Human Marketing III: question of trust

The tremendous impact on various social forums that is generating this new twist to marketing (#human marketing) was somewhat predictable, although it does not cease to amaze us the ease and enthusiasm with which this proposal is being taken on board, which rather than changing the point of view than the New marketing has of the New market what it intends is to change the approach itself. This is; overcoming the marketing concept of company/product/consumer/person towards a new person/person dimension.

The construction and development of the personal branding has a lot to do with this new scenario. Personal brands strengthen social and economic relationships with values.

This implies that people become aware of its value as a brand, not as a product or customer. The difference goes far beyond the lexical. The difference is emotional authenticity.

I can make a product and give it emotions. It's really easy, that's what advertising is for. It is an inanimate being, unable to communicate per se. Arguments and advertisers communicate by him or by the brand.

However, when we talk about people we talk about particularities, of life experiences, sensory and emotional. It is reality in its purest form.

People build their brand from values, skills and differences. And also of a promise of value based on trust. Trust is in a way an accepted hypothesis about the future behavior of the other.

What role does trust play in human marketing?

The role that trust plays in human marketing is two-way. It is of generator origin but also receiver.

The first of them creates a system of interactions where my brand, my values, my skills and my differential arguments act creating an environment of respect and cordiality to govern personal and professional relationships.

The second returns the trust received and acts as a catalyst for relationships.

This relationship marketing, between people and between values, human marketing, needs the confidence to be viable and practiced.

Build credibility to pass on your promise of value. Build trust to predict satisfaction. Use satisfaction to amplify and extend your model.

We can say that thanks to trust, it is possible to assume a certain degree of regularity Andpredictability in social actions, simplifying the functioning of society. And this is a lot to say.

Leaving aside the functionalism of this proposal we can affirm like other authors that trust is the basis of all the Institutions, and also acts as a contrast to the Power, forcing it to conform to one's expectations.

The loss of confidence usually comes from emotional exhaustion. This occurs when our promise of value has not met the expectation in the form or time envisaged. And you know how hard it is to get it back..

Do you believe in the power of trust? Do you believe in Human Marketing?

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1 thought on "Human Marketing III: question of trust”

  1. I salute the excellent article on personal marketing,so I also allow myself to comment that I would see it not necessarymemte as a “new dimension” if not rather as a return on the walked, or in any case a “back to the future” , since it is only in the person-person relationship that the levels of fluid and bidirectional communication can be given,, since it is only in the person-person relationship that the levels of fluid and bidirectional communication can be given, that allow to feed the needs of the client or user.
    Mario Ramirez Ruiz


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