Normality is overrated

No, I don't invite you to become an anti-system, it doesn't go that way. It's just that our society, historically it has overestimated normality.

We are children of the generation of caution and discretion. Child, Don't do this, no one does. Child, do this, which is what everyone does.

The story has changed, And will continue to do so. According to the report “Working in 2033” by PwC, “Distinguishing themselves between the large crowd will be the great challenge of the workers who, Moreover, require companies to model a new model and employment relationship that allows them to work independently and for several employers”.

Normality is overrated: Today, if you do what everybody does, you're not going anywhere.

Having completed a degree and a master's degree is no longer an element of differentiation. It may be of relevance., you've acquired new skills, But your 200 fellow students also. How will you make sure they choose you for a job, and not the others 200?

Accumulate 10 years of professional experience may seem differential, but if we look at our side, we'll see thousands of people the same.

In the field of values, volunteering for an NGO, although interesting it's not differentiating either.

Having a blog is great, but many professionals have one, and updated.

Where can the difference be then?

It's not about getting the rabbit out of the joker., it's as simple as Add. I explain myself: if in addition to having studied a degree, you master a foreign language, you have some professional experience, you volunteer and you have a blog, I assure you that you will be a unique person in the world.

The key to all this is to consider our personality values and traits as emotional attributes What, added to the rational, make a difference. It's about seeing what our value proposition.

Often it is considered that the difference is due to factors image (Josef Ajram and his tattoos, For example). The media drives that belief. But nothing is casual, a guy like Ajram is no different because of his appearance, it is by defending a differential investment model (Trading) and by seeking overcoming in everything he does (Sport…).

The teacher Xavier Sala i Martin it's no different from wearing colorful jackets, it is by explaining the economy through very easy-to-understand similes for profane people and for being a full professor at Columbia University.

Beyond what you'd expect: Cases

extraordinary people

This week I completed a process of personal branding exciting with the Dr. Salvadó. It is someone who beyond his excellence as anaesthetist doctor, got down 30 kilos of weight, prepare to complete two Ironman and create a catalog of unusual health services on a profile like yours. Beyond Health (beyond health), is the essence of your project.

My admiration Paula Fernández-Ochoa he's a lawyer, legal marketing specialist, in personal brand, and if that's not enough it's a consecrated sportsman, whose Instagram account @vivircorRiendo makes her an exceptional professional.

The specialist in human capital and colleague Eva Collado Durán is also an expert in personal branding and social media and digital transformation. That sets her apart from any manager., consultant or RR trainer. Hh, adding the value of the sum. And to add up more, is a born emotional connector.

The personal brander Helena Casas it's also a emotion catcher, psychologist and photographer, digital marketing expert, Singer… His vision of the personal brand is 360o, which puts it on a plane beyond what is expected, normality.

My good friend and digital humanist, Joan Clotet, It's a knowmad in its purest form. He works in a great organization, but he's an entrepreneur with multiple projects that Add to your personal brand, and also to that of your organization. Of course, find knowmad in an organization is out of normal.


Summarizing, and for not frustrating expectations, let's not overdo it. It's not about being an extraordinary person, just carrying enterprising DNA no matter if you have a single customer (employed professional) or many. And that DNA comes from the sum of powers, values and concerns. Inside a spotlight, Of course. Is, to put it in some way, the perfect personal brand.


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12 thoughts on "Normality is overrated”

  1. What a good reading we have always secured with you Guillem.

    Thank you for those slogan phrases that you always give us.

    Thank you for that definition of DNA and perfect personal branding.

    Thank you from the heart

    • Thank you Andre! The best thing that can happen when you write is that the ideas that reflect your texts are inspiring. And even more so in a university setting. An affectionate greeting.

  2. In diversity and differentiation is the wealth of people, teams and companies.
    The point is that "normality" is still valued in the business world, what is unknown is feared and many employers/entrepreneurs close the doors to the different.
    I speak it from my own experience and on many occasions you have to "hide" "atypical" skills and experiences if you want to pass the screen.
    This is especially true in medium or small cities; clear is in Madrid, Barcelona, Berlin, London for putting some this doesn't happen.
    When your professional ability and personal brand is valued in the same way something will have changed….at the moment it's not general.


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