.

Without obsessing, asking for feedback to its fair measure is a healthy exercise

I am one of those who thinks that the definition of Jeff Bezos about personal branding “what they say about you when you're not in front” it's pretty good. So if you do not know what they say, we won't have a good diagnosis of our personal brand. In other words, we won't know what personal brand we leave.

Ask Feedback to those stakeholders that are key to us could help us. And a lot. Personal branding is the management process for our personal brand to align with our goals… and those of our customers. So, knowing your feedback will let us know if we're on the right track or we're keeping an eye on a thread.

Reputation matters

Being authentic doesn't mean being a stepper. You can have a brand based on controversy, like the one I had Risto Mejide. The key is to know if you know what underpins your brand and whether there's a business model behind.

If you don't care what others think or say about you, you don't care about your reputation either. Beyond you with that, you'll know when in your life you're. Even Donald Trump has had to rectify so as not to see his reputation damaged Should you care what other people think of you? Valóralo. It will always depend on who they are “others”.

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5 thoughts on "Should you care what others think of you?”

  1. Brief but intense. Very much agree, always depends on who. Reputation is relevant, especially if you question us in front of our customers.

  2. Very nice everything, but you'll tell me how to ask for honest feedback, realistic and bias-free, im-po-si-ble. For tastes colors and your image and personality can make an impression to each other diametrically different from others, apart from those who lend the act to offer that feedback, They'll just look to look good and there'll be bad milk that will leave your ego on the floor.

    • Hello Josep Miquel, I understand your stance, but there are mechanisms to achieve a (always relative) sincerity in feedback. The first is by launching anonymous survey formats, who don't ask for the participant's name or email (Google Forms, Survey Monkey…). The second is creating closed responses (Type: scores 1 To 5, you think XXX person knows how to delegate). And the third is to conduct the feedback survey through a professional entity (Example: We are the company XXX specialized in Personal Branding and our client XXXX requests a valuation, it will be anonymous. We ask for the utmost sincerity…).
      The results are certainly not perfect 100%, but they bring us closer to a person's perception of. Thank you so much for writing!

  3. Hello, Guillem

    It may be necessary to establish a midpoint: First of all, I'm not going to stop being who I am to satisfy anyone, because that would make me stop being authentically me, but I can't walk the world doing whatever I want without taking into account how my actions can affect the lives of the people around me, even the very value of the profession to which I dedicate myself.

    Everything has its nuances, as in life itself. I think it's important to be clear that, no matter how hard we try, we won't be able to control the opinion that others will become of us. As Andrés Pérez says: “Opinions are like ass. Everyone has theirs.”

    Very interesting your post. I share it, as always, My pleasure.

    Best regards.


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