10 actions you can do for your personal brand from home (2021)

The Covid 19 has left us a mark, No doubt. Boosting your personal brand from home is no chimera. We have more digital media and skills than before the pandemic.

Here I leave you 10 actions you can do from home without too much trouble and, in many cases, at no cost.

Action 01: Read personally branded books

Brand CEO and brand ambassadorsMarcaCEO and Brand Ambassadors. Cristina Mulero

I had the opportunity to read CEO Brand and Brand Ambassadors before it's published. Cristina sent it to me., still in PDF, as a draft. And the truth is, I thought it was magnificent the work he did.. So much so that my review appears on an inner flap.

Everyone thinks personal branding is something for freelancers, for freelancers, Etc. and Cristina demonstrates in this book the practical usefulness that Personal Branding has applied in organizations, both from the dome, the big executives, as from middle managers, great brand ambassadors and trusted generators.

The Yellow Road. Victor Gay-Zaragoza. Plan B The Yellow Road. Victor Gay Zaragoza

The Yellow Road it's a book about storytelling, a magnificent book, a book to enjoy it: seven steps to succeed by telling a story... or telling your own story, you choose what story you tell.

I met Victor a few years ago., when he presented his second book.The rebellious philosophy", and this book surprised me as much as the first. And I was also in his workshop storytelling, that meant for me a before and after.

Monetizagram Pedro Rojas Lid

Monetizagram. Pedro Rojas. Lid Editorial

In a very different area from the previous ones we have "Monetizagram"from our friend @seniormanager.

The book includes everything you need to know to make the most of this booming social network, which is Instagram. I also had the opportunity to attend the Monetizagram workshop with Eva Collado, and the truth, brought us a lot of courage.

If you don't contribute, you don't matter. Guillem Recolons. Rasche Publishing House

If you don't contribute it doesn't matter by Guillem Recolons

If you don't contribute it doesn't matter it's the latest novelty right now in personal branding, very focused on building the value proposition.

According to Joan Clotet, prologuist of the book: “The book is a fantastic synthesis of knowledge and tools applicable to anyone interested in knowing and managing their brand to project their value proposition. The author proposes a journey from self-known to communication with examples, tools and digital life beyond the book. An essential reference where knowledge of many years is distilled and a large number of experts in the field are involved who add value. In an increasingly important subject in the professional field, the reader will become aware, knowledge, inspiration and motivation to grow in the direction you want”

Action 02: Read personal brand ebooks

Maybe you don't have the paper books at home., and the truth, in times of alarm state, bookstores are closed. Although you can always turn to Amazon and the like, ebook is a good alternative.

Let your talent flow. Soymimarca. Several authors

Let your talent flow is a free ebook that includes the best of 2019 from the Soymimarca blog. Prologated by Elena Arnaiz, includes articles by various authors, and you can get it in free download on the blog itself soymimarca.com.

The best and worst of the staff branding in 2020 and major trends 2021

This is a book that collects the best and worst also of Personal Branding 2020 along with trends 2021 in personal brand, from this blog. You can find it right here for free at the end of this article.

Personal brand workbook. Street Personal Branding

Personal Brand Workbook it was written by Cláudio Inácio And Andrés Pérez Ortega and it's called yes because it's a book full of exercises. They call it: Personal Branding's first practical book, the truth is that it's a book that has a small cost, but compared to its value it's very profitable and it's worth it that you can read it from home.

Action 03: Sign up for an online course

The third action to do at home is to study online. And this time I propose a course that was created after a congress, the MARCA PERSONAL ONLINE course, piloted by me, by Nancy Vazquez, Helena Casas, Alan Urbina and Isaac García Merino.

Personal Brand Course Online : box

Do the advantages?

  • You can start it whenever you want
  • It is based on the same order as a personal branding process
  • Includes 28 short videos, in total some 10 hours long
  • Includes PDF summarized from each video
  • It only costs 99,99$ (US dollars) but if you buy it through me you have a 10% discounted.
  • You decide the pace you carry based on your workload

Where do I sign up?

The official website is that of course marcapersonal.online, But here you'll get the code for the discount of the 10% and much more information about course objectives and the content of the 28 Lessons.

Action 04: test your digital business skills

In this case it is Alex Lopez who proposes a very interesting test called "Digital Selling", and that can be found on the web, What is it digitalselling.es

And in addition to the test, which measures seven parameters to strengthen our brand and be better connectors and better sellers on social media, you can find various knowledge pills that have great value within this website. The friend and founder of Cyberclick David Thomas, the founder of AlwaysPeopleFirst, Xavi Escales, the commercial trainer Felipe García Rey, my good friend and digital humanist Joan Clotet, a certain Guillem Recolons, the director of Enzymatics Laura Fernandez D'avila, The transformation manager by Novartis Stephane Morel, Nedgia's communication specialist Noelia Sanchez, writer and lecturer Alex Rovira, the Director of the Spanish Institute of Sinergology Eva Garcia Ruiz, my friend Arancha Ruiz and my good friend Alex Lopez (creator of the platform). 

