Personal brand and female leadership: the perfect pairing

Today I have a guest of honor, Ylse Roa, dealing with an extraordinary subject: personal brand and female leadership.

How do you think female leadership relates to personal brand management??

What benefits are obtained by making a conscious exercise of our leadership as women?, applying personal branding strategies?

What actions can we take to increase our levels of authority and trust?, and thus gain greater visibility and a favorable positioning before our audiences?

Of all that and much more we will be talking in this post. So I invite you to join me!!

If you're short on time, here's a one-minute video summary:

Collaborating with Guillem

As sure you know, last week he started a campaign to support Guillem, our dear friend, mentor and colleague, in these days of “involuntary and extemporaneous holidays”.

This project devised by the Professor Vladimir Estrada from Dominican lands, initially to support in the creation of content for your blog; now also covers podcast broadcasts “Everything leaves Mark”. Because we all recognize the friend and extraordinary human being that guillem is, his unquestionable leadership and his ability to inspire and motivate others, now he has a team of volunteers for writing articles for his blog, and with reinforcements in the team that puts voice and edits the broadcasts of your podcast.

And this series of collaborations for the blog could not have had a better start than with this extraordinary Post by Professor Vladimir Estrada. While on the podcast, Until now, we have enjoyed the sympathy and warmth of the voices of Ana Reyes Lorenzo And Helena Casas. And in the edition we have counted on the great Celestino Martinez. That's the way it is., today I am here to send Guillem all my affection, and my best wishes for his speedy recovery.

It is a great privilege and commitment to write in one of the digital spaces on personal branding of greater prestige and trajectory in the Spanish-speaking world. Guillem, your blog, and all its contents in different formats, are a reference for all of us who love to learn and work professionally in the field of personal branding.

Because the friend who summons us weekly to enjoy his blog, his podcast and his famous videos of 1 Minute (in Spanish), is so generous that he not only researches and shares his knowledge and experience, but also disseminates the work of other great professionals.

He is a true expert in building bridges and opening roads., and in generating collaborative spaces around the development and strengthening of personal branding as a discipline, uniting colleagues around the world. And when miles away, colleagues and friends are aligned with the same purpose and values, only projects that recharge batteries can come out.

And #Collaborating WithGuillem it's one of them!

So here I come, adding the warmth and affection of the Venezuelan lands.

I'm Ylse Roa, a Venezuelan and Caracas woman. Consultant and trainer in personal brand and social networks. Passionate about social causes. Permanent apprentice of digital marketing and social media. I believe in the power of education as a life-transforming engine, so as a trainer I am a volunteer in organizations that promote female and community empowerment and leadership. Social entrepreneur with the Digitalized Grandparents project, to foster the economic and social inclusion of older adults through their digital literacy.

That said,, now it does!, let's get into the matter!

Getting closer to the current environment

We are living moments of great challenges. Economic and social crises, War, and a pandemic that surpasses the 2 Years.

At the same time, we live in the era of digital transformation, hyperconnection and infoxication, high and ever-increasing competence in environments demanding the development of soft skills such as personal branding, leadership, flexibility, innovation, strategic thinking, and constant learning.

And women play a leading role in this change of era.. Their leadership in different spheres of daily life is becoming increasingly visible. From the territory of the private, within your family, to public space as a community leader, and that it aspires to increase its percentage of participation in the formulation and implementation of public policies.

Women have conquered important spaces, but the time has come to make his talent even more visible, enhance their innate skills and abilities to manage and lead teams, in such a way that your footprint impacts exponentially and favorably to your environment, increasing their capacity for advocacy and influence.

This will be possible, among other modes, if our students from the earliest youth are trained to be leaders of their own lives, apply personal branding strategies, and creativity is encouraged in them, critical thinking, the love of scientific research, the vocation of service and the will to transform reality.

Leadership and personal brand

In the post Leadership, personal branding and personal branding, that I wrote a few years ago, I expressed the following:

“For me, leadership is the ability of a person to influence and positively impact the lives of other human beings... Both leadership and personal branding, they have their raison d'être from the moment we start interacting with other people, and its main purpose is to be happy with who we are and what we do, for our well-being and that of others. Emphasizing our vocation of service and sense of transcendence”.

