When facts are imposed on the sayings (good personal brand)

Let's be clear, do you think, Today for today, facts are imposed on the sayings? Me neither. This is the second of the trends I scored a few days ago in the post Trends 2020 in Personal Branding. The first, already developed, Is The drive of social awareness and personal branding.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video-summary of a minute:

The key is how we develop each experience

Don't say it., Do it. This is the new mantra. This is a change of order. First it's done, then communicates. Just the opposite of politics, where it's said and not always done.

The good thing about reversing the order is that the action part, experience, it's already done. First, the facts.

Inspired by the real facts

Cases with the stamp "inspired by real events" generate more interest than theoretical exhibitions. It's a good thing to show your customers' experience once you've helped them solve their problem.

There's a way to explain it classic but masterful, the before and after. And if you can see it, Much better.

From fact to story

Statistics are mere soups of figures if we are not able to turn them into stories.

A couple of years ago I gave a talk at the Ie on this issue. We get drunk on data without being able to get us excited and take action.

I remember a campaign at the end of the 80 British Airways. In an investigation they discovered that it was the airline with the most sold tickets in the world. That fact was reconstructed by Saatchi & Saatchi in a direct claim: "The World's favourite airline". Here's the spot of the campaign awarded in 1989:

When it's the others who sell your services (Testimonies)

Testimony has been used since ancient times. And of course, doesn't just apply to corporate brand experience, also with people.

Linkedin's competency validations, recommendations in this same professional network... If marketing is exposing you, branding is getting others to give you recognition, prescribe you, recommend you. That's priceless.. And remember: never recommend someone who doesn't deserve it: your reputation is at stake.

The Magic of Feedback

The Feedback it's action opinion, And that's why I like it. It is not positive to live solely guided by the feedback of others, in the end you have to be yourself. But sincere feedback puts us in our place, in the good and the bad.

Positive feedback represents our strengths. And sometimes we are surprised at our own lack of self-esteem. The negative, Very interesting, raises our points of improvement and our limitations. I think it's good to meet them..

Indicators of success

Achievements represent our greatest indicators of success. Reaching a goal is an achievement, overcoming it is a chimera. Little happens, But when it happens, let's not be afraid to put it into value.

Infographic formats explain very well the achievements, are excellent digital narratives. Follow Alfredo Sailing on Pinterest (9 millions of monthly visits) and you'll see what the format gives.

Live streams

Do you like challenges? This is one of the good. Today there are multiple off and online platforms to broadcast live.

Online, there is no longer a network that is expected not to contemplate this format. Started Twitter with Periscope, but today the main networks like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Tik Tok... they've already integrated it.

The direct is like the moment of truth, there's no chance of correcting, it's the litmus test. If you want a good example of live on Linkedin, I advise you to follow the doctor Natalia Wiechowski, that broadcasts every week about Personal Branding.


Facts are imposed on the sayings. I'll wait for you next week by looking at the 3rd trend in Personal Branding to 2020: From being an influencer to being influential.

Cover photo: Pepj from Shutterstock.com. Montseny Natural Park

30 years of #AQAwards, AdQualis Human Results Talent Awards

The past 26 November evening took place the 30th installment of the AQ Awards at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. An already indispensable event in the RR field. Hh. I loved listening to Consuelo Castilla, adQualis president, the organizing company, refer to the reason they carry 30 years rewarding the best talent: gratitude. The awards were presented in six categories:

  • General Manager
  • HR Director
  • Talent Management.
  • HR Specialist
  • Address focused on People Development.
  • Best practices at CSR

As a publicist, I was very grateful that Estrella Damm was rewarded for best practices RSC for the campaign of social conscience “Mediterraneanly: Another way to live”, a little gem with a great soundtrack. Here you have it:

As AdQualis' external consultant for Executive Branding And Employee Advocacy, I liked that Anabel Obeso, HEAD of HR Consultants, bring us together all the external consultants in this photograph:

AQAwards 2020 AdQualis HR Consultants group
Starting from top and left to right: Jaume Zardoya, Diana Garcia, Ana Puig, Sergi Nicholas, Anna Castellvi, Susana Gallen, Anabel Obeso, Eva Marco, Oriol Jimenez, Hind Bonua, Marti Felix, Pepa Belles, Guillem Recolons and Eduard Marti-Poch

#EquipsQueSumen, great initiative by Creu Roja Catalunya

Lara Vidal / Red Cross
Lara Vidal

And the 27 November's team Red Cross labour counselors in Catalonia organized a great event for which I had the honor of collaborating with an intervention entitled: “From employees to stakeholders” about the strength of corporate brand union with personal branding. Best of the morning: to see again Lara Vidal live, the head of spanish Red Cross guidance, providing content and tools so that we lose the fear of being ambassadors of the brands that move us.

creu roja Equips to add nov 2019

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  1. Good night, Guillem
    Look like I'm commercial and marketing, I didn't know that British Airways campaign! I loved it, thanks to the detail of sharing it.
    Of course, if, done better than perfect and then they talk, No?
    Speaking of feedback, I really like to be told both negative and positive and plus the constructive negative because it is the one that will really make us continue to improve as professional people that I are, you don't believe?



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