A technology at the service of a more human world is possible

A few weeks ago I discussed the human connection in the title post Can we promote a culture of human connection in the age of machines?

As a follow-up to the ideas contained in that article, today we highlight in this collaborative post conclusions of two events that have been produced recently and that point in that direction, in the idea of achieving a more humane world in the midst of the age of machines.

Humans are undervalued

The first is the recognition by Elon Musk (Tesla) that automation is not always synonymous with efficiency. This follows from article signed by Xataka Raul Alvarez, Tesla's Production Problems Are Due to Excessive Automation. Humans are undervalued.

It follows from the reading that perhaps Musk's vision of an automated world is not possible without human connection. In the same way that what differentiates a human from a machine is the ability to err, we see that intuition, experience and empathy remain -for now- heritage of us human beings.

My personal brander colleague Helena Casas, also psychologist and photographer, points out that it is true that we have advanced in technology in an incredible way in recent years. Despite the errors in the production line of Tesla, robotization and automation led to excellence will be a reality in a few years. Experts do not agree on two opposing aspects:

  1. The advancement of technology is being exponential in recent decades
  2. Artificial intelligence as such is still in its infancy because at the moment it is only an algorithm product of a massive data crossover.

This lack of agreement comes precisely from the lack of knowledge that one still has about the functioning of the mind and soul as such. It's not a question of neuroscience, it's a question of what appears to be quantum physics. They can't do anything just with a person's brain... "the person is needed"

Hater, why did you write that?

The second is a recent talk Dylan Marron's TED (not available in open mode yet). Marron is taking a different approach to the problem of internet hate. Your videos as “Sitting in a bathroom with trans people”, accumulate millions of visits, although they also generate tons of hate on the Internet.The neo-futurist Marron developed a survival mechanism: connect with the people who fill the web with hate and ask them a simple question: “Why did you write that?”

These recordings have been captured on Marron's podcast under the title: “Conversations with people who hate me“. As he himself acknowledges, that will not bring peace in the world, but he claims it has caused him a current of empathy with his bullies. “Empathizing with someone with whom I deeply disagree does not suddenly erase my deeply held beliefs or approve of theirs”, Warns. “I am simply recognizing the humanity of a person who has been taught to think a certain way., someone who thinks very differently from me”. Deep down Marron admits that we need to lay the foundations for a more humane world.

The Human Branding

The common link of the two stories is evident: we need to put mechanisms that allow us to humanize. Humanizing companies (case of Tesla and many others). And humanize the relationships that occur in digital environments. I remember an old US Army ad in which American soldiers cross threats with Afghan soldiers. All wear dark glasses. The moment they are removed, they realize that they are equal people, of the same species, and aggressiveness turns to confidence.

It may seem superficial to reduce the idea of a more humane world to a concept like Human Branding (Human branding). But everyone contributes their grain of sand in the field in which they are competent, and there it may be that all of us who are dedicated to this can share a greater purpose than helping a few people..

Helena Casas adds that we are facing what we could call a new era, beyond what we know today as the fourth industrial revolution:

It's the time when it's time to be more human.. more people!

Recalling the capacity for intellectual and physical development of the Greco-Roman era, it's time to feed and grow those capacities that will differentiate us, for a few more years, of any Artificial Intelligence drill. Everything that is governed by patterns, automation and lack of nuances, succumb to robotization.

Let's be human, let's be very different people from one another, to bring the best to this new era that even leads us to be able to make people and machines live together in favor of the human race and not its extermination. A more humane world is possible.


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