Because it is thanks to the exercise of your leadership over yourself, potentially projectable to other people, that you can consciously and strategically manage your personal brand. This will allow you to build credibility and trust, gaining visibility and positioning in the minds and hearts of your audiences.

In this sense, In this Article, Professor Vladimir Estrada argues that “It is impossible to be a leader without a personal brand, because the condition of leader is a personal brand”. That is: if we are leaders, this means that we have become that brand in the minds of those who are led by us.: brand of person to follow for their characteristics, their performances and their results.

However, What are the characteristics that distinguish women when they hold leadership roles??

Female leadership

No doubt, our mothers and grandmothers, innately, have been able to manage and multiply family resources in conditions of scarcity, applying criteria of equality and equity. And we have inherited that potential.. For example, most women have an innate power to negotiate and mediate in conflict environments.

Just imagine a mother with 2 children and a teenager at lunchtime, pet included, preparing a recipe with very few ingredients; and also, with a single computer at home for the whole family, when it comes to doing homework.

Already in the professional and managerial field, a woman can take advantage of her communication skills, and their ability to inspire and motivate others. And in times of pandemic and teleworking, she also manages to care for the seniors in her family, and support your children's homework, immersed in the demands of the digital age.

With this, in no way do I want to promote the idea of women's perfection, as human beings who can handle everything. Because many times, exercise so many roles simultaneously and under pressure, involves great emotional exhaustion and can lead to high health costs.

I think in society, men and women play different roles, we are equally important and have the same capabilities, to contribute to economic development, political and social of our countries. It is necessary to convert this equality of skills into equality of possibilities and opportunities.

The history of 3 brilliant women

Life is a continuous process of growth, of surprises, of challenges. And today I want to tell you a story starring Ana María, Edith and Carmen: 3 wonderful women who have a lot in common.

Ana Maria (20 Years) is studying at the University. You do not know how to identify which are the topics that most attract you in your specialty. Consume a lot of content on Tik Tok, Twich and Instagram, on your smartphone. Has a master's degree in memes, gifs and emojis.

You want to find a job in a transnational company, and that some headhunter gives it a chance. You are in the middle of the career and must develop a business model to pass the subject of entrepreneurship.

Edith (36 Years) is a business executive, With 2 young children and 8 uninterrupted years of work in the same organization. He has always aspired to obtain a management position. Although he has extensive knowledge and experience, in your company the 70 % of these positions are held by men.

Due to the pandemic, has seen how jobs in the company have been reduced. Gradually she has been overloaded with tasks for which she was not hired. The time for her and her family is practically nil. Now she fears being the next to leave the company.. So think about entrepreneurship, as your “plan B”.  

She is the soul of the holidays. Always cheerful and charismatic. She remembers that in college she was happy organizing events.. Use Facebook to stay in touch with your college and college friends. Watch tutorials on Youtube and Tik Tok. Has profiles on Twitter and Instagram, but in private mode.

"Noise in the system": Thinking about the company, Do you think it would be convenient for her to lose a professional like her? Wouldn't it be better to integrate it into your Brand ambassadors?

For his part, Carmen (50 Years) has seen its nest emptied. Their 2 children, of the 21 And 23 Years, have decided to be part of the well-known Caribbean migratory movements. She uses WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, looking to be up to date.

To help yourself financially prepare desserts. Your audience uses foreign currency and digital wallets to pay you. Her children were the ones who supported her in this type of transaction.. She had left the professional practice of her university career when her children were young., to dedicate themselves exclusively to the care of their family.

Now you need to start generating income in a stable way and want to formalize your gastronomic venture. He knows that because of his age the chances of being employed in a company are almost zero.. So right now it's in the process of looking for opportunities..

The meeting...

On a radiant morning of the 8 March, with a cloud-free blue sky, only the sound of macaws is heard, that when flying they break the silence of a city that barely wakes up. In every home, the mixed aromas of freshly strained coffee and steaming arepas, indicate that it is time to have breakfast.

Ana Maria, Edith and Carmen have an appointment in the central auditorium of the University, where the II fair of women entrepreneurs seeking financing for their projects is held, and where small samples of their products are offered. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people interested in the same topics.

The evaluation team of the ventures is integrated by: Pedro Perez, Dean of the Faculty of Economics; Juan Rodriguez, Coordinator of Social Responsibility Projects of one of the most important private companies in the country; and by Víctor Gámez, Marketing Manager and representative of the banking sector.