Don't miss it: digitalselling.es

Action 05: Improve your social networks

Not bad, fifth action: Improve your social networks. It's a good time to put order and analyze the value we bring and transmit.

For example: that picture you have in profile still with the dress of the first communion, it would be time to change it and update it, to catch up. And the same with your biography, your value proposition, analyze your keywords, Anyway, and everything related to contacts, networking.

Action 06: Improving our health from home

Here I propose to review a great TED video of Paula Fernández-Ochoa which he presented last year in TEDx Eixample. The video explains how to do a full exercise in just ten minutes and with very little space.

Paula had a red carpet barely a metre and a half in diameter, and with that he had to do a series of exercises that blew everyone away. Here's the video, that breaks the belief that you can't exercise from home: 

Action 07: Subscribe to personal brand blogs

Multi-author blogs

  • First, as multi-author blogs collaborative authors have the Soymimarca, perhaps one of the most complete and with some solera
  • Then you have the one Integra Personal Branding Mexico, which includes collaborations from Integra's own partners (among which I figure along with its founders, Nancy Vazquez And Alan Urbina) and many guests from the LATAM region.
  • And you have the one More than Law, directed by Paula Fernández-Ochoa, where there are very interesting contents of several authors.

Personal brand pioneer blogs

Although today we have many bloggers, starts this section with those who paved the way between 2005 And 2010 (And they're still there): 

Mandatory blogs (in addition to the pioneers)

Many professionals have created their own style, their own methodology and their own way of communicating. I highlight the following:

America exists, and step hard

Of course, America exists. And in addition to existing, contribute more than you think to Personal Branding. In Brazil, Ilana Berenholc, Daniela Viek, Deize Andrade... In Colombia, Raquel Gomez, Johnny Durán, Hector Jimenez, Veronica Sanchez... In Venezuela, Ylse Roa, Fernando Rios, Yi Min Shum... In Peru, Ames Spray, Inés Temple... In Chile, Roberto Arancibia, Gabriel Patrizzi... In the Dominican Republic, Vladimir Estrada.. 

Action 08: Watch personal brand videos

Protagonists-Personal Branding Lab Day-2020-Sq

Here I propose you to watch personal brand videos of all colors, of all typologies and all authors. And why? Because I propose you to go into Personal Branding Lab Day's YouTube channel, personal brand congress.

And there we find more than a hundred videos of many authors and a lot of hours of video. So, it's hard that you can't find content there that doesn't fit what you're looking for.

Action 09: Listen to podcast

Ninth action to do at home: listen to podcasts. When the screens have tired you, you can't read anymore, to see screens, the podcast is a good solution to be able to listen to interesting things.

The truth is that in personal brand we have a subject pending there. There aren't all the authors still on the podcast.. Let's hope this is resolved soon.

podcast guillem recolons

I started in January 2021 with my podcast “Everything leaves Mark”, you can follow from iVoox, Spotify, Apple Podcast Or Google Podcast. I hope you like it..

One of the pioneers is Mireya Trias, to which I recommend you follow and be able to follow their podcasts. And also TED in Spanish, For example, interesting even if it's not strictly personal brand, you learn a lot and help you change some interesting habits.

Add to these proposals the invitation of my colleague from Bogota Raquel Gomez to listen to their Podcast on Mondays across all their networks, and so glimpse more actions for this season. And of course, Paul Adam, a benchmark in personal brand.

And I can't forget about three other podcasts that for me are of reference, the ones in Joan Clotet, Celestino Martinez And Jorge Mas.

And then, in terms of platforms, you've got a lot of. You have from iVoox, Spotify, Apple's own iTunes, Anyway, would extend me, but the podcast is a format that is really hitting hard and will paste even more.

Action 10: Watching movies at home

And last: watch movies at home. No more not letting us out., they don't let us go to the movies, the truth is that we have more options and platforms than ever to do it: Movistar, Orange, Vodafone, Yoigo, Netflix, Hbo, Disney, Apple TV, plus the DVDs we have at home, and besides some of those old VHS do you remember? 

Well, there's a lot to see., mostly classics. In any case, there I leave you these recommendations. Ten actions you can do for your personal brand from home. If you can think of any more, I'll wait for you. Come, See you next week.

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