No, personal branding is not the same as personal brand

Personal Branding

Personal Branding (or personal branding) is the diagnostic process, strategic development and action plan Personal Brand. Curiously, when we write it in English everyone understands it. I'll put another simile: Branding is the diagnostic process, strategic development and action plan Brand. Then, why do you see all the confusions?

The management of a personal brand refers to the process of Diagnosis, strategic development and action plan of it.

Personal Brand

The Personal Brand is the result of that personal Branding process seen from the minds of others. As Joan Clotet says, it's about perceived identity. The more accurate the personal brand management process (personal branding), more relationship will have with real identity and intentional identity, and the less distance there will be between real and perceived brand.

And what is a brand?

The brand is a value proposition, it's not a logo. No value can't exist a trademark. Colleagues from Branzai, With Ivan Diaz to the front, wrote in 2015 the four key requirements for a brand to be a trademark: Insight, Brand platform, verbal identity and visual identity. I literally transcribed it from your titled post: What a brand needs to be a brand:


The address, the need, where we want to get there. Any brand that wants to be a brand has to be very clear that concerns of their audiences plan to solve. Which of them can capitalize competitively. Without an Insight to target, we don't have a place to go.

Brand Platform

The main thing, the heart, the soul of a brand. That is what sustains its construction, what the way shows us. If Insight is the address, the Brand Platform is the way.
A differential territory from which to compete, values to boost, a personality that defines us, and a value proposition to propose.
At this point we should make sure that our brand has defined, at least:

– Positioning Territory
– Values
– Personality attributes
– Brand Promise
– Attitudes and behaviors
– Archetype
– Value Proposal (Essence)

Verbal Identity

Shape our personality, to our brand. The way we talk, where they recognize us, where we interact:

– Naming
– Tagline
– Tone of Voice
– Message Matrix
– Storytelling and Character
– Keywords

Visual Identity

What represents us and makes us visible, how we express who we are and what we do, our personality and value proposition capable of permeating every point of contact:

-Secondary Graph (Fonts, Colors, Key Visuals)
-Brand System (Layout, Compositions)
-Visual Language (Photographic style, Pictographic, Illustrative)
-Brand Assets

Differences between brand and personal brand

They basically focus on the diagnostic part, the one that concerns self-awareness, and also in the visual identity part. The diagnostic tools of a brand are somewhat different from those of a personal brand, that needs to enter complex psychological grounds as limiting beliefs, Attitudes, Behaviors. I mean, the difference is in the human factor, although I must state that we are now working hard to treat brands in their most humane side. In terms of visual identity, in people are added gesticulation, the way you talk, listening, dress, to relate.

For the rest, The 4 requirements are perfectly applicable to a brand and a personal brand. For example, who says a person can't work their Naming (Example @yoriento), or a logo (if you look at the top left of this article you'll see mine) or a story (in fact the story is typical of the human being, and subsequently adapted by the brands)?

I hope I've clarified concepts, happy week!

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