Human Marketing V: The fourth C is Communicate

In addition to establishing our personal brand, built and built on real values, and on a vital argument consistent with who we are and with our aspirations, human marketing establishes relationships between people, between personal brands.

Both the aspects of visibility and attitude are the basis of a communication strategy. Communication between people is a condition sine quanon for human marketing activity.

We live in an increasingly complex society. And we are not referring to the last few years., No. Society has been evolving for a million and a half years, And until today it has not stopped doing it. That's for sure., at an ever-increasing rate.

From the appearance of the first homos until today, Language has always lagged behind the need for its use, Until modern man has built in recent centuries a language system so complex that we have learned to use it even to work deception..

That is why the complexity of language does little to help establish relationships in human marketing., Marketing between people, if we do not make proper use of it.

  • The brand must be consistent
  • The intention must be sincere
  • Communication must support it

So that, And starting from the premise that we are brands and that we transmit, will it not be inevitable to control that communication?? Your control, Their learning and practice is exercised on three levels of our personal dimension.:

  1. What you see
  2. What you hear
  3. What is perceived

1. What you see.

What you see represents the image, Responsible for the first level of impact. It consists of the physical aspect, but also of our way of transmitting the message, in the non-verbal aspect. The Kinesia, The gestures that support my message, The look that makes him sincere, the palpable demonstration of our qualities in the form of a business card or business. And the proxemia that places me in that intimate or social distance

2. What you hear.

The tone of voice, if you express security or fear, frankness or doubt. Our verbal ability, that supports respect, Knowledge and courtesy. Intonation, The liveliness and musicality of my message. Make it entertaining, pleasant. It's the level paralinguistic, that of sound resources.

3. What is perceived.

Energy, Openness, Credibility, Trust,... Our Value Promise. It is the fruit, The result of the previous, But it is also the ultimate goal of a personal brand., and the structural fund of human marketing.

The interrelation between personal brands, and its human conceptual sense, Reality-based, Sincerity and trust have the ultimate goal of settling into social memory, that part of our brain that is destined to remember after being identified and admitted.

For this, memory uses the filter of perception. And it will decide if we have become part of a collective memory., and therefore to be among those called to interrelate in the marketing of people and perceptions. Human marketing.

Pablo Adán and Guillem Recolons / Personal brand consultants

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