It's not about the number of contacts, it's about how we interact with them

In our personal brand management, quantity is often mistaken for quality.

It is true that the networking is based on propabilities, and the higher, Best. Although it is also true that we are in the age of affinities, personal segmentation, one-to-one, And, in short, of the Customization. Have 5.000 contacts in Linkedin It's very interesting, but it will be even more so if we divide that heritage into related groups (Consultants, Managers, Thinkers, Journalists….) and we address them in a more similar way.

On both Facebook and LinkedIn, Plaxo, Viadeo… contact hunting sometimes becomes nonsense. I can understand that a political candidate need a very broad base of “Friends” to unveil your agenda, your thoughts and your proposals. Perhaps the problem lies in the nomenclature. “Friends”. I do not deny that there may be someone with many, many friends. But those figures that we often see from 5.000 friends are unreal. In our personal brand management, quantity is often confused with quality.

Twitter's case is somewhat different, since it is possible there “Follow” to people for what they think and what they write, not because of our relationship with those people. Twitter, In addition, offers in its interface the possibility of creating groups by affinity. So, according to the mood of the moment, one feels like reading things from “coach”, of the “Political” or “football”…

Twitter offers the possibility to create groups by affinity

Deep down, online contact management should not differ much from the offline management. When you create a database, there is always a field that defines the sector. That's the key to personalization. So that, it is not about the number of contacts, it's about how we interact with them.

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