Damn "pitch"!, Why hadn't I prepared it?

An elevator is the ideal place for an elevator pitch Pitch!. But it's not just about elevator pitch Live our oral communication, There are many types of speeches for different audiences and occasions.

For example, The Pitch Personal Introduction, more focused on telling whoever asks you who and what you are like.

Then we have the Pitch sales, more technical and focused on a product or service that you or your organization offers.

And of course, The Pitch fundraising, A speech that must be very well founded to attract investors for your project.

Here you can see a summary at 1 video minute:

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The 4 Pitch, In Schematic

Type of PitchObjectiveDurationPrimary AudienceMain content
Elevator PitchGet Attention Quickly30" a 1 Minute (in Spanish)Ceo, Investors, Potential PartnersBrief description of your business idea or project, Putting the customer and your value proposition first.
Personal Presentation PitchIntroduce yourself and highlight your skills1-2 MinutesProfessional Networks & EmployersYour name, Relevant experience, Achievements, and why you're the right person for a specific opportunity.
Sales PitchConvincing customers to buy2-5 MinutesLeads, BuyersDetailed description of the product/service, Benefits, Unique features and how it meets customer needs.
Fundraising PitchAttract investors to finance your business5-10 MinutesInvestors, VcDescription of the investment opportunity, business model, Growth Strategy and Financial Projections.

Simulation How would Elon Musk make the 4 Pitch for "X"?

So that everyone can understand the difference between one and the other Pitch, I have the absurd idea of using the polemic Elon Musk. More than anything, 'Cause at this point, We all know who he is, and like more, Less, or nothing, It leaves no one indifferent.

It's more, The expression ¡Damned Pitch! it has come to my mind thinking of Musk. Start.

Elevator pitch, The Damn Pitch, My students' nightmare

Some business schools love my class elevator pitch. My students curse me (hahaha, Damn pitch) While we're in class, but two days later they congratulate me via LinkedIn.

It is a discourse for which the value proposition must first be prepared, Then it must be well documented to measure for each client and adapt it to about 30" of yours, which, added to the interaction of your interlocutor, can add up to about a minute.

It's an unplanned encounter, And this discourse wants to be an attention-grabber, Not to sell, but to get more time in a next meeting.

How would Elon Musk do it for the X network?, the Twitter of a lifetime?

“Imagine a social media platform that revolutionizes the way we connect and share ideas. X is that platform. Facilitates quick communication, Safe and censorship-free for all. With X, The world is at your fingertips in 30 seconds or less. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, in X, You have the freedom to be yourself and connect with people from all over the world instantly. The social media revolution has arrived, and it's called X.”

Here we would have a "WOW" start: "Imagine a social media platform that revolutionizes the way we connect and share ideas". It's hard not to pay attention to what comes after that start.

Then, explains its "HOW" very well: "X facilitates quick communication, Safe and censorship-free for all. With X, The world is at your fingertips in 30 seconds or less. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from, in X, You have the freedom to be yourself and connect with people from all over the world instantly."

And it closes with a drum roll: "The revolution in social media has arrived, and it's called X."

Elevator Pitch Elon Musk

The Personal Presentation Pitch, Who I am, About Me

This is the perfect speech to explain, with more time than an elevator provides, Why you're the right person for an exciting project.

Says the storytelling expert Antonio Nunez: Let's imagine a situation where we find ourselves in a business meeting, at a cocktail party or in front of a large audience, For example, When we're going to give a speech at a university. We tend to construct these kinds of stories in a very rational and sometimes even defensive way. We go with our business degrees or we go with our enormous experience or we go with our impeccable training curriculum. Normally, Those kinds of stories don't connect with people.

The more emotional the story, who am I?? Best. Think of Obama during his presidential campaigns and how he constantly repeated a story about his unique family, Your multicultural background, and how that family and that background helped him be the perfect candidate at the perfect time to be elected in the United States.

How would Elon Musk introduce himself (if I were your Personal Branding consultant)?

“Hello, I'm Elon Musk, The Visionary Behind X. Throughout my career, I've led innovative companies like Tesla and SpaceX, I've changed entire industries.

Now, with X, I'm bringing that same passion for innovation to social media. My background in technology and my focus on freedom of expression make me the perfect leader for this project.

My vision is simple: Empower people to connect and express themselves without fear.

With X, We are creating a space where every voice matters and where censorship is a thing of the past. Join me on this exciting journey into a new world of social media.”

See the difference? Here Musk sums up his career in just over a minute. If you are a candidate to join Musk's team, It's a compelling speech, Tailor-made for you (Somewhat bombastic). 

It includes a phrase that uniquely identifies him: "The visionary behind X, Tesla, Space X". No one can say that. Also his achievements "have changed entire industries".

