Marta's case: personal brand and courage

Personal branding and courage are concepts that, as would be said today, maridan Perfectly. And it's not easy to find them. Today I'm talking about Marta Reina, a brave woman who took a crucial step to find her true self.

I met Marta the 10 November, in the trials of the TEDxLleida 2016, at the Castell Templer in Gardeny de Lleida, a newly recovered SXII compound. Marta was in full rehearsal and her nerves consumed her to the point that she couldn't do it on stage.

But Marta is not a rookie in these lides; as he confessed to me, the last few years he has flown numerous times to talk about his specialty. He's been a cop since 2002 and recognized judicial expert in documentary falsehood and expert in falsehoods on transnational intellectual property crimes by Interpol.

Why was Marta nervous? possibly for the same reason as the speakers who told personal stories of overcoming, Because Martha was about to tell the world the big step she took to go from Being Santi Reina to Martha Queen. Yes, Marta is trans, and a discreet person, dressed discreetly, speaks discreetly.

But don't let anyone make a mistake, discretion hasn't stopped him from perfectly combining personal brand and courage. He had the courage to move from Santi to Marta, and the value of defending the rights of trans people in every imaginable forum. He has had to endure the intolerance of those who think he is better by simply being heterosexual Or, as you sometimes hear, Normal.

Marta, within the multiple barriers he has found in his way, has been lucky. The body of Mossos d'Esquadra, Catalan police, was with her from the first moment. This support is crucial so that this woman can continue to carry out her police work throughout Europe and assume her new role as spokesperson for the trans collective. Personal brand and courage in its purest form.

Marta got over the nerves of the rehearsal and did a perfect talk, Direct, Sincere. I leave you his TED intervention from the past 11 November.

Header and video image: TEDxLleida

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