Signals (no KPI's) of a healthy personal brand

I'm already moving you that a healthy personal brand isn't about having a lot of followers on social media. Although it's not incompatible with that either..

There are some signs, often imperceptible in our day-to-day, indicating that we are making adequate progress.

On the contrary, a disease very typical of the Latin environment, known as #NoFeedback, prevents us from understanding the good or bad pace of our personal brand. Bosses don't give feedback to their teams or teams to their bosses. But with feedback everything is progress, because we can reinforce the positive and minimize or correct the negative.

Here are 10 atypical signs (but true) of a healthy personal brand

  1. You're a crack (or so they say). Your group of friends meets every six months and several people agree to tell you that you are crack from ............………..... (put your specialty here). You'll find it banal, but it's more important than you think: you've been identified as a specialist with a value proposition clear and robust.
  2. Your mother knows what you do.. And not only that, gets you customers. If you're Community Manager (For example) And your mother understands what you do, Prize. Read the dot 1. You're a crack, your mother already said it..
  3. You're devirtualized on top. People you meet on social media want to meet you personally. Attend your presentations, you too to yours, or they send you messages for coffee and devirtualize you (swearing again that refers to moving from the bit world to the atom world).
  4. Don't be ordinary. You go from the ordinary to the extraordinary. You do things that are normal for you, but the people around you consider it a milestone. And you've never given it any importance..
  5. Morriña syndrome. When you're some time out of doing something you usually did, your environment asks if you're okay, if anything happens to you.
  6. Muhammad and the mountain. You're used to looking for customers, and all of a sudden it's the customers looking for you. And not only that, they also find you (healthy personal brand symptom and impeccable SEO).
  7. Your inner Bucay/Coelho. You need Bucay and Paulo Coelho less and less to motivate you. You've learned to do it alone and have your environment do it for you. Never leave your life in the hands of the phrases Mr. Wonderful you find on Facebook, Google, Pinterest...
  8. Walker, yes there's way. You learn how to know your compass and make your way north. It's taken you years to get it., but now you can make quick decisions, Accurate, and without consulting too much with the oracle (nor with GPS).
  9. Chic@ for everything. My grandfather used to tell me that if you want someone to do something, take care of a busy person. When in the office or in your daily work they count on you for any beating, means you've become an informal leader. I agree, you don't get paid for it, but you're influencing from head to toe. And that, in the future, is charged.
  10. It's your touch.. And you thought you didn't have any numbers.. You've been chosen, Yes. It's you. You close your eyes and reopen them, you pinch yourser, it's about you... have you thought it's not luck? Did you think maybe you deserved it.?

Magnificent summary Ana Reyes And Fran Segarra for helping me with your ideas to write these 10 signs of a healthy personal brand.

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23 thoughts on "Signals (no KPI's) of a healthy personal brand”

  1. Blah, Blah, Blah…
    More of the same…
    hahaha, Lie, quite the opposite, good examples and better tips.
    Thank you and a cordial greeting!!

  2. Excellent post. Concise and to the point.
    I have another KPI (which is actually two). “Passionate and authentic”. You love what you do, what you talk about and share with passion and authenticity and that feels for others, the contagions.

  3. Fantastic decalogue, Guillem!
    I loved it from the first paragraph and it has made me (Are)Laugh.
    Greetings from Andorra.

  4. Infinite thanks. The reality is that it's always simpler with simple words and language outside of technicalities, especially for those of us who start. I really like your style directly and without snmaging. Greetings from CDMX


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