Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff

The personal branding has ceased to be something exclusive to celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today I treat three keys to corporate branding staff, a way to move personal brand management to companies, and specifically their professionals.

I heard an interview they did to Brian Fanzo, CEO of ISocialFanz where I liked the way it simplified the application of corporate branding staff.

If you're short on time, here's a one-minute video summary:

Corporate Branding Staff: What is it?

Many believe it is a Oxymoron... and I understand what we're in? personal or corporate?

Corporate branding staff is about applying staff branding to senior executives, known as Executive Branding, training in personal branding for intermediate managers and other professionals, and the programs employee advocacy or impulse to “emfluencers” and employer branding.

It is based on the proven fact that people convey greater confidence than imagined realities such as brands or companies.

First key: Confidence

As it couldn't be otherwise, in times of mistrust of brands, companies must trust their people (I remember the recent post: Entrepreneur: your people are your brand) to move the corporate narrative.

To do this it is essential that the organization has a corporate narrative, with a very clear and social purpose (beyond benefits, Leadership...), a mission, values and a story.

People trust people, so there's no one better at moving these corporate assets than through professionals.

Entrepreneurs afraid to give greater power and knowledge to their people, you can only tell them that investing in them is a way of loyalty.

Second key: Training

Among the three keys to corporate branding staff, training is, For me, one of the strongest foundations.

As my colleague says David Barreda, trainer and personal branding expert, training is a learning strategy for the acquisition and development of knowledge, skills and attitudes, that allows people to respond effectively to certain problems and dilemmas.

And in this case, training aims to provide methodologies and tools for employees to (I prefer to call them professionals) connect with stakeholders or stakeholders, both internal and external.

This has a dual goal: on the one hand to value each professional's own personal brand, turn them into trademark spokespersons. And on the other, move corporate account to markets in a person-to-person communication.

Third key: Technology

Today it is essential that professionals can take advantage of technology in order to serve as spokespersons and ambassadors. Since this is not your main "job description", the organization needs to provide applications to manage this new role, easy to use, Intuitive, and most importantly, productive and effective.

Such applications have to do with knowing content, Cure, share them and follow their trail. We can't expect employees to constantly enter the company's website to see what's new. To do this, notifications are required from the communication department to an application, so that information easily reaches every professional.

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Books: Sos! I have a toxic boss.

This past Thursday I had the opportunity to attend the presentation of my colleague's twelfth book Paul Adam, organized in Lleida by my other colleague Xavi Roca with the assistance of 60 Alumni ESADE.

SOS I have a toxic boss, by Paul AdamPaul wanted a book like that., And I get it. Everyone we've ever lived with bosses (or partners) toxics we've always wanted to explain it... And we've lacked value. Paul has studied it thoroughly, has been documented as always ago, and has even launched a small online investigation to gather more data on this specimen that so abounds (A 50% of all bosses are toxic) and so much erodes business leadership.

Paul and Xavi invited me to be part of a round table after the presentation of the book which was very useful for attendees to lose their fear has asked compromised questions. An interesting one was, do you think it's a good idea for me to give this book to my boss.?

I'm not going to spoil the play., but I recommend it to all bosses and everyone who is suffering the consequences of a bad leadership style.

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3 thoughts on "Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff”

  1. Good afternoon, Guillem
    Three great details and fundamentals that you name in this, your post: Confidence, training and technology. Confidence that it must be two-way from who hires us and when we accept we must also trust them. Training, we're going to have to shape ourselves to be more competitive and take advantage of the internet and not spend too much money, but also the one who hires us must form us and sometimes it doesn't happen! Technology, as a means to be better and build by contributing and making constructive criticism ( while many people use social media for example to observe and not contribute, and incuso criticize behind a profile without giving the face )

    This is my contribution that could be worthy of a good conversation and a coffee, No?

    A hug,

    • Hello Mirka! I buy you the coffee on my next visit to Galicia. You're right about training.. Although the person responsible for the professional career is oneself, companies need their professionals to be in permanent beta, and training is a path. Technology always offers us both sides, the good and the bad. I prefer observers to trolls, but those who tend to do better are those people who contribute. Thank you so much for your comment!

      • Fact ! for that coffee, Guillem. Of course, if we have to be in continuous training, In “permanent beta”. Of course, Guillem that if you put me on a scale to the troll and the observer, I prefer the observer I also call gossip … when he just looks and doesn't comment on anything and he's not even a follower of yours.



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