Human Marketing I: Because we are not customers or consumers, we're people

I leave you the series of articles that talk about a new perspective on marketing, we call it Human Marketing. They are collaboratively written by Pablo Adam and Guillem Recolons.

How many times have we heard that well-sounding reflection that a new era comes. Well, don't stare because it's already arrived. I guess if you're still alive, you'll have noticed..

marketing humano

In recent weeks we have been working on two interesting projects, one of them focused on product marketing and the other on consumer marketing.

The first is from a large shoe manufacturer, innovative and technological, global and a brand recognized among consumers; product marketing. The second works on a series of events and activities for a large city; citymarketing.

Based on the first of the projects we have reflected on the need to interpret a new scenario on which to design new strategies. That scenario can be intuited but it is still defining and structuring. Lacks measurement parameters, still has no rules. It's the things of change, product and market.

And with regard to the second, the goal is one hundred percent consumer; look for what they like and generate assistance and satisfaction.

Until now, in a product approach, innovation criteria prevail, design and technology, while in a consumer approach they count above all the identification and satisfaction of the wishes and needs of the predetermined public.

At the same time and from the advice of personal brand SOYMIMARCA, in recent meetings we have also been talking about certain cases in which the parallelism between product marketing and personal branding are not supported.

What a mess between cities, products and people.

Reasoning about all this we think it's time to think that if everything has changed the stage, marketing has also done so.

Bye bye marketing gave us a first clue about the new dimension of the 4 Pes, and then the recent and excellent marketing 3.0 of the Kotler, that keeps the man as business center. We hadn't realized that the fifth was missing. Q, people. Well, what we are proposing here is not a Qmore or one more or one Q Less, but a new marketing approach: The Human Marketing.

A marketing between people, peers, horizontal and productless. Who thinks of people as the beginning and end of this relationship transaction, knowledge and values. Marketing based on respect and the presumption of intelligence, beyond statistics, likes and preferences. A marketing claimed by the new market, between personal brands, where the poles of the relationship, before brands or consumers, they're human.

A marketing that should be Humanize, from below, the market and its relationships. A marketing generater of value among people. And we didn't quite believe that "marketing" Morehuman", we chose to talk about a new concept: Human Marketing, without more and without less.

The Human Marketing it's a way of doing marketing that doesn't have 4 Pes But 4 Ces : Believe, Trust, Collaborate, Communicate.

Because we are not customers or consumers, we're people. Because you have to humanize marketing, and because you don't just need marketing More Human, but a real Human Marketing.

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