Personal brand diagnosis 7: Digital identity on social media

In the 6 previous chapters have focused on perceived identity (external feedback), in its own (self-diagnosis tests) and in the digital identity by name.

This chapter discusses the digital identity on social media. And in the next we'll try the most complex but effective, our digital identity by keywords.

If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video-summary:

Social media is not social media

To clarify concepts, social media Or social media refers to the set of online platforms and tools through which users can create content and interact.

That includes social media, but also corporate networks, Blogs, sharing platforms (Slideshare, Flickr), discussion forums, virtual worlds, Multimedia (Youtube, Vimeo, Spotify), Geolocation (Facebook Places, Foursquare, Waze), social scoreboards, social games, product or service critical sites... Source: Nagore García Sanz.

What appears when someone writes your name on social media?

Analyzing our digital identity (and our online reputation) by name in generalist search engines is not enough. It's possible that someone is talking bad (or either) us on social media and that's not detected by the big seekers.

That's why I find this exercise interesting, that allows us more knowledge about us, often based on external opinions that can be positive, neutral or negative.

Searching well in search engines

As a pre-search step on social media, it's worth getting the most out of the generalist searchers, that offer us very valuable options.

The 90% netizens do simple search on search engines. No quotes or brackets, without 2nd or 2nd name, without linking the name to an activity (For example, Juan Martinez + Human Resources).

And not only that. Tools such as time-requiring are not often used (Months, Years), search for books, Flights, Shops, News, Maps, Images, Videos, Languages. Or simply the powerful engines of Advanced search.


  • Guillem Recolons on maps: Having set up a personal brand profile in Google My Business, you can see it on Google Maps (is one of the social media) my radio of activity. It is free and does not require viewing an address or a phone (set up as a brand).
  • Eva Collado in news: It's the official media appearances (doesn't consider blogs). Very useful to know the reach of a personal brand above personal marketing itself. Being there is due to a key factor: the strength of a person's brand based on their value proposition, your positive reputation and online identity.
  • Francisco Warden in pictures: Very useful for "putting a face" on a person you know. It usually collects portraits of profiles of social media, but also images related to them published on blogs, News,….
  • Andrés Pérez Ortega in videos: In videos, search engines go beyond YouTube, Vimeo, Etc. and they also find videos hosted on blogs, which gives a very broad result (see the case of Andrew) and recommends this support (the blog) above anyone among the social media.
  • Tom Peters in books: Searching the book sub-section, Until 100 specimens have been found of Peters, including translations...
  • Solomon Asch in thesis: If you search for a person (+) the word "thesis", Google moves you to Google Academic and you'll be asked for all the information about its thesis.

Focus on search by name on social media

In the case at hand, all social media has a search engine (or should). For example, blogs - to my understanding- they should have a search engine and publication date to put the content in temporary context.

Some social networks, In addition, they have advanced search engines, which allows for better need and usually gives the desired result. It is not the same to look for Juan Martínez in Linkedin to look for it by specifying parameters as a 2nd level contact,Madrid, and who works at NetApp, which will lead you to a unique result.

Advanced search on Twitter is as spectacular as it is unknown, and allows filtering by multiple parameters (Words, Accounts, Filters, interaction and dates). In total, Until 15 filters supports the network in these searches. For example, I have searched by user "Guillem Recolons" the phrase "Everything leaves mark" between 2013 And today with this result and this tweet from Andrew of 2013:

Switching social media, we can use the Wikipedia search engine to find a profile of a colleague like Neus Arqués. We can find more than 100 marketing essays, personal brand… searching Slideshare for Professor Vladimir Estrada.

Also find several articles involving my colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa looking for his name in the newspaper Expansion. Newspaper search engines are often very accurate.

In short, we can find a lot better if we go into social media search engines.

In the next chapter I'll look at our digital identity by keywords. Happy week.

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4 thoughts on "Personal brand diagnosis 7: Digital identity on social media”

  1. Hello Guillem,
    First of all, congratulations on your videos, I love the perspective and focus you offer on your content.
    I'm closely following the latest digital identity posts and videos you share, very interesting. I have done the tests and diagnoses that you pose in one of your last posts and I always learn something new. They've even helped me reflect and get to know myself better.

    Moreover, thank you for the mention in this post.

    I wish, like every Sunday, the next video about personal brand and digital identity to keep learning and growing with your content.

    A hug,
    Nagore García Sanz (Communication & Social Media)

    • Hello Nagore!
      Thank you for your content and for inspiring a part of this post. We all learn from everyone, and it's always worth mentioning to colleagues who have helped clarify concepts.
      Every weekend I try to be scoring the date with my digital alter ego ;-)
      Thank you so much for writing on the same blog, it's a habit that's going to be lost.
      A hug,


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