Explain what you want to do with X and your vision, a "statement" typical of entrepreneurs who see beyond the bottom line: "Empowering people to connect and express themselves without fear."

And at the end, how not, a CTA or call to action: "Join me...".

Personal Pitch Elon Musk

The Sales Pitch, Possibly, Most Commonly Used

A classic. As you say Tom Peters, we all sell, The 24 Hours and Everywhere. Whoever says no, Lies. A priest sells eternal salvation during his service. An NGO aid worker sells hope.

When the Smart was introduced, the small Mercedes-Benz car, The President said: It's the perfect car to hit the beach with a couple of friends and a case of beers. He didn't talk about technology, or space, or price, Sold Bienestar. A perfect speech to describe what the main purpose of that car is.

Let's keep in mind that the value proposition, Often, It can be emotional.

How Elon Musk Would Sell His "X"?

“Are you fed up with restrictions on traditional social media?? X is the answer. We offer a social media platform that allows you to connect without censorship, Express yourself without fear and access high-quality content. X is intuitive, Safe and designed to meet your needs. With unique features like identity verification and the ability to earn rewards for your content, We're transforming the social media experience. Join X and experience the revolution in social media. With us, Freedom of speech is sacred, And you own your online experience.”

Starting with a pain point is powerful, Especially in the form of a question. One of the key verbs here is I offer (Personal) u We offer (corporate). 

And, Despite being an apparently rational discourse, it's important that the final CTA is 100% "With us, Freedom of speech is sacred, and you are the owner of your online experience".

Sales Pitch Elon Musk

If you're interested in seeing the best sales pitch ever, Here's the presentation of the iPhone, In 2007, by Steve Jobs:

The fundraising pitch, Crucial Minutes

And I'll finish with the fundraising pitch, One of the most important in businesses with a startup profile. The future viability of the project depends on this discourse. And the good thing is that often the startup must repeat it if it sees that there is viability to scale and make the business bigger.

It's the longest speech, and is usually accompanied by images, Graphics, prototypes, Videos, and any support that helps convince the investor to bet on the project.

Any investor will want to understand four key elements of the business opportunity, that should form the outline of the fundraising pitch deck:

  • Product
  • Market
  • People
  • Money

How would Elon Musk prepare his fundraising pitch if he wanted to raise capital from "X"??

“X is the next big investment opportunity, and we are looking for investors who share our vision and are willing to join us in a historic capital increase of 20 trillions of dollars. Our social media platform has been redefining the way the world connects and expresses itself, And now we're ready to take this to the next level.

Present day, X features 600 Millions of active users worldwide, And its growth is exponential. We have proven that we are a disruptive force in the social media industry, And our vision is to expand to all corners of the planet. With your investment, We will be able to accelerate this global expansion and establish ourselves as the standard for freedom of expression online.

Our growth strategy is solid. We plan to invest in cutting-edge technologies to ensure the security and privacy of our users, while improving the experience on the platform. We're also developing new features and services that will keep our users engaged and attract new ones..

The numbers speak for themselves: Our financial projections indicate steady revenue growth and solid profitability. We're attracting leading advertisers and brands who see X as a unique platform to reach their audience in authentic and meaningful ways.

By joining us in this capital increase, They will become strategic partners in a project that is set to transform the way the world connects online. Together, We can make history. Together, We can stand up for freedom of expression and diversity of ideas in an increasingly connected world. This is a unique opportunity to be part of the future of social media.

The 20 trillions of dollars we seek to raise will go towards funding our global expansion, Technology Research & Development, Strategic Acquisitions and Strengthening Our Infrastructure. We invite you to join us on this journey towards change and innovation in the world of social media. Together, We will build a future where everyone has a voice and feels free to connect and express themselves online.”

This discourse wants to sell the future, Hope, project. It's important to explain how much money you need and how you're going to invest it. And you must place an extraordinary starting point, from which it is only possible to grow.

And of course, It is essential to close with that "together we will build", involving the investor in the key decisions of the future business.

Fundraising pitch deck Elon Musk

¿And that, What does it have to do with golf??

Cover photography may be misleading, What does today's topic have to do with golf? ¿The truth? Little.

But I have remembered that one of the key shots in golf is the "pitch", an approach shot to bring the ball to the green that usually lifts a piece of grass and raises the ball a lot so that it is nailed to the green when it falls.

The responsible stick is called the "pitching wedge", with an opening angle of 45°, Somewhat less of the "Sand Wegde", the one used to get the ball out of the sand bunker, which has 55º.

Here are some pitching lessons from the great Seve Ballesteros. Happy, week, And don't forget to work on your four pitches, And if you dare, Also your pitching.

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