Pause... pause... What things, No? At a women's entrepreneurship fair, all jury members are men. Mmmmm...

But, returning to our history, what do these have in common? 3 Women?

Although they live different stages, each of them faces processes of change that merit the development and empowerment of soft skills such as personal branding, leadership, and innovation as an expression of their creativity together with their transformative will. Either to insert for the first time in the labor market, to achieve a promotion, or to start your own businesses.

I believe that Edith and Carmen need to strengthen their digital skills. But I am sure that for all of them it is fundamental., among other things, learn and apply branding and personal marketing strategies.

What do you think about it?? We will return to them (and with them) within a few minutes.

Keys to developing and managing your personal feminine brand

☑️ Get to know yourself, self-directing, trust in your abilities. Identify your values, mission and vision, as well as your strengths and areas for improvement. Take inventory of your key resources.

Some women, at the moment when they must face new situations (as a promotion, or have their own businesses), show their insecurities, assume a passive attitude or do not clearly express their feelings and needs, often responding to cultural patterns, educational and family; even if they have extensive knowledge on the subject. You must not act like this.

☑️ Identify your goals

It may be difficult on a first try., but you can start by delimiting where you don't want to be and what you don't want to do. That will help you focus on what you do want.

☑️ Develop your personal business model

In this Post, Guillem explains it very well. I will not saturate you with more text than necessary if I can refer you to this great expert.

☑️ Define your value proposition.

In this highly competitive and changing world, that rewards homogeneity are you able to identify what makes you unique and differentiates you from the rest of the people? And when I talk about homogeneity, I mean the people who have as a marketing strategy, follow all the trends to apply them to the tracing, leaving aside its originality and authenticity.

Watch for example the viral videos where the protagonist applies lip sync (a term used to describe the synchronization of lip movements with spoken or sung vowels, thus simulating singing or speaking live). I've seen cases where you don't even know the true voice of the profile manager on the social network..

Or the dances with the same songs, and everything that the platforms themselves suggest to content creators so that the algorithm “favor them”, with which they end up being the “copy of the copy”.

Do you know how to recognize what your target audience is?? What problems do you solve or improve? What needs do you meet?? What opportunities do you generate?? And how do you do all that??

Because I think:

It is our responsibility to design a personal strategy to influence and influence, in the way we are perceived by others, so that they know, Think, Create, Trust, in that we are the best option.

Ylse Roa

Do you agree?

By the way: about the value proposition, in this blog you have many contents of a true expert in this field. And of course, I also recommend reading his excellent book If you don't contribute, you don't matter“.

☑️ Conduct market research, to know the supply and demand of your products and services.

Because if you don't know what it takes out there, How will you be able to know if what you do and know how to do works?, and someone is needed? Or what is the same, How will you know if you have the courage to contribute??

☑️ Develop a strategy and a communications plan where the tone of voice and personality of your brand are defined and well implemented.

Because your brand's voice will speak to your potential customers, and she will be the one who convinces them to hire you. That voice must be present everywhere., and above all, in the digital spaces they frequent and where they will find you; therefore, you must speak to them very well through it. And this includes (many people fail in this detail of communication) The correct use of emojis and emoticons, as indicated by the RAE.

☑️ Create your community. Generate strategic alliances through networking, and always apply netiquette when working online.

Very important: combine off and on. There is a reason why it is said so much that the Internet is the window of talent, Truth? But talent doesn't live on the net, just connect and work through it. Just as you treat others well face to face, so you should do it online.

☑️ Measure results, depending on the goals you want to achieve

Like any project, the management of your personal brand follows the stages of the administrative process: Planning, organization, direction and control. If you don't manage it, you will not be able to advance; at least, not as much as you would if you managed it. It's that simple.

In addition to the above, in my participation in the Personal Branding Lab Day 2021, I referred to these other key aspects:

☑️ Focus and method.

Focus on your goals. Design a methodology that helps you structure your ideas, systematize and improve your work processes, and save time.

Having focus is also very important when designing your value proposition.

