New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers

It seems that the world revolves around influencers. I recognize that this word is being spent, at least in my brain. I wanted to headline this post: New influencers: brand ambassadors, but I'm sure he would have lost impact.

If you're short on time, here's a video-summary of less than a minute:

Are the influencers declining?

If you Google the term "decline influencer", headlines as succulent as these appear:

All of these sources agree that a number of studies warn of the decline in "engagement" in the publications of the influencers with hundreds of thousands or millions of followers. The reasons are the saturation of the number of influencers, tired of seeing repeated the same advice, the fact that many of the councils are insane, False, absurd or irrelevant.

For example, El País warned the bad advice of 8 of each 9 health influencers, based on a study from the University of Glasgow.

Few are saved from burning: raise the micro-influencers

emfluencers by guillemrecolonsThe same previous sources agree that micro-influencers (1.000 To 5.000 Followers) they're gaining the ground for credibility.

These are people not hired by any organization who have a free and unde unconditional opinion on their experience as travel users, Fashion, Bless you, Cars, Etc. aimless to sit chair.

Also kept up the big influencers that have not "sold" to brands, although there are few left. A good example is the youtuber Patry Jordan, specialized in Fitness and DIY beauty tips (Do it yourself). Patry Jordan accumulates near 16 millions of subscribers among their various channels, and as she told me herself, the secret to success is that there are no brands recommended by her.

Emfluencers: the new influencers, internal brand ambassadors

I probably won't make a living as a creative. The "EM" thing of "Emfuencers" comes from "employees" or "employees", And also, if you prefer, "ambassadors" or “Company”. Leaving the term aside, the truth is that in this blog I've been dealing with the power of internal brand ambassadors, the "house" some time ago:

Either they all win or nobody wins

This is a general principle that applies to any action that is taken to encourage emfluencers: either they all win or nobody wins. Such programs are known as "Employee Advocacy", and also like "Employee Branding".

It's not about hiring an app out of the many there are for employees to share corporate information. That would only generate advantages for the organization, but not for their professionals. And that's starting up., but don't follow up. There has to be a balance of benefits and a mentality of organizational cultural change for this to work well.

Applications are an instrument at the service of a strategy, but without a strategy it's an ephemeral essay. In the article referred to The strength of internal brand ambassadors I explain how to develop a program of Employee Advocacy. From the selection of participants, the necessary pre-work, the advantages for each other, requirements for facilitators and the main investment return figures.

Emfluencers, the most believable influencers

At last, I invite you to a reflection: Who do you think offers greater confidence - and therefore credibility- explaining the characteristics of a particular product or service?

  1. Big outside influencers
  2. Micro-influencers
  3. Satisfied users (Brand advocates)
  4. Technical experts who have created, tested and launched those products and services

Let me get ahead of your thinking. You may think about the 3 and the 4.

The brand advocate is one of the objects of the desire of organizations. Its only relationship with the brand is through the experience of using, And that's why they have so much value. They're not always easy to identify, that's why the systems of Feedback are indispensable to locate them, and also social media monitoring.

The technical expert, the N4, is the perfect candidate to act as a employee advocate, internal brand ambassador or emfluencer. In companies, the most abundant figure is that of the technical expert, including product or service developers, product and brand managers, specialists in communication and, especially, the commercial network. They all know as their own the products and services they deal with every day.

Employee Advocacy ebook by Guillem RecolonsIn any case, the technical expert is the professional on which the organization has the most knowledge, Proximity, and in a way, Control. In my opinion, The Emfluencers are the new influencers, a role of greater value creation, Confidence, credibility and, in short, generator Leads.

If you want more information about the programs Employee Advocacy, I invite you to purchase the ebook "Employee Advocacy: The power of the house's brand ambassadors"

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2 thoughts on "New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers”

  1. Dear Guillem, I am communication manager of a company operating in Colombia and Mexico and I want to congratulate you for explaining in such a clear way the advantage that the brand ambassadors program or emfluencers entails for my collective (I loved the term), I downloaded the ebook and thanked him for sharing that content so generously.

    • Hello Carla! I must confess that where the idea of employeey is most difficult to enter is in communication departments. There is an initial rejection due to two reasons that I have deduced: on the one hand this seems like a human resources issue (the word employee thrown) and on the other there is an exit from the comfort zone of the agencies, Creative, Campaigns, conventional and guerrilla actions… That's why I'm glad that an idea like the Emfluecer's has caught your attention. Thank you for your words and for downloading the ebook, I hope it will help you. A greeting!


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