Personal Online brand do you dare to choose the black pill?

Morpheus offers Neo a choice between blue or red pill. Blue will allow you to forget sorrows and stay in virtual reality, while the red one will free him from it and lead him to the painful and cruel real world... do you remember The Matrix?

They've passed 20 Years. And now the real world and the virtual world have merged, offering the best of each... and sometimes also the worst do we accept it? Now there's only one pill, the black one dare you take it?

If you have little time I invite you to watch this video-summary:

Personal Online brand embraces the good side of the black pill

First of all, Personal Online Brand It's a Congress. And as the name suggests, Is Online. Covid19 has rethought many things, and between them is familiarity with the virtual, interactive, Digital, but real. A perfect mix, a black pill that wasn't available in 1999, when The Matrix premiered.

Virtual should not be synonymous with poor. The Quality it's also online. That's why Personal Online Brand it's a paid congress. We have brought together people with a lot of experience in managing large online communities from multiple platforms. They know how a successful broadcast works. And most importantly,, Know bring value.

We have brought together professionals who understand the personal brand management process as a Iceberg, from self-knowledge to the communication plan, going through the design of the personal strategy.

The value proposition of the Personal Online Brand congress

There's something important: who organize and manage this congress have after themselves years of experience in personal branding, digital marketing, communication and event management.

But most importantly, the real value proposition of Personal Online Brand, is that for the first time a REAL itinerary how to approach a personal branding process.

The usual is that the organizers of congresses is that they first look for influential people and then set the presentation schedules at the convenience of each. In this case, has prevailed the value content over the name. And the speakers are specialists in their areas and they have worked together before. They're going to complement their talks, not to repeat concepts.

How the Personal Online Brand Congress Works

Date and times

Monday 4 Thursday 7 May, 2020. 2 hours and 20 minutes a day, among the 9:00AM and the AM 11:20AM in Mexico schedule CDMX (16:00 And 18:20Spanish time h). 7 daily presentations of only 15 minutes with 5 added minutes of Q&A between the audience and speakers.


You can check the agenda here, in total they are 28 Papers. They start at personal brand self-diagnosis (Self), continue in the strategic area, with design of the value proposition and business model and end up in the area of communication, networking and measuring KPI's.

Who you're targeting

The Brand Personal Online congress addresses two audiences:

  1. Professional who need to identify their value proposition, what makes them unique and valuable people. They need to strengthen their digital skills to move in an increasingly complex and changing world. They want to undertake, either within the company they work for or in a project of their own.
  1. Companies who want professionals involved with the brand, eager to represent her proudly in real and digital environments; true brand ambassadors. Companies that need to retain their teams, and embrace a purpose and learn communication tools to get to market more effectively. That translates into trust, Sales, loyalty and attracting talent.

What it takes to sign up

Only two requirements are required to enroll in Personal Brand Online

  • Cravings for improve your career plan or the Branding your company
  • Register and choose one of the three plans (Basic, premium and corporate) on the web with its corresponding payment gateway


From Mexico, Dominican Republic and Spain for the whole planet in Spanish speaking, and from left to right:

speakers Brand Personal Online

Alan Urbina And Nancy Vazquez, founding partners Integra Personal Branding Mexico.

Isaac G. Merino, digital business consultant Quifer Consultants Dominican Republic and Helena Casas And Guillem Recolons project The Human Branding in Spain.


The main deliverable is the same live congress, between the 4 And 7 May, via an online platform whose features will be available to subscribers to the conference days before the broadcast.

In the versions Premium And Corporate it will also be delivered Ebook Congress, A Certification and a user account to view the Videos Congress (who will be in private mode) exclusively after the event.

In the case of the Corporate program, it is also included for companies a Webinar ad hoc for each few weeks after the congress to resolve specific questions about the company sector. In addition, those companies will get special conditions in the procurement of programs of the executive branding, employee advocacy, corporate storytelling and employer branding.

Organization and contact

Anabel Ferreiras, partner and director of Quifer Consultores, is the one who organizes the Personal Brand Online congress from Santo Domingo, Rd. Anabel is also the alma mater of the MADI congress and the Branding Week RD.

The broadcast is managed from Mexico for everyone with the live experience of the Integra Personal Branding team.

For any questions or needs related to subscriptions, please contact Anabel at the post office or by Whatsapp to your number +1 (829) 694-8080.

The black pill is ready

It only requires professionals and nonconformist companies, eager for progress. And let them understand that OFF and ON have already been cast in black, like the end of the movies. All yours, here's the door:


Stock Photos from Puhhha / Shutterstock

It's happened this week.

#BeyondCaos a new edition of TEDx Eixample, this time virtual

Success. More than 750 connected people, with peaks of 260 people and averages of 20′. I didn't know that was good., but the technical manager of the broadcast, Jordi Talleda, founding partner of Linka and the event's unique sponsor, certified it.

Culture, Environment, education and innovation after Covid19. These were the topics covered by the four speakers in very brief talks but of extraordinary quality and better message. Its perpetrators were:

  • Pepe Zapata: Director of TRESC, Community of Culture. Expert in cultural audiences.
  • Alejandro Valdovinos: Telecommunications Engineer, Participates in different clusters related to Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Mobility
  • Eva Forcadell: Neuropsychologist, specialist in neuroscience and education and founder of Memory library.
  • Juanma Freire: Head of scientific affairs at Ferrovial. Physical, Musician, passionate about the sea, dad and open innovation driver.

TEDx Eixample Beyond Chaos

Soon the videos will be available on the TED channel. I'll hang them here and let my blog subscribers know.

Podcast: Personal Brand: A Service Attitude

This week I was interviewed by my colleague Fabian Gonzalez for your YouTube podcast and video. We talked about the personal brand as a service attitude to others.

Maybe the bio I have on my Twitter profile: “S.XXI shoe cleaner version, I like to work for others to shine” it will influence you to place the title. The truth is, I enjoyed your interview., is a close person and, No doubt, one of the personal brand reviews. Here's the version in Spotify podcast. And here's the video:


Reputation crisis podcast

My colleague Rayko Lorenzo, teacher and great digital marketing expert, I “Bundled” to participate in the talk of Entrepreneurs Factory, by Radio Las Palmas. It was great talk with Carlos Jimenez And Presen Simon together to Rayko. The linchpin of the talk was the crisis of reputation, especially online reputation.

talk radio the palms

I invite you here to see the podcast about reputation crisis. Happy week!

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