Golden Minutes: A Recap of Personal Branding Day 2023

Today I bring you an express summary of the golden minutes of Personal Branding Day 2023, that took place yesterday and that, In my subjective opinion,, It was a resounding success.

I'm going to create a tweet (even if Elon Musk doesn't like that word) for each intervention.

Here's a one-minute teaser video ;-)

If you prefer to listen to it, here's the episode 152 of the podcast Everything leaves a mark on iVoox, Apple Podcast, Spotify, Amazon Music Or Google Podcast.

Golden Minutes Personal Branding Lab Day 2023

Alan Urbina

"If you can't give good directions to a person, How do you expect to efficiently handle an AI model?? Preparation and clarity are key, Like playing a violin and having music come out of it, no noise" @soyalanurbina #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Alfredo Vela

"Not using technology leaves us behind those who use it. From improving brand strategy, Improve SEO, From developing ideas to generating content, AI expands our possibilities" @alfredovela #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Almudena Lobato

"Forget the traditional. A strong personal brand requires a strategy backed by technology. Take advantage of video technology, Audios & Social Media, building a strong and reliable presence," @almudenalobato #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Amalia Lopez Sidewalk

"Approach AI with curiosity and without fear, Discover all that it can bring to the table. I explore #IA in my day-to-day life and personal brand development in courses, Events, with tools such as Lexicon or HappyScribe" A @AmaliaLopezAcer #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Andrea Antelo

“Mixing personal branding and AI is like putting chocolate and peanut butter together. AI manages data and automates, But where's the brand?? That's where the magic comes in. Be authentic, Connect with your audience," @oletna #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Angels Anton

"AI helps me to 1 Analyze data to create content 2 Structuring and prioritizing ideas and 3 Save time adapting content to different formats. Then I give my creative touch, empathetic and adaptive" @angels_anton #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Carla de Pont

“Will ChatGPT wipe out content creators? No, If you avoid the most common mistake: don't copy and paste ChatGPT's answers. Customize. Make your brand reflect your authenticity," @carladepont #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Carlos Estrada

“Worried about AI in your work?? I see it as an opportunity to free ourselves from operational tasks and focus on what's important. Personally, I explore AI in a project that seeks to express human emotions," @CEstradamx #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Carolina Tula

“AI is an opportunity to strengthen your personal brand, providing knowledge and experiences in line with your interests and audience. Fearing it only happens when it is used in a deceptive way," @CaroTulaLaverde #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Cris Ballester

“Today, AI streamlines tasks, But for a copywriter like me, The Human Advantage Is Unique. The ability to feel and weave emotions into letters is irreplaceable. As long as AI can't feel, Our advantage will persist," @CrisBallesterM #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Cristina Aced

“AI Impacts Personal Branding, Facilitating self-knowledge, strategy and visibility. He's an assistant, Not a substitute. Your authenticity is your differential value. Even if the AIs are similar, You are unique" @blogocorp #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Cristina Mulero

"AI gives us more information, that allows for more creativity. But it also allows us to empathize better, since by automating processes with lower added value, We can focus on what's really important," @cristinamulero #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Enrique Cejudo

 "AI is only as smart as we tell it to be, it's ubiquitous. In Career Guidance, It can help us from the resume to the value proposition, But our intelligence is still key," @enriorienta #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Fran Segarra

“Will automation replace us?? In the AI Era, The opportunity is to develop our human skills through personal branding. Companies are looking for that unique human value. It turns fear into opportunity," @FranSegarraB #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Heidi Mora

“Be the best version of yourself, Ethically and morally, In the face of constant uncertainty. Experience the evolution of technology from the computer to AI. Even if AI creates uncertainty, Let's remember that technology has always brought it," @heidimorap #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Henrique Alexandre

"AI is not new. Turing on 1936 He has already developed it. Now it's come in with a vengeance, And it will only replace professionals who don't know how to adapt. Avoid repetitive work. Be the intelligence of intelligence. Henrique Alexandre #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Javi Layunta

“In the Age of Ubiquitous Machines, like in Terminator 2, Don't Be Overwhelmed by Technological Growth. Learn from the technologies that make you grow, Be ethical in your use and seek motivation in knowledge" @javilayunta #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Jenny Soto

“AI powers our strategy: Analyze data, Understand the audience, Improve content quality and agility, Automates, Inspire & Expand Reach. It combines human emotion with the efficiency of AI to stand out," @JennySotoArias #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Juan Carlos Ahijón

“AI Boosts Personal Brand Management, But its disruptive nature also poses risks. Systematizing processes is advantageous, But excessive automation can detract from authenticity. Eye. @JuanAhijon #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Laura Ferrera

“Do you fear or adapt to technology?? I use AI to my advantage, Keyword Research, Automating tasks, Creating Texts, always with the client's personality. We have everything going for us," @LauraFerrera #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Mar Castro

“In personal brand management, From self-knowledge to strategy and presence, Consistency is key. Align technology with your values, Leave an authentic and valuable footprint. Remember, you are what you communicate," @MarCastroPS #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Maria A. Sánchez

"Technology allows me to update the information I use. Rejuvenate Your Brain, Dive into new technologies. Don't talk for the sake of talking, Do it with knowledge. Your personal brand image will notice it," @mariaasanchezes #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Meme Romero

“In the digital age, The 62% of organizations adopt AI, In Selection A 38%. Coaches Encounter AI: Info about sectors and companies, Resume Tips and Interview Coaching" @MeMe_Romero_ #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Nelson Emilio

“Leverage AI to personalize your brand. AI is a beacon towards effective communication. Be strategic, Authentic and connector in a crowded digital world. With AI, Empower your voice and leave a unique footprint," @NelsonFEmilio #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Rocío Martín

“100 millions of students used AI in 2022 according to Unesco. I use it for content and visual inspiration. In the personal brand, Automate tasks and adapt content to audiences. That's for sure., don't let AI replace you," @rociomartinv #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Ronald Durán

“We are architects of our destiny. AI is a tool. The key: be aware and responsible in their use. Now, We must study, research and adapt to thrive in this permanent change," @RonaldDuran_CM #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Vicky Doig

"AI is neither our enemy nor our competition. It helps us save time and gain efficiency to enhance our impact in the digital world. But it's a tool, to which we must add our essence" @VickyDoig #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Viviana Morales

“Take care of your personal branding authority. Warnings: 1. Obvious GPT Texts. 2. Automated messages without humanity. AI Saves Time, but misused affects credibility; Must be an ally, Don't steal your voice. Ⅴ. Morales #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

Ylse Roa

“Stand Out in the Age of AI. Develop your personal brand, Sell your unique proposition, Constantly learn and leverage technology to boost creativity and efficiency. Humanize your brand, Share Values, Be ethical and disruptive," @YlseRoa #DíaDeLaMarcaPersonal

And if you're a non-conformist and want to see it all, Here's the video reel with all the golden minutes (a jewel):

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