Personal Brand and Senior Talent, a good combination, by @CeliaHil

Today we deal with an issue that affects me, it concerns me and I am passionate about it: the importance of personal branding in senior professionals. What is that senior? A small euphemism meaning "people over fifty". And that's why it affects me., it concerns me and I am passionate about it.

And I'm lucky enough to have my colleague as a guest on my blog., friend and expert in senior talent and personal branding Colia Hil (pronúnciese "célia il”). 

Cèlia has been helping séniors to combat the ageism Labour (age discrimination) giving them strategies and tools to recover their self-esteem, catch up, and get back on their feet putting their experience and motivation in value.

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If you're short on time, here you have a video trailer of 1 Minute (in Spanish):


When the teacher Vladimir Estrada asked me for a post for Guillem Recolons In #Collaborating WithGuillem, I didn't think about it for a minute. Someone who is always generating valuable content for the world of PERSONAL BRANDING and from which every day I continue to learn with their posts, Podcast, book... deserves a little bit of my time 😉

Here I deal with the PERSONAL MARK, but focused on the SENIOR TALENT, which is my purpose for years; I hope you are interested.

Senior Branding
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The senior stage, the socio-economic environment and access to employment

That every day we live more years, not a secret right? In fact, in Spain, there is a life expectancy of the highest on the planet, above the 83 years and rising. This longevity makes institutions such as the United Nations (UN), foresee that for 2050, one in each 6 People in the world (16% of the population) will be over 65 years old, compared to one in 11 in 2019 (9%).

Source Chart: Ine 2018-2068 Sex and age projections
Source: Ine 2018-2068 Sex and age projections

In principle, we all want to live a long time, and more now that we have more years of quality of life. A new stage has been created in old age with health, desire to do things, Active... understanding frailty for some cases at older ages.

This longevity is a challenge for institutions and society at large., that can be seen as a problem or as an opportunity: Pension, Care, Costs... but it also opens a new line of business for all those who focus on the Silver Economy Or Silver Economy. In Spain, the weight of the population +50 will exceed the 50% In 2050, vs. 25% in 1970 (Senior Consumer Barometer in Spain. Ageingnomics. Mapfre Foundation). This same source also tells us that the Silver Economy (+50), has already reached the 29% of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) In 2015, and its weight in the economy will be increasing.

Gràfico ailver economy UE Fundación MAPFRE's Ageingnomics Barometer
Sources: Barometer Presentation Fundación MAPFRE's Ageingnomics / Youtube

At the same time we see how we will have to work more years, and yet, companies practically do not hire anyone today with more than 50 Years. A source like the Adecco Foundation, tells us that more than half (52%) of recruiters, discard the resumes of the elders of 55 years automatically.  This, For me, Is ageism or age discrimination. The senior must enter into all that is the Hidden Market of employment or opting for undertake, if you want continue to chain projects; for which, the management of your Personal Brand with strategy, Or Personal Branding, it can be very useful to publicize your Value Proposal, and thus achieve that visibility that brings you closer to a new Employment, or customers and sales, whether you have undertaken.

The personal brand of the senior

We always repeat that the Personal Branding begins with an introspective phase of Self, to know what our strengths are, Weaknesses, Talents, what motivates us... and then move on to generate our Value Proposition; and that only in the last phase, we would talk about how to communicate it. But in this post I will focus on this last stage, for practical reasons in order to win the Visibility what the Senior Talent so that he continues to be counted on.

Mentoring senior talent
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For me it is good that the Senior work your Personal Brand Offline in meals/meetings with people of interest, giving lectures, attending radios, writing a book, doing an article in a newspaper or magazine in your sector...

But in this Digital Age, The Senior Personal Branding Online it's key; then have your own Blog, channel of Youtube, A Instagram for your most social and human side, And Twitter to connect with the news and through the Hashtags officers being able to interact with TV shows or events (Fairs, Congresses, Seminars...), A Podcast, very rising today because it allows us to learn while walking, we do sport, Traveled... can bring you closer to many collaborations or employment or entrepreneurship projects.

But without a doubt, the professional network Linkedin is the most suitable as a base network for the +50 work your Professional and Digital Personal Brand in an environment that groups more than 830 millions of people from all over the world, and a click away from more than 58 million Company Pages with which to do business, in which to invest, Buy, work, sell...

LinkedIn as an environment for Senior Personal Branding

LinkedIn allows us to have a personal profile to explain what our trajectory has been, what is our training, Experience, Competences, Languages, who recommends us, or what content in the image, video or PDF we want to highlight to communicate our worth and project confidence and professionalism, which is key to doing any business or to getting to a job interview. It also has many job offers in the style of a traditional Job Portal. But for me, its power is in Afford proactively generate opportunities for us, with the people of our interest that through the advanced searches we can find, and the networking Digital with people from other regions or countries.

I detail some LinkedIn features that can help us give visibility to our Value Proposal and for the Personal Branding in general:

  • The possibility of doing articles on his blog (Press)
  • Make a video presentation 30" in profile picture
  • Record a audio pronouncing our name and sending audio messages
  • Create, as we said, the "Featured" with audiovisual material
  • Create a Company Page to also work on our project as a company or corporate brand
  • Create a Services Page and thus be able to be found when looking for professionals with our expertise and the services we offer
  • Activate that we are in active job search, even if we are entrepreneurs or have a job
  • Do surveys to get to know our audience more
  • Create a group to generate more engagement in our community
  • Do live videos adding value to our Know-how, interviewing someone, a Round Table...
  • Have a newsletter, so that with the frequency you have defined, your subscribers receive the newsletter you want to send them
  • You can now request that you take into account your Podcast, if you have it...
  • Etc.

As I always say in the lectures I give,

Linkedin is our showcase to the business world, and our window

Colia Hil

As you can see, this powerful professional network offers many possibilities to manage our Personal Brand, and thus continue to generate opportunities for Employment Or Business For the/the +50. Do you dare to try them? 😉

If you want to listen to it, here's the episode 72 from the podcast Todo Deja Marca, In iVoox, Spotify And Apple Podcast.

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4 thoughts on "Personal Brand and Senior Talent, a good combination, by @CeliaHil”

  1. Hello Celia and Guillem,

    What a great entrance.. and about which we are seniors or as I like to say to my: perSONas with a plus of experience and desire to continue active because let's not forget that we have another plus and that is that … Ok! yes we are the generation of the olivetti typewriter but we have known how to adapt to the internet and all that entails, so flexibility and adaptability we also have as good soft skills of the present and the future.

    Moving forward, a hug


    • Thank you Mirka for your words!
      Totally agree with you. Hopefully the new generations have the ability to adapt to the changes that we are experiencing. Cèlia has managed to make this blog better than it was, contributing their courage and experience to help senior talent not give up a decent job… a dignified life.
      A strong hug!!

  2. You are generosity personified Guillem 😉

    You are unique in turning a collaboration FOR YOU into an action in which you MAKE US SHINE TO THE COLLABORATORS.
    You really are the “Twenty-first century lanterns”.
    THANK YOU for everything you contribute Guillem!!!

    A hug from the Penedès

    Take care


    • They say it is well born to be grateful., dear Cèlia. And you are, reading, Assimilating, putting in value our contents referring to personal brand, future of work, senior talent, Rr. Hh, Linkedin…

      Gràcies Cèlia! Una forta abraçada i… salut!


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