Offline opportunities to strengthen personal branding

Personal branding is not unique to the digital environment

A few days ago I saw a video of William Arruda who interested me in using an almost forgotten word in our day: the real world, also known technically as the offline world.

It may seem shocking that talking about the real world is an exception, but in this case, Arruda justifies him with an invitation to convert a real event (Offline) in a online event.

We could give an example. Imagine you're a marketing specialist and you have to give a talk about the importance of packaging in communication. This event, who they may come to 20 Or 30 People, Can become an excellent reinforcement of personal branding if resources are adequately provided 2.0., turning a real fact into a virtual phenomenon.

Before the event begins, we could already write a press release and email it to industry magazines (in this case of branding, graphic design, Packaging) and also some more generalist support.

Then we could publish a post on our blog to make our virtual community known our talk, And not only that: we could ask our readers to give us their inputs about the packaging environment, something that will help enrich our presentation.

We could also update our social media status, from professionals such as Linkedin, Plaxo, Viadeo Or Xing up to personal ones as Facebook or microblogging such as Twitter.

When the talk takes place, we have to remind the organizers that we are interested in a copy of the filming, because with a good editing of it we will have material to be able to create small clips in Youtube.

To share the talk with our community we will follow the same steps: blog post, Tweet, network upgrade, but also here we can publish the powerpoint used in the talk in Slideshare or in Issuu.

In short, an offline event can become a big event on the net without excessive effort.

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