As Professor Estrada says in his post Personal brand and value proposition: “refocusing the focus”:

“This is the following: shifting our attention to a large group of topics, towards a smaller figure, reasonable and manageable of them (2 Or 3 at the most), which allows us to devote much more time to each topic, increased attention, and more intellectual resources, Emotional, relational and volitional (and also financial, when necessary; that not everything - not always- involves investing money). 

... The more topics your value proposition includes, less value you can contribute in each topic”.

Is that clear, Truth?

☑️ Initiative and action.

Do what you can with what you have (so he left it said Theodore Roosevelt, the popular President # 26 of the United States). Don't wait any longer and create the opportunities.

☑️ Utility and flexibility.

Deliver what your environment needs. Identify market needs, your target audience's problems, and adapt your value proposition to existing demands. And of course!, be willing to change your proposal when those demands change!

☑️ Ask for feedback, so you can improve.

Because if your value proposition is meant to solve others' problems, only they can tell you how well you're doing... or not. Get out of your bubble. Ask for feedback as often as you need it.

And when we are students?, what else can we do?

And how senior talent, what would be the route to travel? 

By the way: in the latter topic, I invite you to follow closely the excellent work of the renowned Spanish expert Colia Hil.

If you are part of these two collectives (students and seniors) it will be very useful to you:

☑️ Make your value proposition visible through the creation of digital content, that are framed within your content marketing plan.

☑️ Follow the companies in the sector in which you aspire to work and add value, and its main managers and collaborators.

☑️ Make interesting comments on your social media posts. Interact with content creators

☑️ Assess the needs and problems of that sector and those companies, and offer an interesting and useful proposal that improves or solves those problems and meets their needs.

☑️ Maintain an attractive and useful online presence, participating in thematic groups and forums.

☑️ Create and strategically and systematically manage digital spaces such as: a blog, Podcast, audio rooms, Youtube channel, Etc

But it's not just about generating digital content in different formats. It is essential to create a community of people loyal to your brand, which requires, in addition to proposing contents, interact constructively with the people who constitute their target audience.

☑️ Be in constant learning.

Because in a change of era like the one we live in today, and that it will stop at nothing or anyone, changes in all topics happen almost daily. And if you don't keep learning every day, in a short time you will be outdated and out of the market... and you will be solely responsible for that.

I share with you this infographic that I have prepared for you, as a summary.

What maybe they had never told you, about when you start managing your personal brand

No, there are no magic results. Within a period of 6 To 12 Months, and if you work consciously, strategically and systematically, you will begin to see the first expected benefits. And its consolidation will take you even longer.

Implement branding and personal marketing strategies, Requires:

☑️ High doses of self-leadership.

☑️ Commitment, will and courage.

☑️ Effective time and resource management to increase your productivity.

☑️ Have a vocation for service. Because as I expressed in this Post:

“In the development of a personal branding strategy the focus is not on you, but in the audience you are addressing, through your value proposition; to meet your needs, alleviate your problems, improve your life.

Without forgetting the fundamental purpose of personal brand management, what is the search for transcendence, leaving a legacy, to become the agent of change that society needs”.

And keep in mind, Also, the following:

On many occasions you will need to close doors so that other windows open. I mean, you must close cycles, get away from people who will no longer make the journey with you because they are not aligned with your new vision and mission. Maybe you'll start the journey with unknown people, but related to your new self.

For some, the fact that you manage your personal brand on social networks and other digital media, it will be just a matter of self-centeredness and waste of time.

That's why you'll need to cover your body with raincoats that are resistant to negative comments and destructive reviews., that will come mainly from the familiar environment you are leaving behind.

But, what to do when you're asked:

What is that about personal branding?? How come now “overnight” you are a digital content creator? Do you now want to be the member? “famous” of your family?

That's when you should preferably have on hand, and very well “learned by heart”, Your elevator speech (Yes, the famous elevator Pitch that you've probably read or heard of), to translate or explain “with plasticine” your value proposition, you for what and your why. Because obviously, dear friend, who does not know needs to learn. And if they question you like that, they need it; and it is up to you to give them the light they are missing.

Some mistakes to avoid

⚠️Not defining objectives or goals. For those who don't know where they're going, any path is good... including, the ones that take you to the worst places.

⚠️Not performing an analysis of your current situation, to discover your strengths and areas for improvement, nor an analysis of the environment, to identify existing threats and opportunities.

⚠️Not auditing your digital spaces, if you already have them. You need to know how they are working and what you need to improve on them.

