Have you put your personal brand in observation mode?

Today I continue with the PBLabDay21 category, deconstructing the golden minute of Mireya Trias on the importance of putting our personal brand in observation mode. In case you missed it, I have treated the golden minute of Raquel Gómez, with the title Did you know that a change of narrative can boost your personal brand? and that of Elena Arnaiz, with the title ¿You've forgotten to put your talent into action?

Returning to Mireya, if you have little time, I'll explain in a minute:

Personal Branding in Observation Mode: What do they find when they look for you??

Great question. Mireya talks about how important it is to understand what happens on the other side of our personal brand.. And that is a process that puts us in the mind of the person who seeks us... what will he find??

For me this point is not only essential to obtain a diagnosis of our digital brand, but also to understand what we must activate to improve or maintain that result.

The Three Types of Results About You

Mireya tells us that in Google we can find three types of results:

Own content (or own network)

A website, a blog, a podcast, a video channel. They are contents that you control, since they are in "containers" that are in your hands.

Here we talk about personal marketing, and is effective when two requirements are met: contribution of value and constancy. If you add value but publish from Easter to bouquets, the expectation in the new contents is lost.

It doesn't matter if you post every day, every week, every fortnight, every month or every quarter, maintaining a certain regularity is highly advisable.

Major media

Here Mireya refers to interviews that you may have done in the press, Magazines, Radio, Tv, but it would also include collaborations on blogs or podcasts from other professionals.

It is an excellent result, brings prestige and good visibility and reputation (Well, it will also depend on the medium or professional with whom you collaborate). 

Not long ago, Nagore García Sanz published an articleor explaining how to appear in media that I recommend you read.

We could say that our own contenders are part of our personal marketing, and what appears in the media is the result of what we achieve, pure branding.

As an example, Here you go a mention of Mireya Trias that they do from the Ecoembes website.

Social Media & Media

Here we talk about the third alternative, what are the publications that we can make on social networks, and that increasingly have more echo in Google. I'll give you an example: 

For some time now, our tweets are indexed in Google, also our YouTube videos, and -possibly- soon to index LinkedIn posts, tiktoks and content from other platforms.

Many professionals are choosing to create or curate their content directly on these platforms.. LinkedIn offers its blog (formerly called Pulse) for anyone who wants to have their content repository there. Also their newsleters...

The danger of trusting third parties

Mireya warns, and I'm 100% according to her, that social networks are not ours. We have no control over them, can be merged, become, or even disappear (Google cases +, Tuenti, Came, MySpace...). 

I'll give you an example: for a long time, content creators have relied on a platform called Slideshare, which was acquired by LinkedIn (Microsoft). It was recently sold to Scribd, a premium platform, so now our contents are no longer available as before.

Watch to entrust everything to social networks and social platforms. It may be that one day you have nothing. This week, Zuckerberg has threatened delete Instagram and Facebook of Europe due to privacy protection issues demanded by European authorities.

Do you see it clearly?? It's much better to have "your own network."

Mireya's Golden Minute

Here I leave you the video of Mireya. You see, one minute can contain very valuable ideas. Thank you, Mireya!

I hope you liked this article, if so, don't forget to share it. Here's the episode 59 from the podcast Everything Leaves a Mark with this theme. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, Google Podcast And Apple Podcast.


The voice of my brand, episode 004, Which podcast format best suits your personal brand

Choose a theme that responds to your value proposition and the knowledge you have of it will condition the format. Important: choose a theme that you like very much, because you're going to have to put in many hours.

If you know a lot, you can start by yourself. If you don't, you can join other professionals who know the subject or you can look for professionals to interview (interviews are also a way to reach your customers or prospects). In the episode you will find the most common formats.

Here you have it in iVoox, Spotify Or Apple Podcast.

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