Human Marketing IV: Collaborating is key

We started this fourth installment of "Human Marketing" remembering the four "C": Believe, Trust, Collaborate and Communicate. Today we focus on an important "C", Collaborate.

It is mandatory to refer to Kotler and its "10 principles of new marketing", in which he cites the collaborative marketing and defines it as a marketing that evolves from the transactional (1950) and relational (1980) and whose central axis is collaboration with the customer - the person- together create new and unique ways to generate Value.

We will remember that at the beginning of marketing, known as transactional marketing, the company defined and created value for consumers. The advent of relational marketing meant that the company should attract, develop and retain profitable customers.

But the great success of the "C" of collaborating is that the company finally has the people –customers- when designing and distributing your ideas. The company invites outsiders to jointly develop ideas that can then generate new services or new products. Only in this way are phenomena such as Wikipedia understood, the largest collaborative encyclopedia that exists. Only in this way is it understood that we can choose the same watch model with 15 bracelets of different colors. Only in this way is it understood that there is in food stores the possibility to choose dark chocolate with chili, with orange, with raspberry, with mint, with cinnamon, and with one more mountain of flavors.

People are no longer content to buy a watch, we want a custom watch, make it almost exclusive to us.

The reality of Web 2.0, a phenomenon Collaborative par excellence, facilitated more direct contact between companies and individuals thanks to blogs, social media and the increased use of storytelling as an element of emotional communication. If I try a new chocolate flavor, I go into the manufacturer's website or blog and give them my opinion. That's hard for me. 30 Seconds, When 20 years ago was a weeks-old process.

If a brand convinces me by a very low price but without providing me with other values, for me it will be a simple commodity, but it will never reach the brand category, because you will lack the emotional bond.

This new approach to business activity implies a growing approach to people or customers, an area of continuous and positive collaboration. It's an opportunity that neither business nor people should waste, one of the most human aspects of marketing.

But we're still going further. The collaborating spirit must be transferred from company-client management to collaboration between people.
True human marketing, collaborative, proposes a universal humanist principle of knowledge-based collaboration between people, respect, synergy and the spirit of personal development, growth and learning.

Let's not just stay at the business or market level, new marketing isn't just about a change of direction, but in moving to a new dimension, relational and conceptual in nature.

We'll keep an eye on talking about the last "C.", communicating. Next week without fail. Don't forget to follow the debate on Twitter with the hashtag #marketinghumano

Guillem Recolons and Paul Adam / Personal brand consultants

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