⚠️Not optimizing your online profiles. For example:

🎯Use private mode: what do you communicate? (and above all, To Who) when you are inaccessible?

🎯Profile picture: very old photography or different photographs on each of the platforms. How will you be recognized??

⚠️Being afraid to be visible, or not knowing enough to create interesting and useful content for your audience, your target audience. And therefore, you think your content is not worth sharing, or you don't deserve the good that could happen to you if you show your unique value proposition.

⚠️Spamming, via direct messaging and comments. No one likes to be bothered.

⚠️Open profiles on all social networks, without knowing where your prospects are, what types of content they prefer and consume, and in which formats.

⚠️Try to please all tastes; and for following all trends, create a character who shares content you don't like, and that fit into formats where you do not feel comfortable and are not authentic or original.

⚠️And what about those who are “Take advantage” of trends and create memes “Funny” of embarrassing events, that promote violence and all kinds of anti-values.

 How is your reputation?, your brand image, by promoting these types of messages?

⚠️Don't ask for help, or let yourself be helped. Your personal brand is, and brand, because there are other people out there; especially, considering that we are women and we must collaborate with each other to help us take our rightful place. Don't try to grow up alone.

⚠️Have a passive attitude. You need to take the initiative and take action. Learn to fish. I repeat it to you: don't wait any longer and create the opportunities you deserve.

⚠️Dismiss or ignore the importance of networking and creating a community.

A single stick does not make mountain. So avoid isolating yourself.

☑️ Connect with trade associations, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the chambers of commerce of your locality.

☑️ If you are a student, connect with other educational institutions that teach your specialty. Meet your student and teacher leaders.

☑️ Seeks to generate strategic alliances. Participate in and organize face-to-face and online events.

And when you see the picture clearly, opens paths. Be a true leader, and make the wheel of inspiration and motivation turn also for others and others. And as I like to say, always know the opportunity offered to those around you. Women are very good at that.: we love to help.

The outcome

And what happened to the 3 ladies when they arrived at the fair?

In the event they saw different presentations that addressed topics such as the canva business model, leadership and personal branding.

They were shocked to understand the importance of personal branding.

His eyes were shining with joy., because they met other entrepreneurs with the same interests. They no longer felt alone!!

They exchanged views, knowledge and experience; as well as their phone numbers and their users on social networks.

Ana María met the representatives of the student center of another university present at the event. With them he scheduled a meeting to learn about the projects they have in the area of entrepreneurship, and is already working to integrate into that ecosystem.

Edith and Carmen became friends, connected from their many points in common, exchanged addresses, and took notes of the requirements to opt for financing for their future ventures, as well as the websites of the institutions present.

The 3 contacted the personal brand consultant and speaker present at the event, to start working with her on her individual personal branding projects.

Do you recognize yourself? (or someone else) in one of these three women? Or does his curious case sound familiar to you?? I'd love to know!, and also to them! 


In this post I wanted to reflect how personal branding and female leadership can make a perfect combination, if we know how to manage your integration, and we take action. .

As you may have noticed, I've shared some strategies that can help you move forward, regardless of your age, or your gender; but my goal today is, chiefly, the female audience, my female colleagues, without desdorar at all to the knights. 're You, woman What I are reading Now same

It is important that you make your value proposition visible, What The Bands, in the best sense of this concept: make it available to its potential beneficiaries. To build credibility, authority and trust, and that you can position yourself in the minds and hearts of your customers as the preferred option, it is important that you start developing and managing your personal brand right now.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as a perfect time. Avoid excuses and start doing what you can today, with what you have, with what you have, as he very well states in this educational post the renowned expert in personal branding Andrés Pérez Black-bellied sandgrouse

Remember that the best time to develop, manage and enhance your personal brand, is now!

I hope you liked this post and found it useful. If so, I invite you to share it!

What other actions could the women protagonists of this story implement?? Or you, if you went through the same thing? Do we talk about it??

Here's the podcast content, the episode 67 of Everything leaves a Mark dedicated to Personal Brand and Female Leadership, that this time I have recorded and edited myself (recovering sensations). Listen to it on iVoox, Apple Podcast Or Spotify.

Stock Photos from Douglas Olivares / Shutterstock (Caracas, Venezuela)

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