Not viral but vital: Ideas to break the fear of being visible (3)

I continue summarizing the interventions of the 8th edition of the Personal Branding Lab Day, Personal Brand Day, and dedicated to breaking the fear of being visible, with the slogan "Dare to show your brand".

Two weeks ago I published the 9 First reviews in the article Ideas to break the fear of being visible 1, where it included the ideas of Andrés Pérez Ortega, Ami Bondia, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Laura Chica, Eva Collado, Elena Arnaiz, Fran Segarra, Pablo Adán and Neus Arqués. There came interesting ideas that I summarize: 

  • Go out with whatever you have, you'll get better
  • I know of those who raise their hand and persist
  • If you don't know, Learn. If you don't have time, Seek help
  • Create brilliant projects with people you've met on social media
  • Personal branding is an essential competence of the S professional. 21st
  • No magic, There's Action
  • Get to know yourself better and start doing small things
  • Don't want to please everyone
  • Manage your victory folder.

Last week I published the 9 Next Reviews by Mónica Mendoza, Jane del Tronco, Colia Hil, Xavi Roca, Raquel Roca, Luigi Centenaro, Roberto Arancibia, Daniela Viek and Jordi Collell. I also summarize good ideas: that went out there: 

  • Don't go out there until you add value
  • Discover what makes you special and launch yourself
  • Senior? Trust the Twitter triangle, Ig, Linkedin
  • Commitment to evolution, No revolution
  • Embrace mindset Lifelong Learning
  • Earn by sharing and add value
  • The universe needs disruptors like you
  • Discover your strengths and use them in your communication
  • Fat is removed with grease, Fear is broken by acting

And following the order of the script, Today I analyze the 10 Missing authors to complete the interview series. Nancy Vazquez, Robert J. Samaniego, Raquel Gomez, Yael Bern, Arancha Ruiz, Hector Jimenez, Ames Spray, Gabriel Patrizzi, Noemí Vico and Alfonso Alcántara.

Here's a one-minute video spoiler:

If you prefer the podcast version, here's the episode 102 of Everything leaves Mark in iVoox, Apple Podcast, Spotify And Google Podcast.

More essence, Less appearance

From Mexico, Nancy Vazquez, CEO of Integra Personal Branding, interviewed by Francis García Cedeño, He confessed that one of his recipes for success is to investigate how to create a community of people who complement each other..

In reference to social networks he said "Do you want likes? It adds value", Great tip. He advocated to stop measuring success with the rule of others and to practice the sport called "More essence, Less appearance". Greater Nancy!

Listen to Nancy here

Remove that plastic case (RRSS) of your head

From Ecuador, Robert J. Samaniego He became known through interviews with the best "players" of personal brand in his program 15 red-hot minutes. Robert recommended Take off that plastic case we have in our heads with social networks And let's take a step back.

He also advised us not to procrastinate and use YouTube as a platform closer to human contact.

Here you go Robert's moment.

If you ask life for generosity, Start by contributing

From Colombia, Raquel Gomez, author, Presenter and lecturer, He confessed that with your own book you can reach more people, It is a multiplier of your voice. He recently presents again on Acércate Radio with his program The other look.

Raquel proposes that we problem ourselves in front of a mirror and ask ourselves, would I buy something from that person.?, And he closed by saying that If you ask life for generosity, Be a generous person and start contributing

Don't be afraid of criticism, Only then will you advance

From Panama, The Meta-Coach, Choreographer and personal branding expert Yael Bern launched a gold recommendation. He said that If she had heeded the criticism, I would never have advanced in his career.

He also prescribed trial and error to know what works., and regarding TikTok, He talked about losing his fear, as it represents the human and fun side of our personal brand.

This is the Yael Bern moment

Personal Branding is not just networking, is managing your profession

It was the turn of Arancha Ruiz, you have recently created Innero Personal Brands to certify new consultants. Arancha focused on the importance of the role of the consultant.

It is clear that without communication there is no brand, but that a previous strategy is indispensable, and stated that Personal branding goes beyond social media, Try to manage the profession

Here you go the Arancha moment

The key is personalization

The personal brand innovator, Hector Jimenez, Argentine of the world, confessed that his bow tie (bow or bowtie) has been a facilitator and attention grabber. Analyze options, Try and adopt, They were tips he gave us regarding differentiating elements.

The key is personalization, That opens many doors. He also talked about humor., used in His video performances, and the idea of choosing your customers, and not the other way around.

Here you go the Hector moment.

Understand networking as the final stage of your personal brand

From Peru, Ames Spray, HR Director Business School HH ESAN, He told us that personal branding contributes and matters, and that throughout life we can change professions, But we will maintain our personal brand and our legacy.

He commented that in Latin America there are great challenges regarding the formation of future generations of politicians.. And as a great expert in relationships, invited us Understand networking as the great final stage of our personal brand management

Here it is the Rocío moment

Not viral but vital

Gabriel Patrizzi, Venezuelan from Chile and author of the "own marketing" method, he told us that his show on YouTube "Mistakes that mark" helped you consolidate the visibility of your personal brand. And he gave us several pearls: "Living from the love of follow is not profitable."

He confessed that there are two formats that stress, but they are highly effective: Video and public speaking. And as final advice, recommended us A change of focus: Not be viral but vital.

Here you go the Gabriel moment.

Don't celebrate successes, Celebrate learnings

Naomi Vico, Co-author of "Smart Feedback", She is convinced that life is continuous learning, And that's what he does.. Naomi made us shake our brains when she said that when we do things right all the time, We don't learn anything.

Visual thinking and agile methodologies have helped Noemí to make her brand visible, Always at the service of learning. And based on that, recommended us to experiment constantly, Not celebrating successes but learnings.

Here you go the Naomi moment

Choose the pearl that represents you

Alfonso Alcántara @Yoriento, author of #SuperProfessional, He spoke of the importance of demonstrating about explaining "It is not the same to say that I am a lecturer than to show yourself giving a lecture".

He surprised by stating that we can understand imposter syndrome as something positive., as it forces you to improve yourself (He recognizes himself as an impostor in the video format). And he also recommended that to make us known Let's choose the "pearl" that best represents us

Here you go the Alfonso moment.

In future installments, I will continue to summarize the essence of the 27 golden minutes and the master-post of Vladimir Estrada. I hope you liked this summary "Not being viral but vital". Thank you for being here. I look forward to seeing you next week.

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